End Of The Magic Era Chapter 446

Chapter 446 Enemies On A Narrow Path


What shocked Lin Yun was that this place was too special. In the spacious decaying library, he had read the diary left behind by Starry Sky Colleges Wayate. It recorded Wayates later years and contained all his experience, including how he led the Starry Sky Colleges Planar Legion to the depths of the Volcanic Mountain Range and ended up being besieged by a large amount of Raging Flame Beastmen. At the time, he scattered the Planar Legion and luckily hid away without being found. After exploring, he ended up discovering the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras.

As for the details regarding how he obtained it, Wayate hadnt mentioned it in the diary. He only vaguely said that it was in the Volcanic Mountain Range.

Although the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras, which could make countless mages envious, was hidden in the Volcanic Mountain Range, it definitely wasnt a safe place. After all, this was the headquarters of the Raging Flame Beastmen. Countless powerhouses were gathered there. To explore the ruin in the Volcanic Mountain Range was akin to suicide, so it was unknown how Wayate succeeded that day.

But when Lin Yun saw this map, he knew that he had to go to the Volcanic Mountain Range, whether it was for the Merlin Family or for himself.

"It looks like the location of the ruin can only be found when the map is pieced together, and the Watson Family also has a half. Several hundred years ago, the Watson Familys Ancestral Land also made a move against the Merlin Family for this damaged map. After several hundred years of silence, they finally suggested cooperation to jointly explore that ruin. This is the reason we are cooperating with the Watson Family." Orens expression sank. "But, that is bound to belong to us. Our Merlin Family must not let the Watson Family get what they want"

Lin Yun, the new member of the Family Council, stayed in the Guardian Tower for over an hour. He chatted with the ancestors for a long time before he was brought out by Ryan. According to Oren, he would be taken to experience the situation of the true Merlin Family.

The two of them walked side by side towards the depths of the Merlin Family, and after over half an hour, they appeared in front of a Planar Path. After stepping on the path, Lin Yun clearly felt that it was very stable and had most likely been set up by a Heaven Rank powerhouse.

His surroundings suddenly changed, and he appeared in a huge city, surrounded by countless buildings. There were many seven-floor magic towers. Silver-armored guards were passing through the street in a uniform manner, not a hint of disorder could be seen. After coming to this place, Lin Yun could feel that the mana was very rich here, making meditation more effective here than outside.

Although it was far from being on the level of his Demiplane, this kind of place was rarely seen in Noscent. Only the major forces could have places like this to nurture their young geniuses.

"Fiendish Aura, Undead Aura"

Lin Yun suddenly felt two different kinds of auras and couldnt help frowning. How could such a place have both Fiendish Aura and Undead Aura? Curious, he cast a few Mage Eyes to fly in the surroundings, and after a few minutes, he caught sight of a very shocking scene. There were breaches in two different directions. Undead lifeforms and Hellish lifeforms were coming from the two breaches.

Caster Legions were fighting with these two different kinds of lifeforms. Although there were many of these foes, the Merlin Familys Caster Legions were quite formidable, even having some Archmages. They were currently dealing with the enemies, but they kept pouring in like an unending flow.

The Caster Legion wouldnt be able to avoid having some injuries during this kind of prolonged fight.


At this time, Ryan displayed his power as a Peak 8th Rank Archmage, bursting out and transforming into a huge Mana Hand as it rushed towards one of the breaches. The hand closed and countless Hellish lifeforms exploded, and that breach was slowly shut. Using the same method, the other breach was closed.

After finishing this, Ryan explained to Lin Yun, "The space here is very unstable. There are some lifeforms from different planes appearing here at regular intervals. But this is also good. It can temper our army and increase their fighting strength"

Accompanied by Ryan Merlin, Lin Yun wandered around the city and found out that there was no difference from Noscent. There were many people living in it, and after listening to Ryans explanation, he learnt that there were many young children and troops here. Moreover, there wasnt just one city. There were seven of them.

Ultimately, Lin Yun and Ryan left and returned to the Ancestral Lands Guardian Tower. They followed the staircase up, but when they reached the conference hall, they ended up meeting Thorne Merlin.

"Mafa Merlin!"

Thorne was clearly stunned when he saw Lin Yun inside the Guardian Tower, his gaze turning ice-cold. The person he loathed the most in the entire Merlin Family was Lin Yun.

He had placed all his hopes on Aube, but he ended up crippled.

Thorne was infuriated that Lin Yun wasnt punished after doing such a thing. With bloodshot eyes and a viper gaze, he hatefully said, "You have destroyed my sons Mana Whirlpool, turning him into a cripple. Ill never forgive you! Although I cant do anything to you now, just wait! Ill definitely carry out in the Raging Flame Plane what I promised that day! Ill throw you into the Wailing River."

Lin Yuns gaze couldnt help becoming icy. He frowned but didnt say anything. Instead, he poured mana into the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel and got ready

"Thorne Merlin, so impudent! Do you know you are talking to?"

Ryan Merlin had naturally returned alongside Lin Yun. When he saw Thorne Merlin, he realized that something unpleasant might happen. He was very well aware of what had happened back then, but he hadnt been able to prevent it. Aube was crippled and Lin Yun fought against Thorne.

This gave him a headache. Thorne Merlin was a 5th Rank Sword Saint. Even in the Ancestral Land, he would be considered quite powerful. Sending him to the Raging Flame Plane with Mafa Merlin was most suitable, but unfortunately, there was deep hatred between the two of them, and it was very hard to defuse. However, Lin Yuns status in the Merlin Family had already changed, becoming one of the members of the Family Council.

Thus, Ryan severely reprimanded Thorne. His words had been improper, as the Family Council represented supreme authority in the Merlin Family. In other words, Mafa Merlin was worth a lot more than Thorne Merlin, to the point that Thorne Merlin could be convicted of a crime for speaking to him so rudely.

"Sir Ryan"

Being suddenly reprimanded by Sir Ryan, Thorne was scared stiff. The last time he came to the Ancestral Land, he understood some secrets to some extent and he knew that the person standing in front of him had great influence over the entire place.

But he really couldnt understand why Sir Ryan flared up like this. After all, he was quite considerate towards him a few days ago.

Moreover, after being in contact with Sir Ryan for a while, he discovered that this old man with exceedingly high status was actually gentle and easy to get along with.

How come he suddenly got so angry? It looks like what I said to that Mafa angered Sir Ryan. But that doesnt make sense. What kind of person is Sir Ryan? He stands at the peak of the Archmage realm and has enormous influence. How could he care about Mafa?

Thorne was confused by Ryan asking him if he knew he was talking toAfter all, he was talking to Mafa Merlin

Could it be that the person standing in front of me isnt Mafa Merlin? How could this be

Id be able to recognize the scoundrel that crippled my son even if he turned into ashes.

While Thorne was at a loss, Ryans voice echoed once again. But this time, the old mans voice was solemn. "Thorne Merlin, you might be unaware, but Mafa Merlin officially became a member of the Family Council not long ago. We will not hold you accountable this time on the basis that you were unaware, but you must still apologize to Representative Mafa"

After saying those words, Ryan smiled bitterly. He had noticed earlier that although the newly promoted Representative hadnt said anything, he had poured mana into his weapon and was ready to attack.

Although Lin Yuns actions werent done overtly, and 5th Rank Sword Saint Thorne hadnt noticed, who was Ryan? He was an old fox that had lived for a few hundred years and was a Peak 8th rank Archmage. How could that little trick escape his sight?


Fighting in the Guardian Tower of the Ancestral Land was really unprecedented.

Ryan was very clear about it. Others might not be bold enough to make a move inside the Guardian Tower, but what about this new Representative? After all, a few months ago, this new Representative not only caused havoc in the outer Merlin Familys Elder Council, but he even killed three Elders and crippled one.

Perhaps only Ryan himself knew that the reason he asked Thorne to apologize was actually to save Thornes life. Because if Mafa Merlin really made a move, Thorne might not be able to handle it.

In fact, not long ago, Ryan had learnt from Rio Merlin about what had happened on the outskirts earlier. Even Rio Merlin, who had become a 5th Rank Archmage over half a year ago, was bullied within an inch of his life by this new Representative, let alone Thorne who had just became a 5th Rank Sword Saint.

It was no exaggeration. Ryan was truly saving Thorne Merlin