End Of The Magic Era Chapter 426

Chapter 426 Substitute Clone


"Sir Barton, I think you misunderstood, its definitely a misunderstanding" Weiss walked out of the group, "We didnt break in here on purpose, and we will definitely not disturb His Highness Baiers eternal rest"

If he could, Weiss would rather be besieged by an army of Skeleton Warriors than face a single Lich.

No one knew how frightening a Lich was more than him.

Back then, he was only a newly advanced Archmage. During a campaign in the Dark Azure Plane, he met a Lich. It was very hard for an undead to be formed in the Dark Azure Plane, yet he encountered a powerful Lich.

The Lichs accurate casting, mana control and cooldown calculation all remained fresh in Weiss mind. Moreover, that was only a several hundred years old Lich, it couldnt compare to Barton who had existed for several millenniums.

Even at his peak, he could only flee in defeat when faced by such a frightening existence.

Moreover, they had no plan to disturb Baiers, they only wanted to find the Teleportation Array to the next level so they could immediately leave this magic tower

Thus he gave an explanation and called the Lich politely "Sir Barton".


The two flickering phosphorus fires in the Lichs eye sockets slightly throbbed as he eerily looked at Weiss before issuing a sharp and ear-piercing sneer, "Humans are too naive"

"You Sir Barton, what do you mean?"

Weiss expression greatly changed, beads of sweat were rolling down his forehead. He had a bad premonition when the Lich finished his words. He truly lacked confidence when facing this Lich close to level 37.

"This is His Highness Baiers country, it has been millennia since humans came in. You are the first batch of humans that came, and also the first batch of humans that will be buried alongside His Highness Baiers" There was no trace of any mood fluctuation in the Lichs voice, the bone staff suddenly shook and burst with a white light, firing off undead magic in a flash.

At the same time, a few Ice Walls appeared in front of everyone, followed by cracking sounds. Lin Yun had a grave expression, he opened his eyes and glanced at Weiss, "Talking nonsense with it is useless, the only way to leave this place safe and sound is to kill it"

After saying that, Lin Yun didnt wait for Weiss reaction before casting Fire Elemental Incarnation and turning into a flash, dashing over at top speed while waving his Doom Staff, emitting mana fluctuations and a burst of light.

A Meteor Rain emitting extreme heat appeared in the sky above the Lich as one ball of fire after the other fell down and flooded the Lich.

This was Lin Yun making use of the highest fire spell he could use as a 5th Rank High Mage, Meteor Rain. It was extremely destructive and covered that small area. The space also seemed to distort from the heat, and the originally pitch-black soil was burnt down in a few seconds, the black mist also evaporated

Lin Yun clearly understood that Barton and Lagulin had inevitably been influenced by Baiers and had turned into undeads. This was very similar to Prince Barovs tomb.


The Lich let out a miserable shriek as he was caught off guard. He was hit by the countless burning balls of fire, but it wasnt enough to really harm him, he only had some blazing wounds on his body and some black marks.

The skeleton of this Lich who lived for several hundred years was extremely durable, and death power had greatly reinforced his defensive abilities. Newly advanced Archmages would find it very difficult to leave any mark on his body.

"Human, you angered me"

Following the throbbing of Bartons phosphorus fire, the Lich let out a sinister roar and stared at the fiery silhouette. Although that person was wrapped in flames, Barton could still see that it was a shockingly young mage, moreover, that young mage made him feel intimidated. It was a feeling he hadnt felt in millennia. He only felt that from Sir Baiers

Originally, with his casting speed and reaction speed, he could easily dodge a Meteor Rain, but he had clearly felt suppressed by an indescribable power, to the point that it was hard for him to display his power, and thus, ended up hit by the Meteor Rain.

This was the first time he had been injured in millennia, thus it was obvious how angry he was. The bone staff in his hand lightly shook and surged with death power. That death power turned into a dozen Bone Spears, those Bone Spears had extremely piercing properties, especially since the point of the Bone Spear was covered in a layer of pitch-black power. That was naturally pure death power.

With regard to undeads, death power was undoubtedly the best tonic, but it was extremely toxic to humans. If one was wounded by death power, it would quickly spread through the whole body and continuously corrode their vitality and make them age quickly.

With a sharp sound, those dozen Bone Spears simultaneously shot and tore through the air as they pierced that pitch-black mist. Lin Yun already used Flame Flash to dodge the attack, but he received a wave of undead spells where he landed.

It turned out that that dozen Bone Spears was just a bait to force Lin Yun to Flame Flash. When Lin Yun understood, he couldnt help coldly glancing at the Lich with a frown. He waved the Doom Staff and a dazzling Runic Shield appeared to block them. The Runic Shield darkened as undead spells kept falling on it.

Fortunately, the Runic Shield managed to block the Lichs wave of spells. Lin Yun raised his staff and cast five Flame Burst to engulf the Lich, he then used one of the Ultimate Spells stored in the Book of Death, making a huge Fire Arrow appear out of nowhere and sent it flying towards Barton. With a bang, the Lich was forced to fall back a few steps, one of the bones in his chest turned pitch-black and caved in.

This was the effect of the Ultimate Fire Arrow.

In those short few seconds, Lin Yun and that Lich were almost equally matched. This couldnt help making the onlookers astonished, they felt that they had truly underestimated the young mage.

In fact, they werent aware that Lin Yun had the Undead Predator and was able to suppress a portion of the Lichs power. If the Lich was at his peak, Lin Yun wouldnt have been able to hold for long before falling into a disadvantageous position.

After all, this was a Lich close to level 37!

He had been a peak 9th Rank Archmage during his life

Even if Lin Yun had Undead Predator, he wouldnt be able to prevail over such a frightening existence on his own.

At that time, Weiss and the others saw that the Lich was wounded and the morale was greatly boosted. They instantly started casting and one fire spell after the other was sent out. Especially Weiss, after seeing the young mages strategy, he threw away his worries and fully used Wind Elemental Incarnation and instantly disappeared, however, countless wind spells were thrown at the Lich.

"Human, Ill make you pay the price"

The Lich shouted again. Dealing with the attack of a dozen of people was quite strenuous. His two throbbing phosphorus fires couldnt help looking at Lin Yun with rancor. In that dozen of minutes, the overwhelming majority of his scars had been caused by that young mage. Although those were insignificant small injuries, it thoroughly angered him.

As for the others, they were restricting him to give a chance to the young mage to attack.

As seconds passed, injuries piled up on the body of the Lich and some small cracks even appeared on his bone staff.

The Lich was definitely at a disadvantage this time. He let out a nasty laugh and a bone-chilling aura spread out. White flames appeared out of nowhere on his body and shrouded it. All the spells flying towards him were unable to go through the white flames, they couldnt injure him at all.

That layer of white flames seemed to have extremely high magic resistance.

The Lich looked very strange at this moment.

That layer of white flames wasnt emitting heat, but a bone-chilling cold, freezing everyone. Those who were a bit weaker, like the Merlins, had to operate their mana to get rid of that cold.

The Lich suddenly disappeared and strangely appeared behind Lin Yun, holding his bone staff with both hands as a deep incantation echoed. The Lich summoned a dozen Bone Spears and pierced Lin Yuns body. But to his shock, no blood came out of the young mages body.

"Substitute Clone How could this be!" The Lich let out a sharp roar, his voice filled with fear. This one mistake was enough to consign him to eternal damnation.

At this time, a heat wave came over, making the Lich turn his head, only to see endless spells about to engulf him. Those spells all had the might of 3rd Tier spells. A dozen wouldnt matter, but hundreds of spells together If the Lich had hair, they would be raising on its head.

An enchantment dark as the night and containing rich death power appeared and the surrounding thick black mist containing death power surged towards the Lich. The Lichs phosphorus fires were crazily burning.