End Of The Magic Era Chapter 431

Chapter 431 Roar


The power of the Bloodline Curse contained within Solan’s soul had already become impure when the skeleton devoured him. And Baiers, who was possessing the Desolate Overlord’s Incarnation, used the Bloodline Curse as a medium to transfer his soul into the skeleton, giving rise to the Regeneration phenomenon.

At the critical moment of the fusion between soul and body, just as Baiers reached Heaven Rank, the trap Lin Yun had set up was activated, causing the fusion to fail and the skeleton to suffer from the aftereffects, his power greatly falling from Heaven Rank to below level 38.

This was also the reason that Lin Yun had kept Solan alive! After all, in the 10th Floor of the magic tower, Solan used a Dragon Breath to try to kill him. With Lin Yun’s character, he would never be able to tolerate such a threat and should have eliminated Solan.

But during the battle, he inadvertently discovered something abnormal about Solan. He felt that Solan was hiding a huge secret, so he kept him alive until Shawn woke up.

It was a bit laughable. Solan, who had always been enduring, would have never thought that he was only kept alive as a sacrificial pawn.

And he didn’t let Lin Yun down. When Baier’s body appeared, he immediately rushed over.

A dazzling spell left his hand as the flood of spells continued. Lin Yun couldn’t help frowning. He hadn’t expected that skeleton to be so powerful even after suffering such a loss. Moreover, half of its body was trapped in the ground, but even under such circumstances, the power displayed was far more terrifying than that of Lich Barton.

After all, there had been eleven of them battling Lich Barton, but the fight had still been very strenuous.

Fortunately, the skeleton couldn’t move freely. If the other half of its body came out, then even if it only had the power of a peak level 37 powerhouse, they would definitely suffer.


The battle continued for half an hour, and everyone including Lin Yun used a lot of mana. After all, they kept throwing spells at the skeleton for the entire time. This was far beyond the ability of an average person. One powerful attack after another fiercely crashed down before a subtle sound was eventually heard.

An insignificant crack appeared on the skeleton’s glossy skull. All of them got a boost in morale when they saw this, and they started putting more power into their attacks.

The bound skeleton was a fixed target, but its bones were so hard that even under their nonstop attacks, it took half an hour to leave that small crack on its skull.

“It won’t be able to last much longer” A voice echoed in midair. It came from Weiss, hidden behind his Wind Elemental Incarnation, and although he sounded happy, his hands just kept moving, casting one wind spell after the other.

He was attacking using very crafty angles, and although he wasn’t using high-tier spells, only using Wind Blast and Wind Blade, his spells were all targeted at the crack that appeared on the skull, slowly widening it fragment by fragment.

As time passed, the originally insignificant crack had already been enlarged a couple times and was now a few meters long, looking quite ghastly.

At this time, the young mage’s silhouette appeared in Weiss’ line of sight. Weiss was startled when he noticed that the young mage was less than five meters away from the skull, but he quickly calmed down. He knew of the young mage’s methods. Especially during those last few fights, he’d realized that although the mage was very young, Weiss was outclassed by him in both power and experience.

A Flame Burst landed in the crack, and following a loud rumble, countless bone fragments flew out. The skeleton let out a powerful roar, and those two phosphorus lights flickered crazily. Weiss was alarmed when he saw this.

This was what the skeleton had done before casting the white flames earlier. Weiss couldn’t help sweating for the young mage. He was less than five meters away from the skeleton, and if he was engulfed in the white flames, then even if he was a 7th Rank Archmage, he wouldn’t be able to withstand them.

He had experienced the power of the white flames. They were so frightening that even an Elemental Shield would be destroyed.

They obviously had the upper hand right now. As long as they had enough time, obliterating the skeleton’s Soul Fire wouldn’t be an issue. Rashly rushing forward was too reckless and shortsighted.

‘This isn’t good, I have to remind him!’

After all, the young mage had a huge impact as the core of this team. If they lost him, the team wouldn’t be able to contend against the skeleton.

Just as Weiss, who was hiding in the sky, was about to say something, he noticed a book emitting dense death aura in the young mage’s hands. It felt as if it was containing boundless death energy.

Then, two streams of black mist rushed out of the book, leaking auras that Weiss found familiar.

His eyes opened wide. He was thoroughly stunned and even forgot about warning the young mage.

‘Th Th That’s the Undead Horseman, and the Lich, how could this be?!’ Weiss didn’t dare to believe what was in front of him. His eyes were glued to the two undead behind Lin Yun, and he could clearly feel that the power of these two undead wasn’t inferior to his own. Even at his peak, Weiss would flee when facing that Lich.

‘Could they be Mafa Merlin’s Summons?’

Although Weiss was in disbelief, the facts were in front of him. The young mage took out that mysterious book and the two powerful undead beings appeared. This was a bit too outrageous.

Weiss suddenly felt that he didn’t really know that young mage at all…

After all, Lin Yun’s methods were rather frightening. By relying on those two, he would be able to walk freely in the Andlusa Kingdom.

“Baiers, I’m afraid you might never be able to resurrect”

After summoning the Undead Horseman and the Lich, Lin Yun chanted a very profound character and entered Unlimited Mode. The Doom Staff burst with dazzling lights. A spark rose up and enlarged a few times, emitting a blazing aura before turning into a Fire Dragon spell leaking shockingly intense heat. That Fire Dragon then struck the crack in the skull, sending sparks scattering in all directions, mixed with bone fragments.

In this instant, one fire spell after the other kept crashing against the skeleton’s skull.

The intense explosions kept echoing continuously.


The skeleton was thoroughly infuriated. It let out a pained shout before looking at the young mage less than five meters away. It then turned its body and stretched its skull in front of Lin Yun, one of its phosphorus lights almost touching Lin Yun’s body.

The skeleton had extremely high offensive abilities, especially those two phosphorus lights emitting cold auras. Even 5th Rank Archmage Solan was powerless before them and ended up getting devoured.


A deep incantation echoed as the Lich waved its bone staff, its phosphorus fires throbbing in its eye sockets as its finished casting, forming a few dozen Bone Spears that had black gas surrounding their tips. As the Lich let out a deep roar, those Bone Spears flew as fast as lightning.

The targets of the Bone Spears were the two phosphorus fires in that skull’s eye sockets.

Just as the Bone Spears flew out, the skeleton let out a painful, deafening cry. It was caught off guard as the phosphorus instantly disintegrated after being hit by those Bone Spears. Sparks even sprayed from the eye sockets. They had been thoroughly extinguished and had turned into pitch-black coal.

The Undead Horseman raised his long sword, his Nightmare emitting a thick aura of sulfur as it suddenly sped up towards the skull and collided into it. A loud sound echoed as cracks rapidly spread.

The skeleton’s arm froze in midair, before falling to the ground heavily, raising a cloud of dust. The two phosphorus fires had already dimmed, and half of the skull had cracked. Broken bones kept falling down every few seconds as only half of the skull remained.


Everyone, including Lin Yun, sighed in relief. This had been a very fierce battle. They had all used a large amount of mana.

The golden crown was also falling to the ground, shrinking in midair before regaining a normal size.

Lin Yun crouched and picked up the crown. He wiped the sweat off his forehead before smiling.


At this time, an hysterical roar echoed beside his ear. A frown appeared on his face, and it wasn’t just him; the others also frowned.

That roar came from underground…

“Desolate Overlord Oh no He should be called Baiers, it’s his voice!” Delson was startled. He paled and said in a trembling voice, as if he had encountered the most frightening thing in the world, “Ho-how did he enter the magic tower!”

They could sense that the roar hadn’t come from the undead world, but rather, from the lowest part of the magic tower!

“This” Dean’s forehead was soaked with sweat, at a loss for words. They finally managed to kill the skeleton and get the crown that would allow them to get to the next floor, but the Desolate Overlord’s Incarnation had appeared in the lower floor.

They had seen the power of that Incarnation with their own eyes. A frightening level 38 magic beast was killed with a wave of his hand, so what about them?