End Of The Magic Era Chapter 449

Chapter 449 Flame Demon Fort


Firstly, even if he agreed, the Family Council wouldnt agree. After all, the real purpose of this Planar War was to go to the Volcanic Mountain Range to explore the ruin of the ancestor.

"High Mage Mafa, it would be best to listen to Commander Thornes opinion before making a decision. This would prevent many risks" The black-robed mage chuckled. He was clearly also questioning Lin Yuns ability, but he was more reserved than Ida. "High Mage Mafa, Im sorry, I almost forgot to introduce myself. I am Yuri Merlin. Ive been transferred from the Ancestral Land."

"Sir Yuri, this matter can wait until we are in the Raging Flame Plane" Lin Yun couldnt help frowning. After saying that, he gave the cold shoulder to Yuri and Ida and inspected the Planar Legion. He knew that this was only a part of the Planar Legion, as Thorne had most likely brought the majority with him.

They didnt remain there. Once the order was issued, over a dozen defensive towers flickered with radiant light and emitted frantic mana fluctuations. After a few seconds, space began to distort under the fierce forces and a stable Planar Path appeared, leading to the Raging Flame Plane.

It took quite a bit of time for a thousand people to go through the Planar Path. Lin Yun waited until they all went through before following suit. His surroundings changed, and the first thing he felt was a stifling and burning hot aura. Lin Yun raised his head and saw a fiery, bloody sky in which a crimson sun was scattering its relentless rays everywhere.

There was a strong killing intent filling the surroundings.

This was the Raging Flame Plane

All major forces in Okland never gave up on their plan to conquer this plane. It was an extremely huge plane that was rich in materials. Including the Merlin Family, all the top forces of Okland had obtained indescribable benefits from this plane.

But, after undergoing a thousand years of Planar Wars, the Raging Flame Beastmen were still holding the front line. Even if all of Oklands major forces went all-out, they might not be able to completely conquer this plane.

Nothing could be done about it, because the Raging Flame Beastmen were truly troublesome.

Who knew how many young geniuses had been buried in this place? Oklands major forces would usually send their geniuses to this plane to get experience. However, many of them would forever remain there, never to leave.

Even youths like Leon, Ross, and William had set foot in this Raging Flame Plane, and more than once.

When Lin Yun landed on that pitch-black soil, he began to walk as he quickly roused his Magic Array. He soon discovered that the Elemental Laws of this plane were very different from Noscents. In fact, he hard read a large amount of information pertaining to this Raging Flame Plane before leaving. Although the plane was rich in resources, it was also incomparably dangerous, and there was quite a lot of lava. But this kind of environment was very advantageous for the Raging Flame Beastmen.

Right now, he and the Planar Legion were in a fort. From the information he had read, he knew that this was the Flame Demon Fort controlled by the Merlin Family. The Merlin Family was in control of three forts in the Raging Flame Plane, and the Flame Demon Fort was the most important one

After all, the Flame Demon Fort was known as one of the Seven Great Forts of the Raging Flame Plane. It was at a strategic location and had extraordinary significance. All the other forces were envious of that place.

It was said that several hundred years ago, the Raging Flame Beastmen had once formed an alliance with a Flame Demon from the Abyss. Following this alliance, the Flame Demon helped them defend this fort, making many of Oklands forces suffer disastrous losses while trying to capture the fort. That Flame Demons strength was beyond their expectations.

After that, although many forces coveted the Flame Demon Fort, none of them dared to make a move on it.

Up until three hundred years ago, when the genius of the Merlin Family, Santon Merlin, killed that Flame Demon in one strike, letting them easily take over the Flame Demon Fort. Since then, the Merlin Family had always remained in control of this fort, and its impact had been monumental.

It could be said that the Flame Demon Fort was the foundation of the Merlin Family in the Raging Flame Plane.

"High Mage Mafa"

At this time, the Archmage called Yuri hurriedly rushed over, looking anxious. He was panting by the time he reached Lin Yun.

"Sir Yuri, whats wrong?"

Seeing Yuris flushed visage, Lin Yun couldnt help frowning and realized that something must have happened.

"The Planar Legion led by Commander Thorne is currently in battle with an Elemental Legion. High Mage Mafa, please pass down the order to reinforce Commander Thorne. Otherwise, even the Flame Demon Fort might face a huge crisis," Yuri said with a grave expression.

Lin Yun didnt immediately respond. He urged his Magic Array to its pinnacle and caught the aura of Elemental lifeforms, as well as some chaotic mana. The battlefield was roughly a few kilometers away, and after sending out three Mage Eyes, he could see the situation there.

Although he had made mental preparations, he still couldnt help holding his breath. He could see volcanoes fiercely bursting and lava flowing everywhere within that ten-kilometer area. Raging flames were ignited everywhere and the temperature in that region had reached frightening heights.

Just as Yuri said, the enemy was an Elemental Legion, and through a Mage Eye, Lin Yun could see that the swarms of Elemental lifeforms were practically endless. In the fiery sky, numerous Flame Crows were gathered. There were at least several tens of thousands of them, and Lin Yun knew that these werent true Flame Crows They were Volcano Spirits.

Volcano Spirits were similar to Flame Spirits, but their bodies were a lot smaller. They could transform into Flame Crows and would usually appear in large numbers. Even an Archmage would feel numb when meeting thousands of them.

These countless Volcano Spirits, in the form of Flame Crows, were covering the sky. Their fire attacks were falling down like raindrops, covering the whole area. Although the power of a Volcano Spirit wasnt worth mentioning and couldnt even break through a Great Mages Mana Shield, the Mana Shields wouldnt be able to handle so many of them.

But the ones who could truly constitute a threat to the Planar Legion werent the Volcano Spirits, but rather the Ash Spirits on the ground. The power of this kind of Flame Elemental was many times higher than that of the Volcano Spirits. Their bodies were similar to those of the Earth Puppets and were emitting a thick aura of sulfur.

It was different from the aura of lifeforms from Hell, as it was actually a poisonous gas.

Although the Ash Spirits moved extremely slowly, the highly toxic gas they emitted darkened any Mana Shield that it came into contact with. The shields simply couldnt resist the highly toxic corrosion, and in a short few seconds, the skins of those mages would become inflamed. It was a symptom of their blood slowly congealing and their fighting power being forfeited.

In this chaotic battlefield, everyone only had time to look out for themselves. Losing power was equal to dying.

"Rumble" A loud sound came from the battlefield.

It felt as if the earth was shaking as a huge silhouette appeared in Lin Yuns sight. He couldnt help being startled. A hundred-meter-tall silhouette emitting a blazing aura came out of the flames. It was a Lava Giant. Lava Giants were covered in flowing lava that would splatter whenever they moved. And this lava contained fierce poisonfire. It would be very hard for these Great Mages to survive if they came into contact with it. They would turn to ashes.

If there had only been a few Lava Giants, then they might not have been enough to cause any losses to the Planar Legion, but there were several hundred of them. They were like mountains towering above the mages, and their frightening power made everyone shiver. Countless people died under their hands.

Lava Giants were relatively high-level Elemental lifeforms. The weakest was comparable to a High Mage.

But in this battle, the Planar Legion led by Thorne Merlin didnt show any signs of disorder when faced with such a terrible enemy. Under Thornes directions, they uniformly attacked and defended. At this time, countless spells flew towards those Elemental lifeforms. Especially from the center of the formations, where a large number of Divine Archers were shooting volleys of arrows towards the sky, causing countless small, red dots to fall down. These were Volcano Spirits.

As for Thorne Merlin, he was leading the Planar Legions strongest powerhouses to attack those Lava Giants.

Thorne did have some skill when it came to leading a Planar Legion to battle. In fact, the difference in power between the Planar Legion and the Elemental Legion was huge. Had it been any other person leading them, chaos might have already broken out and the Planar Legion might not have been able to retain the majority of their strength.

But even so, the battle was in a deadlock, and a part of the Planar Legion was already showing some signs of fatigue and mana exhaustion. The most frightening part was that the number of Elemental lifeforms hadnt decreased, and actually showed signs of increasing.

Even Lin Yun could see that the Planar Legion led by Thorne was facing a huge crisis.

If they couldnt ward off the Elemental lifeforms, the Flame Demon Fort might be at risk.

Lin Yun didnt hesitate and immediately gave the order to lead the majestic Planar Legion to reinforce Thorne Merlin. Soon, countless spells flew out and killed quite a few Elemental lifeforms. Under the fierce counterattack, it took a few minutes for the two Planar Legions to merge together and greatly increase their strength, thoroughly breaking the deadlock before they attacked together.

In this battle against countless Flame Elementals to defend the Flame Demon Fort, the Merlin Familys Planar Legion had a slight advantage.