End Of The Magic Era Chapter 433

Chapter 433 How Could It Be?


They all felt fearful facing the former Heaven Mage, Baiers, they couldn’t suppress this fear coming from the depths of their souls.

They had already experienced Baiers’ power in the Line Canyon as he killed those frightening level 37 and 38 magic beasts in mere seconds.

What about them?

“Hold on He isn’t completely in!” Dean was looking at the entrance in shock. There seemed to be a mysterious force twisting at the entrance, tightly restricting the doors. No matter how much Baiers struggled, he couldn’t even get half of his body in.

It wasn’t only Dean; the others also noticed that anomaly and immediately looked at the entrance in shock. After all, even if Baiers wasn’t at the Heaven Rank while in the Desolate Overlord’s Incarnation, he was infinitely close to Heaven Rank, so he could easily deal with 9th Rank Archmages.

The mysterious power at the entrance was tightly suppressing Baiers, somehow making him unable to enter. They all wondered who had left that restriction.

The one responsible was definitely a Heaven Rank powerhouse.

“Fortunately, that mysterious power is dealing with Baiers for now Otherwise, we would” Rolf’s face had turned pale a while ago, and beads of sweat could be seen sliding down his forehead.

But before he could finish his words, a dense aura of death filled every corner of the main hall, startling them all once more.

A huge Undead Essence, emitting fluorescent light and leaving a black misty trail behind, was quickly rushing towards Baiers.

This was the Undead Essence from the 2nd Floor!

“After fusing with that Undead Essence, Baiers will probably regain his power as a Heaven Rank powerhouse! We will all die once he crosses the entrance!” Weiss nervously said as he tightly held the staff in his hand. He looked at Baiers and the Undead Essence, his eyes filling with despair.

Weiss wasn’t the only one, either. They had all cooperated to intercept that Undead Essence in the 2nd Floor, only to fail.

Everything would be over the second the Undead Essence reached Baiers’ hand.

They thought that they could leave the tower by defeating the skeleton and taking the crown, but they hadn’t expected such an outcome.

They ultimately failed to escape.

But shocking mana fluctuations suddenly appeared, silently rising up as a frightening aura spread in all directions, shaking the entire hall.

That power was utterly terrifying…

It seemed to belong to a powerful existence that was growing even stronger. This aura was so frightening that they all felt as if they couldn’t breathe. But what truly stunned them was that those mana fluctuations felt very familiar.

Mafa Merlin!

They all looked at Lin Yun when they found out that the mana fluctuations were actually coming from him.

Lin Yun didn’t pay attention to their shocked expressions. He held the Book of Death, and formidable death energy emitted from it, letting out a pitch-black luster. The Doom Staff, the Soul Walker, and the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel all hovered around his body. These Magic Tools had all dimmed, because Lin Yun had absorbed their mana.

“Rumble” The frightening mana fluctuations emitted from his body were quickly intensifying and echoing as they hit the ceiling, letting out thunderous noises. Just these waves of mana fluctuations were enough to turn a High Mage to ashes. Even Delson and Weiss paled in front of this, unable to move.

Only Lin Yun knew what was happening. His strength was sharply increasing because the mana within the three True Spirit Magic Tools was enough to push him into the Archmage realm.

He had no other choice but to do this now.

If Baiers fused with that Undead Essence, he would quickly regain the power of a Heaven Rank powerhouse and be able to enter the hall, killing them all.

Lin Yun could feel that he was at the Archmage realm, but this was only temporary, and it had been at the cost of all the mana of the three True Spirit Magic Tools.

This was the only way he could contend against Baiers.

He wanted to use the real power of the Book of Death…

He hadn’t been able to use the true power of the Book of Death ever since he obtained it, because the lowest requirement to use the Book of Death was to be in the Archmage realm, which had been too far from Lin Yun.

During his time in Thousand Sails City and in the Bone Plane, he had only used the Augment of the Book of Death, the Sage Chapter. Just one Augment had been able to help him so much.

All along, he hadn’t really been using the power of the Book of Death.

But now, for a lack of a better option, he had to absorb the mana of his three True Spirit Magic Tools to raise himself to the Archmage realm and rouse the Book of Death.

After pouring the mana into the Book of Death, the black book slowly rose up and hovered in front of him before bursting with a dazzling black light and emitting boundless death energy.

At this time, the Undead Essence covered in the thick demonic energy brushed past him and rushed towards Baiers.


He slowly raised his hand and extended it at a strange angle, and with a soft sound, he accurately grabbed the Undead Essence. The demonic energy then burst out with terrifying power, instantly exploding within Lin Yun’s body. Even 7th or 8th Rank Archmages would be sent flying by that.

But the Undead Essence in Lin Yun’s palm didn’t move. Wisps of demonic energy leaked from his palm, and just that leaking power was enough to annihilate Archmages.

Baiers’ power was simply too frightening. He was infinitely close to the Heaven Rank and even 9th Rank Archmages would have a very hard time surviving. But the Undead Essence that he was doing his utmost to obtain was intercepted by Lin Yun. This was a bit too outrageous.

“Roar!” Baiers was still stuck in between the doors, but his eyes filled with boundless killing intent as he glowered at the young mage in the hall. The Desolate Overlord’s Incarnation was fiercely struggling, but he couldn’t break through the mysterious power since he had yet to reach Heaven Rank.

“You are never going to get it”

Lin Yun looked at Baiers expressionlessly as he held the Undead Essence. He could only admit that Baiers was truly powerful, in a short few seconds, he had spent the mana within one of his Alchemic Mana Whirlpools. It would be dangerous if it continued.

Lin Yun then unhesitantly raised the Undead Essence and slammed it onto the Book of Death. A loud rumble echoed as the remaining demonic energy evaporated when it came into contact with the book. But that Undead Essence didn’t completely disappear when this happened.

“Roar! Roooaaar!” Baiers’ crazy roars could be heard as he desperately tried to break his way inside. In a flash, a heavy sulfurous aura spread through the hall.

But it was too late.

The Lich and Undead Horseman imprints flickered fiercely as Lin Yun poured mana into the Book of Death. They then burst out with shocking momentum as the dazed group could hear the shouts of the Lich and the Undead Horseman. A loud sound echoed as the Undead Essence was pulled into the Book of Death, only leaving a light imprint behind.

The aura of the Undead Essence completely disappeared.

The entire hall fell silent as Baiers froze at the entrance, looking over at them in a daze, while Lin Yun was panting with a pale face.

“Ho-how How could this be?”

They were all stunned. They could hardly believe what they were seeing, and their faces were filled with complex expressions: astonishment, happiness, shock…

In fact, they were already despairing when the Undead Essence soared past them. They thought that Baiers would successfully reach the Heaven Rank after fusing with the Undead Essence and would rush in to kill everyone.

But instead, that Undead Essence ended up disappearing in the young mage’s hands.

After missing the opportunity to fuse with the Undead Essence, Baiers would never be able to come into contact with Extraordinary energy in the future. After all, his current existence was a bit special. He was possessing the Incarnation of the Desolate Overlord. He wasn’t like Star Sage Jouyi, who could still naturally attempt to ascend to the Heaven realm.

By losing the Undead Essence, Baiers lost everything. He was indeed powerful, but it still wasn’t enough for him to enter the magic tower.

After realizing this, they all relaxed. It seemed that they were safe for the time being.

However, the power displayed by that young 5th Rank High Mage was indeed frightening. Baiers ended up failing in his quest to regain the Undead Essence. If news of Lin Yun’s prowess reached Okland, it would scare a large number of people.

‘How did he do it?’ Weiss couldn’t help wiping cold sweat off his forehead. The more he was around this young mage, the more frightened he felt. He could still vividly remember what happened that day in the Line Canyon. He had been extremely reckless at the time and had provoked someone he shouldn’t have, he provoked Mafa Merlin!

He was now deeply afraid of the young mage. Before, he had only felt some respect for the young mage. After all, Weiss was a member of the Black Tower. Behind him stood one of the two major forces of the Andlusa Kingdom. No matter how strong Mafa Merlin was, he could only defeat level 36 and 37 undead lifeforms. What about it? He would be unable to withstand a single blow in front of the colossus known as the Black Tower.