End Of The Magic Era Chapter 427

Chapter 427 Heaven Defying


As a Higher Undead, a Lich could inherently use Energy Barriers, those Energy Barriers were the most powerful defensive methods of Liches and were formed by boundless death power. Even an opponent on the same level would have a hard time breaking a Lich’s Energy Barrier.

When the wave of spells flew from the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel, Lich Barton finally felt pressured. He hadn’t used an Energy Barrier even when wounded under siege, but he was forced to use it now, that young mage was already posing a huge threat.

It was the first time he panicked in several thousand years.

Lin Yun cast a Flame Flash and hovered in midair with Levitation, the Doom Staff held high. Blazing fire elemental fluctuations rapidly gathered into Flame Bursts before being sent flying and exploding onto the Energy Barrier. Every Flame Burst dissipated a portion of the death energy, and with a hundred of Flame Burst, the death energy forming that Energy Barrier had greatly weakened.

Had it been a while ago, he might have been powerless when facing the Energy Barrier, but in the study room in the 9th Floor of the magic tower, he fortunately found the Element Chapter and merged it with the Book of Death, reinforcing his elemental attacks.

Thus, his hundred Flame Bursts obliterated over half of the Energy Barrier. Suddenly, the flames on Lin Yun’s body extinguished and were replaced by a bone-chilling cold aura. A layer of ice armor covered his body as he instant cast Ice Elemental Incarnation and transformed into an Ancient God-like Frost Giant. With the addition of the Element Chapter, he could fully use Ice Elemental Incarnation and was more powerful than the Lesser Flame Overlord they had encountered a few months ago. It was due to both his strength increasing and the additon of the Element Chapter.

A Frost Lance appeared in Lin Yun’s hand, he tightly grasped it and burst with power, throwing that lance with all his might. The lance tore through the air with a sharp sound and arrived at the Energy Barrier, shaking it with its huge momentum.

Weiss and the other Archmages understood Lin Yun’s intention and started casting powerful high tier spells at the Energy Barrier, regardless of everything else.


Following this loud shaking sound, the Energy Barrier shattered. Without his Energy Barrier, Lich Barton was exposed to the group’s attacks.

A while silhouette, engulfed in bone-chilling aura, arrived in front of the Lich, swingin its huge arm and heavily punching the Lich.


A Lich was a Lich after all, Barton also has the memories of his time as a peak Archmage and his current power was around that of a level 37. He hadn’t panicked when faced with the team’s offensive, that Energy Barrier had gained a lot of time. The deadlock had made him realize that it would be very hard for him to win if he didn’t kill the young mage.

A nasty laughed echoed, followed by a sinister chant. The throbbing Soul Fires were swaying even more frantically as the Bone Staff emitted a cold aura. A strange arc streaked through the sky and all the mist covering the sky and earth gathered and twisted around the Bone Staff.

The Lich raised his staff and boundless death energy gathered at its tip, forming a black sphere emitting terrifying aura.

“No good…” Even the experienced Weiss couldn’t help looking at the Lich in shock, his voice extremely faint.

He had already guessed the Lich’s plan. That black sphere contained extremely pure death energy, and this wasn’t the Lich’s power, but the death energy remaining from the battlefield.

Weiss was horrified when he thought of the amount of undeads that died there and how much death energy would remain.

And now, the Lich was using his bone staff as a medium to gather the death energy of the battlefield and condense it into a sphere of death energy

Although this wasn’t a spell, it was a lot more terrifying.

‘If it exploded…’

Thinking about this, Weiss couldn’t help feeling cold, cold sweat dripping down his back. The Lich was actually using such an extreme method kill the young mage.

Unfortunately, the young mage was still in Ice Elemental Incarnation. Weiss knew very well the advantages and flaws of the Ice Elemental Incarnation. Although its defense was outstanding, it also had a deadly flaw, extremely slow movements.

Being slow was very bad in such a situation, if the black sphere exploded, he wouldn’t be able to dodge even if he wanted to!

Although the defensive power of the Ice Elemental Incarnation was shocking, it was only shocking, nothing more, under such a frightening attack, let alone Ice Elemental Incarnation, even a 6th Rank Sword Saint with layers upon layers of Aura Protection would have a hard time making it out alive.

In Weiss’ eyes, if this young mage was steady and not reckless, they would prevail sooner or later. After all, the eleven of them were besieging one Lich.

But that young mage was too impulsive. After breaking the Lich’s Energy Barrier, he impatiently charged over.

The death energy within that black sphere was increasing and eerie laughters echoed from within as countless strands of dark energy slowly flowed within the sphere, emitting a sinister energy. The Lich raised its head and sneered, although there was no flesh on its face, he looked extremely creepy.

That sphere reached the size of a head in a short few seconds, at that time, the Lich waved his staff and aimed at Lin Yun before chanting a strange incantation.


At that time, a roar echoed behind the Lich as a formidable black sword aura spread out, filling every corner of the battlefield.

Then, a loud “rumble” echoed as the Lich’s incantation was forcibly interrupted. It hadn’t managed to react before being sent flying.


At the same time, that sphere gathering a large amount of death power seemed to have lost its balance and suddenly exploded. The explosion was overwhelming and blasted countles bones away, the death energy crazily surged and submerged the Lich instantly.

Everyone cast a defensive shield when the explosion occurred, and the aftermath alone was enough to make them feel numb.

At this moment, the Lich’s arms were completely broken, Lich Barton had flown a few dozens meters before finally crashing into the ground.

A fiery shadow flew over and didn’t even give the Lich a chance to recover as the Nightmare’s front hooves appeared before the terrified Lich’s gaze, before a loud cracking sound echoed.

“Ah! Lagulin! You actually betrayed His Highness Baiers, you, you” The Lich was laying on his back, his two darkened Soul Fires crazily flickering as he angrily stared at the Undead Horseman.

Barton was sent flying when the Undead Horseman appeared, causing the black sphere to lose its balance and explode, seriously injuring him, otherwise the young mage would have already been blown to pieces, not even leaving a skeleton behind.

However, the Undead Horseman remained unmoved, he unsheathed his long sword and stabbed the Lich’s skull, creating sparks.

“Lagulin, His Highness Baiers won’t forgive you! Wait until His Highness Baiers awaken, you and those humans will sink into an endless hell”

Higher Undead’s bodies were truly tough, especially a Lich’s skull. It received an all-out attack on its skull and only a crack appeared. But the Undead Horseman didn’t plan to stop. By the 5th attack, the Lich was no longer able to resist and its skull was split open, it’s Soul Fire also stopped burning.

A weak light suddenly burst out from the fragment of the Lich’s skull, and Lin Yun didn’t hesitate, he used a Mana Hand to catch the Soul Essence before it could escape, he then instantly cancelled Ice Elemental Incarnation and put that Undead Essence onto the Book of Death.

In a flash, a black light flashed and the Undead Essence instantly disappeared. A black design appeared on the Book of Death and emitted a strange mana fluctuation.

Seeing the newly appeared design, Lin Yun almost let out a laugh. This was a Lich comparable to a 7th Rank Archmage, it was even a bit stronger than the previously summoned Undead Horseman.

A level 37 Lich what kind of concept was that?

That was a high ranked Archmage, if placed in the Black Tower, it could definitely compare to a Representative of the Council of Seven.

But Lin Yun could control that powerhouse at will to fight for him.

Just like the Undead Horseman.

In that critical moment, the Undead Horseman was summoned and greatly helped him, timely interrupting the Lich’s casting and reversing the battle situation.

To be honest, the ability of the Book of Death could only be described as heaven defying.

The only small flaw was that summoning such a high level undead consumed a lot of mana.

No one was paying attention to Lin Yun at this moment, they were all focused on the three meters tall silhouette wearing worn-out armor and a rusted longsword, as well as that two meters tall Nightmare emitting blazing flames.

They were nervous and couldn’t believe their eyes. Lin Yun’s fight against the Undead horseman was so flashy that none of them had missed it, but’Wasn’t he killed?’ They all thought.

‘Moreover, why was it crazily and recklessly attacking the Lich’

The most incomprehensible part to them was that the Undead Horseman killed the Lich and then stood there, motionless, as if he was waiting for orders.

They were puzzled and had countless questions.

This felt like a dream to them.