End Of The Magic Era Chapter 429

Chapter 429 Regeneration


At that time, the Heaven Enlightening Mercenary Group felt emboldened and recklessly rushed to the Tulan Mountain Range.

Thinking about it now, It was quite stupid.

A sense of powerlessness rose up in Delsons mind as he looked at the huge skeleton. He truly hadnt expected to die in this mission.

He had been really excited when he arrived to the 2nd floor, he thought that he would quickly complete the mission of that royal family descendant and earn that huge reward.


He hadnt expected such an outcome. Baiers not only wasnt slumbering, he had also transformed into a huge monster.

"High High Mage Merlin, do you have a way?" Delson couldnt help looking at the young mage. He had considered the young mage as the backbone of the group and had never been disappointed so far. But the current situation was quite special, Delson didnt have any hope, it was just curiosity before death.

In his eyes, this was a deadly situation. Even if he wasnt killed by this skeleton, unless they got the crown, they would forever remain in the 2nd Floor, waiting to die or turn into an undead.

"Im not too sure, we can only rely on luck"

Delson awkwardly smiled when he heard Lin Yuns words. Sure enough, he had guessed right, even this almost omnipotent young mage was helpless at this moment and could only say something demoralizing.

Hold on

That wasnt demoralizing!

Delsons eyes shone, his heart beating extremely fast, he stared at Lin Yun and said with a trembling voice, "High Mage Merlin, what do you mean"


Lin Yun chuckled and chose not to explain.

Among those present, maybe only he knew that the situation wasnt as grim as they imagined. Naturally, it was relying on luck, and even he wasnt sure whether it would succeed.

As for Solan, he wasnt despairing like the others, a trace of joy could be seen in his eyes, and he couldnt help smirking when he looked at the others, especially when he glanced at Lin Yun.


To everyones shock, Solan turned into a shadow and rushed towards that skeleton. In their eyes, it was nothing more than courting death!

After all, this huge skeleton belonged to the undead Baiers. Even if he wasnt a Heaven Rank powerhouse after turning into an undead, he wouldnt be far off.

Let alone 5th Rank Archmage Solan, even Star Sage Jouyi who was praised as the strongest Archmage wouldnt rashly rush over to lose his life.

Crazy, he is definitely crazy.

They couldnt guess the reason why Solan rushed towards the skull. They thought that Solan most likely had a nervous breakdown and recklessly rushed over


The situation progressed far beyond their understanding, in a short few seconds, Solan used Levitation to approach that skull. The two blue phosphorus fires were staring at him, but didnt attack.

This This was illogical!

They didnt dare to believe what was happening in front of them, they could feel how powerful that skeleton was, the power it displayed when it appeared was enough to shake ten thousand Skeleton Warriors and make a lot of them fall into the crack.

But it didnt even attack the approaching Solan!

Then, the skeleton made another shocking action, it raised his arm and grabbed Solan, before carrying him in front of its eyes.

To be honest, Solan didnt feel at ease, he was very nervous when the skeletal hand brought him up and cold sweat soaked his back. But fortunately, nothing dangerous happened. By being in front of the two phosphorus fires, he could clearly feel the coldness they emitted.

Withhis drenched back, Solan calmly looked at the huge skeleton and said, "I came here as promised, shouldnt you give me what you promised me?"

After saying this, Solan waited with apprehension.

After his words, the skeleton seemed to come to a realization and gently nodded, his two phosphorus fires focusing on Solan.

Solans eyes shone when he saw the skeletons action, he was overjoyed.

This was an inheritance

It was the inheritance he obtained after disappearing in the hovering palace and which increased his strength to 5th Rank Archmage But it had only been a small part of the inheritance.

Only by meeting Baiers in the 2nd Floor of the magic tower could he inherit the power of this Heaven Mage.

At that time, he would become a Heaven Mage

Let alone becoming a Representative of the Black Tower, Even Harren and Jouyi would have to look up when speaking to him.

As for that Mafa Merlin, he would only need one finger to take care of him!

No I cant kill him that easily, I have to torture him until he begs for mercy.

"Alright, quickly pass on the inheritance to me!" Solan was already in a hurry to get that power, due to over-excitement, his body was shivering, his face was thoroughly twisted as he roared.

He kept suffering humiliations every time he met Mafa Merlin, he had always been living on the edge, and the last humiliation was still vivid in his mind.

He believed that only a formidable power could bring him the self-confidence to sweep away all his enemies, he was waiting to be reborn.


He suddenly felt something wrong.

That palm hadnt stopped and seemed to be slowly dragging him towards the skull while holding him very tightly.

Solans expression suddenly changed, his joy disappeared and was replaced by fear, his body was cracking all over under the power of the palm.

He unleashed the power of a 5th Rank Archmage, but it had no effect. Let alone fleeing, just making a sound was challenging.

"I I I dont want The inheritance! Let Let go" Solan weakly said as the strength left his body.

That huge skull emotionlessly looked at Solan, its phosphorus fires not reacting, as if it hadnt heard Solans words. It was only moving its arm mechanically as it threw Solan into one of its eye socket.

"Ah! You deceived me! You actually deceived me! You promised me Heaven Mage power" Solan sank into madness as he hysterically roared. But he could only say those words before his body fell into the eye socket. In a flash, that phosphorus fire engulfed Solan.


Solan Monchi had died, no ashes were left after being burnt by the phosphorus fire, however, the latter turned red after engulfing Solan. And that red energy rapidly expanded, it only took a split second before that phosphorus fire was dyed crimson. Immediately after, the other phosphorus fire also turned crimson.

At this time, a frightening mana fluctuation spread all over. Half of the skeleton came out of the crack, and suddenly, black clouds covered the pitch-black sky and thunder boomed. The entire undead world shook under that terrifying fluctuation. Countless undeads fled in disarray when they felt that fluctuation, regardless of whether they had been slumbering or awake, and whether they were Lesser or Higher Undeads.

That skeleton seemed to be recovering, and the frightening pressure emitted from his body felt heavy, making the group feel as if they couldnt breath.

Everyone could sense that this skeleton was roughly at the peak of the Archmage realm, infinitely close to the Heaven Rank realm. And every since it devoured Solan, his aura had kept soaring.

Everyone present was filled with despair, they could see that the skeleton was transforming and would soon reach Heaven Rank.

They wanted to run, but their legs werent listening to them due to the pressure. Moreover, even if they ran, where could they run to? Without the crown, they would be trapped here for their lifetime.


The skeleton let out a deafening roar. In a few seconds, half of its body had turned red. Its increase in power could only be described as frightening. Although it wasnt Heaven Rank at the moment, it could still kill a Peak 9th Rank Archmage!

As long as it had time, it would reach Heaven Rank and would be able to escape from the power shackling him and leave that crack.

With that roar, they all felt that the skeleton was looking more and more like a person. Previously, the skeleton looked like a machine and was acting mindlessly, but it felt as if it got a soul now.

At this time, their faces paled. They knew that Baiers originally was a Heaven Mage.

A skeleton with the power of an Archmage would already make them despair, let alone a Heaven Rank one

Although they didnt know why the skeleton was transforming, but it was obviously related to Solan being swallowed. But they had no way to know what had happened to Solan.


A destructive aura was emitted from the skeleton, that was the aura of the Heaven Rank. The white lower body of the skeleton turned crimson red and emitted a strong aura of life.