End Of The Magic Era Chapter 451

Chapter 451 Raging Flame Beastman Mages

Chapter 451: Raging Flame Beastman Mages
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The worst thing was that this young mage had arrogantly led them out of the fort, yet now he was only standing there, not making a move or speaking.

This undoubtedly made Ida and Yuri feel resentful.

Although this young mage wasnt too strong, would it kill him to help?

"Mafa Merlin! What are you trying to do!? Are you happy getting us killed?" The irascible Ida exploded an approaching Ash Spirit, his expression becoming nastier and nastier as more time passed. He seemed flustered and exasperated, and although he didnt have the leisure to actually face Lin Yun, he was obviously enraged.

"F*cking hell The Family Council making you the Planar Commander was a crazy decision. I dont understand, you think yourself clever, but look at you now, you deliberately sought out death and dragged us down with you. You must be quite satisfied with the outcome"

Ida had nowhere to vent his anger and finally turned his head to glare at Lin Yun, his eyes filled with hatred. If there werent Elemental lifeforms keeping them locked in place, he might have already rushed up to slap Mafa Merlin.

This is so stifling Not only is he being suicidal, but hes even using his authority to drag us along with him! Too hateful

Ida was truly going crazy at this time. He bitterly hated Lin Yun. In the last few decades, he had participated in countless Planar Wars on behalf of the Ancestral Land, but he had never seen a Commander like this Mafa Merlin who let his emotions get the better of him, a complete weirdo.

Unfortunately, Ida couldnt defy that order. Commanders orders were absolute in a Planar War. Even if he was ordered to throw his life away, Ida would be forced to comply.

Nothing could be done about that, as one of them was a Commander and the other his subordinate.

Although he couldnt disobey that order, his resentment couldnt be silenced. Under this stress, even resentment towards the Family Council could be felt in his mind. If it were not for the Family Council appointing such an idiotic Commander, Ida wouldnt have ended up in such a situation.

"High Mage Mafa, please figure out a way quickly! We cant keep going! We will run out of mana sooner or later, and then we will all die! If we rush in the direction of the fort, we might be able to survive with the help of the Planar Legion. And arent you being too idle?"

Although the aged Yuri wasnt as flustered and exasperated as Ida Merlin, his words clearly expressed how dissatisfied he was with the young mage.

Honestly, he wouldnt want to clash with the young mage if he had the option.

After all, he was the Commander appointed by the Family Council. Even though he wasnt very powerful and had no experience in Planar Wars, he was still a genuine Commander, so his status was far above that of the others.

In fact, Yuri was truly astonished when the Family Council had issued that order. He couldnt understand the Family Councils decision.

This was too crazy

But after calming down, Yuri felt that this matter shouldnt be as simple as it appeared. Perhaps this young mages specialty laid somewhere other than in just strength.

But that young mage didnt seem special at all. It doesnt matter if you send a chaotic order, just dont involve me!

But Lin Yun didnt seem to have heard them at this time. After all, how could he waste his time listening to Yuri and Ida? His Magic Array was working at maximum speed to track down the Raging Flame Beastmen Mages, continuously fumbling around for them. His brow gradually relaxed as a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.


At this point, he didnt plan to stop. He instantly used his Fire Elemental Incarnation and a Flame Flash, crossing a dozen meters and leaving an after-image behind him, and he didnt stop there; he followed up with a few more Flame Flashes.


Seeing this scene, Ida was shocked for a few seconds, and he couldnt help cursing.

That f*cker! So you were this kind of person? Im doing my utmost to help you, but even if you cant help, how could you abandon us to escape?

Ida spit up blood in anger.

He could swear that this was the most marvelous commander he had ever seen!

Although Yuri wasnt swearing like Ida did, his expression still stiffened. He looked strange as he shook his head and sighed while casting a dazzling spell.

This was an outcome they hadnt expected.

Damn, we fell into a trap

But then, Yuri realized that something was a bit strange. If the young mage was escaping, he should have been going backwards, towards the Flame Demon Fort. However, the young mage flew in the opposite direction.

This discovery shocked Yuri, but his lip curled in a smile. This young mage is too anxious. Even if you want to escape, you should first make sure you are going in the correct direction. However, I dont feel like reminding you. Who told you to not pay attention as you abandoned Ida and me to flee?

But then, Yuri suddenly fell dumbstruck.

A shocking mana fluctuation slowly rose up as a silhouette wrapped in flames plowed through a pack of Flame Elementals. The staff in his hand raised as an incredible amount of energy burst out, creating earth-shattering flames that flooded all the Elemental lifeforms before silently fading away.

But what caused Yuri to be dumbfounded wasnt this

Rather, it was the group of Beastmen that appeared after those Flame Elementals disappeared. Their skins were dark red, with carved runes flickering on them. These Raging Flame Beastmen stood two meters tall and were radiating explosive power!

"Sir Yuri, this, this"

Ida, who was standing next to Yuri, looked as if he had seen a ghost. He had clearly noticed the situation on Lin Yuns side, and both he and Yuri looked at each other in shock.

Neither of them had expected such an outcome.

Originally, given their levels of insight, it was natural for them to figure out that this battlefield was very strange. They had started investigating when those Elemental lifeforms appeared, but they didnt find anything.

But now, they knew that those endless waves of Elemental lifeforms had been summoned by the Raging Flame Beastman Mages. They had been hiding amidst the Elemental lifeforms, secretly controlling them while summoning more.

Turns out there was a mastermind

After figuring out the truth, Ida and Yuri instantly held their breaths. The truth was a bit too scary. Had this young mage not discovered the trail of those Raging Flame Beastman Mages, they would have kept summoning more and more until the Flame Demon Fort was overrun.

Fortunately, fortunately Fortunately, this young mage discovered them in time.

They would have had no chance had it been later

This time, the way that Ida and Yuri looked at Lin Yun clearly changed. There was no longer any contempt or disdain, only respect.

This young mage was truly skillful

After all, Thorne Merlin had decades of experience in Planar Wars. He had been on countless expeditions and had the strength of a 5th Rank Sword Saint. Even so, he didnt notice the existence of the Raging Flame Beastman Mages.

This showed how frightening this young mages insight was.

Insight couldnt be underestimated. Having frightening insight as a Commander was a huge advantage. In the ever-changing battlefields, they would be able to see the enemies movements and make the most advantageous decision.

Remembering what they had just said moments ago, Ida and Yuris faces flushed red.

"Sir Yuri, havent you found out? The situation seems pretty bad"

Idas expression changed when he discovered that they ended up leaving the line of sight of the Planar Legion. Even if they knew the truth, that those mages were behind this, they couldnt transmit the news to the Planar Legion, let alone request assistance.

Without the help of the Planar Legion, that group of mages would truly be hard to handle.

Including the young mage, there were only three of them, which wouldnt be enough to confront those Beastmen. Moreover, they were still heavily surrounded by waves and waves of Elemental lifeforms. Just thinking of handling the Raging Flame Beastman Mages while being attacked by the Elemental lifeforms depressed Ida.

"Its very bad but we dont have time to worry about it! If we dont kill them, the Flame Demon Fort will be at risk of falling into their hands!"

Yuri and Ida had participated multiple times in the Planar War of the Raging Flame Plane, so they naturally knew that these Raging Flame Beastman Mages werent simple. They were always considered peak powerhouses of their tribes, and according to his estimations, these should be the prophets.

Not only were they powerful, but they also had exceedingly high status. Otherwise, they wouldnt have put the Planar Legion of the Merlin Family in such an awkward situation.

Yuri and Ida burst out with all their strength. They used Fire Elemental Incarnation and cast a few Flame Flashes in a row, trying to catch up to Lin Yun.

"Finding you really wasnt easy"

At this moment, Lin Yun was covered in flames and was using Levitation to hover in midair, overlooking that group of Raging Flame Beastmen below. As hed said, following that wisp of aura back to these Raging Flame Beastmen wasnt easy.

Usually, being disturbed when summoning and controlling so many Elemental lifeforms would have a huge impact. This should have been the reason that those mages had been doing their best to hide their auras and conceal themselves in the depths of the Elemental Legion.

Or it might have been something else.

Whatever the case, this was no longer important. As long as they died, this crisis could be considered averted.