End Of The Magic Era Chapter 435

Chapter 435 Return


On the way back to Okland, Weiss had been deliberately avoiding Lin Yun.

In fact, he was quite unlucky. Apart from him, everyone else in the team had gotten some sort of benefit, while he not only didn’t obtain any benefits, but he even fell to 5th Rank. But with his comprehension, it shouldn’t take long for him to regain his strength.

The only saving grace was that the two Withering Flames plaguing his body had disappeared alongside the Desolate Overlord’s Incarnation.

No magic beast could threaten their huge group as they kept moving on unimpeded. They crossed the Aurij Mountain Range fifteen days later.

There were a lot less magic beasts around since they were only about half an hour from Okland.

The events that had transpired over the course of this trip had exhausted everyone.

And Lin Yun was no exception. On the lowest floor of the tower, he had absorbed the mana of his three True Spirit Magic Tools and finally used the power of the Book of Death in order to snatch the Undead Essence. In fact, forcibly raising his power to the Archmage realm did cause him some injuries, and he had been slowly recovering for the past half of a month.

The Book of Death was definitely the strongest card he had at the moment, but it had a price. He wouldn’t use it unless he was at a critical juncture.

He was hurrying on his way back while thinking over some things when suddenly, a strange mana fluctuation spread through the surroundings.

He raised his head towards the sky while pouring mana into the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel, his Magic Array roused to its peak. That mana fluctuation felt familiar, and it was also very powerful.

Black mist suddenly filled the sky.

The black mist in the area seemed particularly strange. It was twisting continuously while emitting strange, shocking mana fluctuations, a sinister and bloody aura spreading along with it, startling everyone and leaving them speechless.

“Human Mage, I said that I would make you pay the price”

The black mist turned into a sinister face hovering over twenty meters in the air. A pair of eyes flickered as a sharp, deafening voice echoed.

That voice seemed to be coming from the depths of Hell, and although it wasn’t very loud, it reached everyone’s ears. Many mercenaries instantly went pale with fright.

“Who is it?”

Even Weiss, who was at the level of a 5th Rank Archmage, couldn’t help holding his breath when he saw that face in the sky. That sinister face caused him to feel extreme pressure. It felt as if he had been enveloped by some malignant power and could be devoured anytime.

This was definitely a formidable existence, and with his insight, he could naturally see that this was was a Devil from Hell!

And it wasn’t an ordinary Devil…

After all, Weiss could still handle ordinary Devils even after his power had dropped, but that Devil clearly couldn’t be an ordinary one.

‘A Greater Devil’

Weiss was breathless as he thought of this possibility. A chill quickly spread through his entire body, and he couldn’t help shivering. Although he hadn’t personally seen one before, Weiss had heard some rumors about a certain Heaven Mage meeting a peak Greater Devil after going to Hell, and it was said that this Heaven Mage had fallen.

Every time a Greater Devil appeared in Noscent, it would cause an unprecedented massacre. The Greater Devils coming from Hell were bloodthirsty and evil, and they would feed on flesh. They were extremely powerful, and peak Archmages might not necessarily be able to defeat one.

And now, their group met one…

Weiss really couldn’t understand why a Greater Devil would suddenly appear here. Moreover, it looked like it came looking for a specific individual.

“Human Mage, you thoroughly infuriated me! I won’t let you or your family off even if you hand over the gem. Get ready to receive my fury!”

The sinister face let out a deafening roar and a boundless, sinister aura spread, bursting with frightening power. A pitch-black beam of light fell down from the sky.

“You are still the same, trying to deceive others. You should f*ck off back to sleep now, I’m not very patient”

Shocking mana fluctuations suddenly spread around them as a red silhouette shrouded in flames charged into that sinister face, flooding it with countless spells. The collision between the two destructive powers uprooted the trees in the surroundings and raised a cloud of dust.

“Despicable, it’s been three months, yet you actually” A sharp roar echoed as a flustered expression appeared on the floating face. The fiendish power shrank back, gradually dissipating completely.

Following the disappearance of the Greater Devil, Lin Yun slowly descended with Levitation. He let out a long breath. Just now, it had been the Magic Tool Incarnation of the Charlotte Family, Thousand Souls Sacrifice. Three months ago, when Lin Yun got the Star Gem, he had an encounter with Hanson Charlotte, and after killing him, the portion of fiendish power within Hanson came out.

At that time, he used the Truth Chapter and managed to eliminate the Greater Devil’s Incarnation, and the Greater Devil had said that he would come looking for him three months later.

And just as expected, he came.

If Lin Yun hadn’t obtained such benefits in the Tulan Mountain Range and greatly increased his power, Lin Yun would have had a hard time against the Greater Devil’s true body. After all, the Greater Devil was an existence that could contend against a peak Heaven Rank powerhouse. Even though that Greater Devil had been greatly injured, he became the Magic Tool Incarnation of the Thousand Souls Sacrifice and was cultivated in the Charlotte Family for a millennium before being able to regain some power.

After the Greater Devil’s initial display of power, Lin Yun discovered that the power emitted was that of a peak level 37, and thus, he unhesitantly entered Unlimited Mode to start the battle, sharing the limelight with the Greater Devil for a moment. It would have been very difficult to contend against the Greater Devil without it. Lin Yun’s performance ended up shocking the wily Greater Devil and scaring him away…

If Lin Yun exhausted all his cards, even a peak level 37 Greater Devil likely wouldn’t be his opponent. But this greater Devil was too crafty. He immediately withdrew when he felt that something was wrong with his target.

Lin Yun wasn’t certain that he could kill the Greater Devil, but the Greater Devil didn’t pose much of a threat to him.

Under such circumstances, Lin Yun didn’t want to reveal all his cards.

“High Mage Merlin, that” After the Greater Devil disappeared, Delson’s face regained its rosiness as he looked at Lin Yun. That power had been too terrifying. Had it not been for Lin Yun confronting it, none of them would have been able to face that terrifying Greater Devil.

“It’s nothing, let’s return to Okland first” Lin Yun shook his head but didn’t plan to explain. The Charlotte Family didn’t want outsiders to learn about the Thousand Souls Sacrifice, but it was the same for Lin Yun. A peak True Spirit Magic Tool like the Thousand Souls Sacrifice… How could Lin Yun not be tempted? It was just that he wasn’t certain if he could suppress the Greater Devil right now.

‘There will always be a chance later’

“Alright” Delson tactfully nodded and stopped prying.

A black mist carrying a terrifying aura rushed through Okland’s sky.

It was the Incarnation of the Thousand Souls Sacrifice that had attacked Lin Yun not long ago.

Although he hadn’t been greatly injured during that confrontation, after eating a loss, he clearly understood that with his current strength, killing that young mage would be very difficult. Moreover, during the battle, he sensed a dangerous aura in the young mage’s body, making him give up and flee back to Okland.

But he wasn’t willing to be defeated…

As the Incarnation of the Thousand Souls Sacrifice, as well as a Greater Devil, when had he been provoked like this?

Unfortunately, nothing could be done about it. The puny and insignificant mage from three months ago had become ten times stronger.

Ever since receiving that serious injury and being forced to become the Incarnation of the Thousand Souls Sacrifice, he hibernated in the Charlotte Family for close to a millennium, slowly recovering his power. In fact, it was the first time his real body had gone out. He clearly knew that Okland was a very dangerous place, as a few of the powerhouses there could pose a threat to him.

Even if he was determined to kill that young mage, he wouldn’t dare to show up in Noscent. He would have to take care of things outside Noscent instead.

Unfortunately, he failed.

But he didn’t intend to let that human mage go. He was waiting to regain more power before he could kill him off. He needed time.

“You actually dared to make a move in Okland”

Suddenly, an extremely imposing voice came from the Cloud Tower’s vicinity. The Thousand Souls Sacrifice was scared the moment he heard that voice. He could tell from the power within the voice that the owner was someone who could pose a real threat, one of Okland’s peak powerhouses.

It was also the person he was the most scared of.

Astonishing mana fluctuations inundated the area and a golden light flashed, slowly enlarging. It was an extremely powerful Mana Ray. Before the Thousand Souls Sacrifice could react, he was pierced by the Mana Ray and let out a blood-curdling screech. His sinister face suddenly distorted. He was resisting that sharp pain with great difficulty as he rushed towards the Charlotte Family.

That opponent simply wasn’t someone he could contend against. He would die there if he didn’t escape.


The Thousand Souls Sacrifice suffered a serious injury from the first attack, when a cold snort came from the Black Tower. The power behind that snort almost made him fall to the ground. This time, the aura of the Thousand Souls Sacrifice had greatly weakened, and after letting out two miserable shrieks, he left a dark afterimage as he fled into the Charlotte Family Manor…