End Of The Magic Era Chapter 434

Chapter 434 Returning


He didn’t dare to think so now, the power the young mage just displayed was enough to contend against Baiers!

Weiss estimated that in the Black Tower, only Harren could do what the young mage accomplished.

‘This Mafa Merlin is too terrifying’

‘And he is only a 5th Rank High Mage, if he reaches the Archmage realm, who in Okland could become his opponent?’

‘This is way too scary’

‘And I made a move against this young mage It looks like I have to find a way to apologize for my mistake, or else, or I’ll never be able to sleep if he is the kind of guy that bears grudges.’

“Ah! You are the ones who forced me!”

As they were all shocked, Baiers let out a deafening roar which thunderously boomed in everyone’s ears, painfully shaking their eardrums.

“Rumble” Demonic energy poured out from Baiers’ body and covered every corner of the hall. Following that echoing roar, Baiers emitted an extremely frightening aura and the body of the Desolate Overlord Incarnation fiercely expanded.

That sinister demonic face was completely twisted by craziness.

“Ah He shouldn’t be thinking of detonating that Incarnation to destroy the power on the entrance, right?”

Just as Delson said those words, a loud rumble echoed and the power of that Desolate Overlord Incarnation expanded to an extreme before suddenly exploding. At that time, boundless demonic power rushed through everyone.

The impact of the detonation was mostly blocked by the mysterious power at the entrance and only a small part had gone through the entrance. The expressions of everyone, including Lin Yun, suddenly changed before they all used their most powerful defensive methods.

“Rumble!” They didn’t have time to react as the building suddenly shook after the demonic energy completely dissipated. Feeling this change, Lin Yun frowned and tightly held the Doom Staff.

When Baiers controlled the explosion, Lin Yun roused the Magic Array to lock onto Baiers’ aura. Baiers already separated from the Desolate Overlord Incarnation before the explosion and relied on the momentum of the explosion to forcibly enter the magic tower, but the situation was far from good. Baiers’ soul seemed to be slowly fusing with the magic tower.

The soul of a Heaven Rank powerhouse could be said to be as vast as an ocean. It had already sealed the lowest floor of the magic tower and it would be very hard to forcibly pass through it even with the power of a Peak Archmage.

“High Mage Merlin, did you notice”

Weiss, who was standing beside Lin Yun, had an extremely unsightly expression. Beads of sweat were dripping from his forehead as he said in a hoarse voice, “This place has already been sealed by Baiers’ soul, getting out is going to be very hard..”

He wasn’t loud, but the others also heard his words and were startled. The were horrified as they looked at their surroundings. They understood the meaning behind Baiers’ words, his goal hadn’t been to kill them, but to trap them in the magic tower.

This was definitely more painful than killing them.

Despair was visible on everyone’s face.

The soul of a Heaven Rank powerhouse was something their group couldn’t deal with, thus, they wouldn’t be able to leave the tower…


At this time, a bright golden sword ray suddenly appeared with a huge momentum, shocking everyone, including Lin Yun. In front of that sword ray, they all felt insignificant, just like specks of dust…

A world-shaking sound echoed as the entire magic tower trembled. Then, a faintly discernible scream could be heard as the sword ray streaked through the seal Baiers’ soul had formed on the lowest floor, creating a crack. In a flash, Baiers’ soul energy crazily rushed forth, wanting to restore the crack.


No matter how much soul energy he sent, the crack was like a bottomless pit constantly swallowing his soul.


Lin Yun’s voice echoed, leading them out of this life and death situation. After a few seconds, the group escaped the magic tower.

Lin Yun felt his surroundings change. He was now walking on a ground with fragrant flowers and singing birds, the aura of life assaulting his senses. He could also faintly heard the roars of a few magic beasts. But more importantly, he could feel the Laws of Earth, Water, Wind, and Fire, thus concluding that this wasn’t a special space but the real Noscent.

After getting a new lease on life, he couldn’t help taking a few deep breaths. Lin Yun had originally planned on trying the Ancient God’s soul fragments when Baiers had used his soul to seal the magic tower, but that sword ray ended up appearing.

He had come in contact with the traces of Luo Ning and Emperor Zhantui’s battle in the hovering palace and the Bloodshed Forest, and had a faint feeling that the sword ray which ended up cutting Baiers’ soul had been left behind by His Highness, Emperor Sengman Zhantui. Fortunately, Emperor Zhantui had left something behind, or the consequences would have been too horrible to contemplate…

Lin Yun’s group left the magic tower and appeared in the depths of the Line Canyon. After a few hours, they found the rest of the members of the three mercenary groups and their group finally left towards Okland.

Although this trip to the Tulan Mountain Range had been extremely difficult, they ended up having quite a great harvest. Lin Yun had originally planned on going to the Tulan Mountain Range for that six formulas Meditation Law Set, but he ended up not only getting the six formulas Meditation Law Set, he also profited quite a bit. He had gotten the Three-Eyed Secret Wolf, the Elemental Chapter, the Ancient God’s soul fragment, a Mana Vine, and a few other minor things.

Naturally, the most important reward was killing those Higher Undeads in the 2nd Floor and discovering the Summoning function of the Book of Death. Now, there was three imprints in the Book of Death, the Undead Horseman and the Lich were the first two, and as for the third one, it was from the Undead Essence he has absorbed not long ago. He tried pouring mana in it, but there was no reaction, thus he left it for now, he would slowly research it later.

On the way back to Okland, he carefully linked everything that had happened back then, but ended up finding many puzzling parts. First, why had Emperor Zhantui and Gaugass King Luo Ning went to the Tulan Mountain Range. He understood that this wasn’t for something as simple as a duel, moreover, he could guess that this so-called duel was only a pretense. From the stone tablet left in the Bloodshed Forest, Emperor Zhantui and Luo Ning seemed to have gone to a certain place.

But where was it?

This puzzled Lin Yun. In the diary he roughly translated in the study room in the 9th Floor of the tower, that place was also mentioned, but due to something happening between Luo Ning and Emperor Zhantui, the exploration had been left unsettled. In the end, Luo Ning had gone to that place on his own.

There were also many questions about Heaven Mage Baiers. The Empire’s throne belonged to him, and he was the biological son of Emperor Zhantui, Lin Yun really couldn’t understand why Baiers would go to the Tulan Mountain Range to try assassinating Emperor Zhantui. There must have been an ulterior motive behind this.

He would have to take another trip to the Tulan Mountain Range in the future, not only to search for the answer to those questions, but also because there was something he needed there, the passage to the Puppet Plane in the 10th Floor. Although he had recorded the coordinates of the Puppet Plane, he still needed to be in the magic tower to open that Planar Path.

If he found that thing hidden in the Puppet Plane, then the power of his puppet would rise to a frighteningly high level. It would easily be able to deal with level 37 and 38 powerhouses.

Thus, he was eager to take a trip to the Puppet Plane. Although it was very dangerous, not any less dangerous than the Undead Plane, but if he was careful, he shouldn’t be in too much danger with his current strength.

Everyone got some substantial benefits after safely leaving the magic tower. Among the three youths of the Merlin Family, Ross battled Stan Watson in the illusion before finally defeating him, not only resolving the matter that had always being gnawing at his mind, but also greatly improving his power. He was already an 8th Rank High Mage and with the complete Elemental Tide it was only a matter of time before he could advance to the Archmage Rank.

After obtaining the complete Arcane Ring, Leon tempered himself in the illusion and finally merged his nine Arcane Rings into one, standing at the peak of the 7th Rank High Mage, even Ross would be weaker to him when fighting against many.

As for William, he ended up gaining the most, the Well of Stars was the most formidable Magic Conducting Rune in Noscent after the Magic Array, once William completed his Lava Heart, he would be able to destroy his original Magic Conducting Runes, and form the Well of Stars instead. Although he was only a 6th Rank High Mage, once he formed the Well of Stars, 9th Rank High Mages might not necessarily be his opponent.

Xiuban only slept in the illusion, but he had already advanced to 9th Rank Expert Swordsman after coming out and after tempering himself against magic beasts in the 8th Floor of the magic tower, he reached the peak of 9th Rank. In half a year, at most, he should be able to smoothly reach the Sword Saint realm.

As for the members of the three mercenary groups, they completed the mission entrusted by those descendants in the Odin Kingdom and took out the crown from the magic tower. They should soon receive that extremely high reward. But Delson and the others had been deeply worried and unhappy. It wasn’t a trivial matter to deal with an opposing country, and being employed by that descendant was no longer a secret. In the 2nd Floor of the magic Tower, Delson shared everything and everyone in the team was aware now.

If this matter came out, even their mercenary groups wouldn’t be able to handle.

They weren’t very worried about the youths of the Merlin Family, they had already established a deep friendship on the way, it was unlikely that they would leak secrets. The only one they were worried about was Representative Weiss.

But, they were truly overthinking.

Weiss wasn’t in the mood to worry about their matters, he was under great pressure. Ever since he experienced that young mage’s terrifying power, he had been greatly worried, he was afraid that the young mage would come look for trouble due to what had happened that day in the Line Canyon…