End Of The Magic Era Chapter 450

Chapter 450 Crazy


As a leader, Thorne Merlin, who was killing Elemental lifeforms at the edge of the fort, let out a relieved sigh. He had felt restless before Lin Yuns arrival. After all, there were too many enemies, and even with him leading this unprecedentedly powerful Planar Legion, he wasnt too confident about prevailing over so many enemies.

Suffering a defeat was equal to losing the Flame Demon Fort, and to Thorne, who was rarely defeated, it would be a disgrace.

Fortunately, Mafa Merlin led the Planar Legion over at an opportune time, which stabilized the situation. With his experience in Planar Wars, he came to the conclusion that the Flame Demon Fort was in no danger and that they should just deal with the enemies there. It likely wouldnt take long before they were victorious.

He slashed with his sword, his sword aura ripping apart over a dozen Ash Spirits. Suddenly, three silhouettes flew out from the fort and headed straight towards that endless Elemental Legion.

"He He is crazy!"

Thorne was shaken and almost forgot to continue using his sword. He had recognized one of the three individuals that flew out of the fort. It was Mafa Merlin, while the other two were Archmages from the Ancestral Land.

He is definitely making trouble!

Thornes expression suddenly became sour. He was filled with fury, but he couldnt go deal with the matter. The sword in his hand kept slashing at the approaching Ash Spirits, tearing them apart.

The outcome of the battle was promising, and after the two Planar Legions joined up, they had thoroughly reversed the battle situation. But there were too many Elemental lifeforms. If they rashly pushed into the enemy lines, they would be surrounded by waves of Elemental lifeforms, putting them in huge danger. With his decades of experience, he knew that they could only fight defensively in such circumstances. Defending and counter attacking; only like that could they preserve the Flame Demon Fort.

What is that scoundrel Mafa Merlin doing? He actually dares to take two Archmages with him and charge into the Elemental lifeforms main force?

Thorne truly couldnt understand how such a brainless guy could have been appointed to the Raging Flame Plane by the Family Council.

He suddenly thought, That guy just became a member of the Family Council! Is he trying to do something bold to establish his status as a Representative? Although he does need to consolidate his position, the situation has to be taken into account

In fact, Thornes mood had been very complicated when he saw Lin Yun take two Archmages out of the Flame Demon Fort. It was the damned scoundrel that crippled his son, after all. They had an irreconcilable hatred, and Thorne had resisted the urge to attack Lin Yun several times when he saw him before. He would definitely be very happy if Lin Yun died fighting the Elemental Legion.

But the situation was a bit special now

He had experienced Lin Yuns strength several months ago. By relying on the two Magic Tools, this young mage able to contend against a 5th Rank Sword Saint like himself. In the dangerous Raging Flame Plane, Mafa Merlins power could be considered at the top and could even reverse the battle situation. This was also why he sighed in relief when he saw Lin Yun and the Planar Legion coming to reinforce him earlier.

Although he loathed Mafa Merlin, he had no choice but to admit that this scoundrel wasnt weak. He would play a critical role in this Planar War. If they lost such a powerhouse, the Merlin Family Planar Legion would have to act much more carefully.

This was the reason that Thorne was in a complicated mood. Although he loathed Mafa Merlin, he didnt want him to die straight away. They had to win this Planar War in the Raging Flame Plane before he died.

Thorne was very scared and on edge at this moment. He had been fighting the Elemental Legion since he first reached the Flame Demon Fort. He clearly knew how frightening those Elemental lifeforms were. If Mafa Merlin was surrounded, then even if they were comparable in strength, it would be hard for him to escape. After all, no matter how powerful a mage was, they would still eventually suffer from mana exhaustion. Thorne felt that Mafa Merlin might really not be able to return to the fort when faced with the endless attacks of countless Elemental lifeforms.

"Heavens, those three are courting death! Could it be that they do not know how frightening the Elemental Legion is? They actually dared to rush straight at them"

Thorne wasnt the only one who had noticed, the Merlin Familys forces were in the middle of a counterattack, and thus, several thousand members of the Planar Legion could see those three shadows. Many of them were startled speechless.

That really was suicidal.

"That young mage looked like High Mage Mafa Merlin, and the other two were Sir Ida and Sir Yuri"

The group that followed Thorne to the Raging Flame Plane first naturally didnt recognize Lin Yun, but the ones that had just arrived did recognize him. Let alone the High Mages, even Expert Swordsmen recognized him. Rushing out like that was extremely dangerous.

For a moment, almost everyone in the battlefield was focused on Lin Yun. They werent shocked by his boldness, but rather were looking down on him, because they could see that this young mage wasnt doing anything after being surrounded by the Elemental Legion. He was actually just hiding behind the two Archmages!

Not making a move in such a situation was not good, even if he was a Commander!

After all, Thorne, who was also a Commander, had never run from a fight and had always been guarding the edge of the fort, using his strength to shock the Elemental lifeforms and sharing the pressure of the entire Planar Legion.

But this Mafa Merlin on the other hand

The solemn Lin Yun naturally didnt know that he had already been despised by the countless onlookers. He only knew that this battle was far from being as simple as it appeared

Ever since he led the Planar Legion to provide assistance to Thorne, he had discovered many suspicious points. This battle had been going on for over an hour and they had killed over ten thousand Elemental lifeforms, yet the quantity of Elemental lifeforms didnt show any signs of decreasing. In fact, by now it was quite clear that they were increasing.

Another point bothered him. Where were these Elemental lifeforms coming from? There had to be a mastermind behind this. And while operating the Magic Array, Lin Yun finally found a clue. To be more precise, it was a faint aura, and the owner of that aura seemed to be a Raging Flame Beastman!

In fact, catching a wisp of that aura wasnt that easy. The endless Elemental lifeforms within ten thousand meters, as well as the several thousand mages, swordsmen, and archers also emitted some aura. Even with his almost omnipotent Magic Array, he had to spend some effort before catching a wisp of that aura.

After figuring out that this wisp of aura belonged to some Raging Flame Beastmen, he figured that they were probably behind everything. Otherwise, why would so many Elemental lifeforms appear without reason?

Moreover, they were Flame Elementals

The Raging Flame Beastmen were well-known for their fire manipulation, and furthermore, this races mages had extremely powerful summoning abilities. It was for this reason that many of Oklands major forces suffered huge losses here.

After discovering this hidden aura, Lin Yun knew that this war was in no way as calm as it was on the surface. Although the Planar Legion held the advantage for now and was stably defending the Flame Demon Fort, a huge crisis was hidden underneath. From Lin Yuns conjecture, these Raging Flame Beastmen should be hidden alongside the Elemental Legion, continuously summoning and manipulating Elemental lifeforms. The crisis wouldnt be removed if they were left alone, but would instead grow more severe.

And with the battle being in a deadlock, the Planar Legion would gradually be exhausted, and at that time, the Flame Demon Fort might be unable to defend against the danger. This wasnt an outcome Lin Yun was willing to see.

And right now, he was going through the Elemental Legion, relying on his Magic Array to seek the Raging Flame Beastmen. Only by taking care of them would he be able to quickly finish this battle.

But it was clear that those Raging Flame Beastmen werent idiots.

They were meticulously hiding their auras.

Under normal circumstances, trying to hide ones aura from Lin Yuns Magic Array required power on par with Star Sage Jouyis. This was something absolutely impossible.

But the situation was a bit special

In this utterly chaotic battlefield, finding the aura of hidden Raging Flame Beastmen would normally be utterly inconceivable. But the most problematic part was that the aura of these Raging Flame Beastmen was very similar to the aura of Elemental lifeforms.

Although this still wasnt beyond Lin Yuns capabilities, it was still troublesome.

At this time, all his energy was focused on locating those Raging Flame Beasts. He simply couldnt fight if he wanted to find them, so he could only instruct Ida and Yuri, these two Archmages, to protect him.

As for the ignorant onlookers, they fiercely despised Lin Yun.

"Rumble" A world-shaking sound echoed as several dozens of Lava Giants swept over and surrounded Lin Yuns group.

They were followed by many Ash Spirits, and for a moment, scalding lava flew down from a Lava Giant, so densely packed that it couldnt be guarded against.

Although Ida and Yuri were Archmages and could face these many enemies, they suddenly had a numb feeling. After casting one fierce spell after another, exploding great amounts of Elemental lifeforms, their expressions gradually became unsightly.

There were truly too many Elemental lifeforms surrounding the three of them. Ida and Yuri were sparing no efforts to try to open a crack out of that encirclement, but contrary to their expectations, the speed at which they killed Elemental lifeforms was far outstripped by the speed at which Elemental lifeforms gathered around them. They would need a lot more firepower if they wanted to get away safely.

But now that they had fallen this deep into the encirclement, where could they find a High Rank Archmage?