End Of The Magic Era Chapter 430

Chapter 430 Trap


They were all startled speechless, looking at the terrifying scene in a daze. They clearly understood what Regeneration meant, it meant that Heaven Mage Baiers was about to be reborn!

A formidable Heaven Mage reborn after a few millennia, let alone the Andlusa Kingdom, even the entire Noscent might be completely shocked.

Moreover, Baiers had a very special status, he was the eldest son of Emperor Zhantui…


Just as they were dumbstruck, countless lightning bolts fell on that skeleton, making it roar in pain, shaking its entire body. At the same time, the blood red light on its body quickly dimmed, exposing its white bones after a few seconds, that rich aura of life disappearing instantly.


As the aura of life disappeared, the skeleton who recovered its original appearance seemed unwilling to give up and its exposed lower half fiercely struggled, its two huge arms crazily slamming the ground, raising a large amount of dust. But it couldn’t separate from the mysterious binding. The aura on its body was quickly declining, and in a short few seconds, the Heaven Rank power thoroughly disappeared.

Those two phosphorus fires also regained their original appearance, turning back from crimson to deep blue and emitting bone-chilling cold aura. However, the frequency at which the phosphorus fires throbbed had slowed down quite a bit, moreover, the phosphorus fires also darkened quite a bit, as if it would stop burning anytime.

“I-It it failed?” Delson’s heart was beating crazily. He was watching the struggling skeleton and couldn’t help rubbing his eyes, making sure that the skeleton had indeed been weakened.

His gaze couldn’t help switching to the crown before turning heated.

‘We might be able to give it a try’

The others were also thinking the same.

After experiencing all this, their moods had became quite complex. From the skeleton appearing with almost invincible power, to Solan being swallowed, to that strange Regeneration bringing it to the Heaven Rank. Their minds had been at an all-time low, only filled with despair.

But then…

For some unknown reason, the skeleton failed to reach Heaven Rank and only a tenth of its strength remained. This was their opportunity!

“Let’s take advantage of this to kill it. Then we can leave this damned place” Weiss had an excited expression, he was tightly holding his staff, shivering from excitement. What happened in the last few minutes gave him the illusion of having escaped by the skin of his teeth.

This was their best opportunity.

The skeleton had received an intense devouring backlash after having failed to reach Heaven Rank, causing serious damage. And under the binding of that mysterious power, it couldn’t crawl out of that crack.

The eleven of them could kill a Higher Undead, and even though they lacked Solan now, their power wasn’t to be trifled with, it was enough to handle this skeleton who fell from Heaven Rank to level 37.

Even if they couldn’t kill it, they should still be able to steal that crown and leave this place.

As he thought about it, Weiss suddenly saw a figure wrapped in flames charging towards the skeleton and was startled, he knew that the young mage was already on the move.

“Let’s go! Quickly support High Mage Merlin, facing this skeleton alone is very dangerous” Weiss immediately roared when Lin Yun rushed. He then used Wind Elemental Incarnation and quietly went above the skeleton’s head before casting countless wind spells downward.

Although he had fell to 5th Rank Archmage, Weiss still had his comprehension of the Wind Law and was considered a Great Master in that domain. The power he displayed was far superior to any 5th Rank Archmage.

He had complicated feelings towards Lin Yun. When he first joined the group, he had felt that Mafa Merlin was too young, too impulsive, and couldn’t lead them. Although he didn’t like it, after being seriously injured by the Desolate Overlord Incarnation, his power had been reduced by half, and his mind had been focused on Solan, provoking the young mage in this situation wasn’t a smart idea.

But he gradually discovered along the way that the young mage was quite formidable. Level 36 and 37 undeads were quite powerful, but that young mage would still end up shattering their bones.

If this group didn’t have the young mage, just taking one step forward would be very difficult.

The three Merlins, Xiuban, Delson, Dean, Olaro, Rolf, and Weiss all used their full might to assault the skeleton, none of them held back, they all used their most powerful attacks. At this moment, Aura and mana fluctuations rose up in the entire area.

They were all stimulated, because the enemy they were facing had once been a frightening Heaven Rank existence.


The skeleton was clearly angered after being besieged by ten people, its body was emitting a cold aura as the two large phosphorus fires slowly throbbed, attentively watching everyone like vipers. Those two enormous hands moving back and forth, using tremendous power. Although it already suffered heavy losses, that power was still frightening and even a 6th Rank Sword Saint might not be able to resist.

After roaring, those throbbing phosphorus fires suddenly ignited and the upper half of the skeleton shook, seemingly gathering power. And as expected, a flood of white flames was expelled from the eye sockets and fell onto the team.

Those flames were extremely weird, they weren’t burning, but freezing.

“So close”

Dean, who had been the closest to the skeleton, was caught off guard by the flood of flames and his Aura Protection darkened after being hit by a few flames. The white flames then spread while emitting a cold mist, freezing the entire Aura Protection into a transparent crystal, before shattering it into fragments.

Dean was startled, ‘Thankfully I had Aura Protection on, or I might have turned into shards’

Although this skeleton had been heavily injured, it was still extremely powerful, far more powerful than the two undeads they met on the way, it was at the peak of level 37.

“It’s an undead formed from a Heaven Rank powerhouse, it is powerful to begin with, and it slumbered for several millennia, absorbing death energy all along. Its bones had long since became extremely tough. Killing it isn’t going to be easy. We can only focus our attacks on its head and slowly obliterate its Soul Fire” Although Lin Yun’s voice was very low, it still reached everyone.

There were a few red afterimages in the air, Lin Yun was very flexible in his Fire Elemental Incarnation and used a few Flame Flashes in a row to dodge the white flames. He had the Magic Array analyze those flames, and although they weren’t as strange as the Withering Flames, they were still unblockable. If touched by it, it would spread and freeze one’s blood instantly, thus even Lin Yun was afraid of the white flames.

“Rumble” That huge palm locked onto Lin Yun and slammed down with a large amount of death power.

Lin Yun instantly used Flame Flash to dodge that dangerous palm. He was less than twenty meters away from the skeleton, the cold aura dimming the flames surrounding Lin Yun’s body. But he didn’t plan to stop and used another Flame Flash.

Red and blue lights flickered behind him, alongside a dazzling full moon. As he poured mana into it, the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel’s lights shone even brighter and countless spells rained on that huge skull,causing loud rumbles.

The skull was drowning under the spells.


After an angry roar, the team could see that the skeleton remained undamaged, its white skull shining with a black light and giving off a strange feeling. Those two phosphorus lights were crazily ignited as two skeletal arms were rushing towards Lin Yun.

But it was too late, Lin Yun was like a ghost under his Fire Elemental Incarnation, he only left behind red afterimages as he kept casting spell after spell towards that skull.

“Too powerful”

Lin Yun had a serious expression, he had to remain on guard at all times when facing that skeleton in close range. After a few minutes of battle, he had used his Flame Flash over ten times. And that skeleton had yet to receive any substantial injury while under attack by nine other people. It was really hard to believe. If that skeleton had been at its peak, the group wouldn’t have been able to last more than a few minutes before being annihilated.

Lin Yun was inwardly rejoicing.

To be honest, he hadn’t been surprised by the skeleton failing to reach Heaven Rank and suffering a loss after devouring Solan Because it was due to him…

Well, to be more precise, it was due to Shawn.

When he was in the study, he learnt from Shawn that Baiers, who left the Bloodline Curse on Solan, hadn’t died. Thus Lin Yun had Shawn leave something in Solan’s body, and Shawn who was proficient with such matters, easily accomplished his task.

And just like this, he dealt a heavy blow to Baiers…