End Of The Magic Era Chapter 453

Chapter 453 Sophistry


But they saw the young mage placing his unadorned staff horizontally in front of him and pouring mana into it. The staff radiated with dazzling light as five blazing Flame Bursts flew towards the Raging Flame Beastman Mages. Even Ida and Yuri, who were a dozen meters away, could feel the extremely frightening power contained within those Flame Bursts.

A flustered expression finally appeared on the face of that angry Raging Flame Beastman. He clearly knew that this young mage was a formidable enemy and his dark red runes fiercely flickered, emptying his power to cover his body with flames.

That Beastman was very powerful, and the furious flames covering his body enhanced his incredibly high magic resistance. Even 5th Rank Archmage powerhouses might not necessarily be able to injure him in this state.

However, the five Flame Bursts quickly arrived and accurately struck that Beastman. A mournful scream echoed and over half of the dark red flames covering his body had been instantly eliminated. After the explosion, the Raging Flame Beastman flew away like a cannonball, stopping a few dozen meters away.

"Rumble" A loud sound echoed as the Raging Flame Beastman crashed into the ground, creating a crater. He was panting, with a charred, black wound on his stomach from which blood kept flowing.

Ida and Yuri were stunned. They couldnt believe that mere Flame Bursts could injure that Raging Flame Beastman to such extent while it was defending itself.

The young mage then raised his staff

It was followed by a pitch-black palm suddenly falling down from the sky and heavily slamming that Raging Flame Beastman Mage before he could even crawl out of the crater. With a loud sound, the aura of the Raging Flame Beastman completely disappeared, his corpse turned into a paste.


Ida and Yuri were startled speechless. This scene was too scary There was now deep respect in their eyes as they looked at the young mage.

The Raging Flame Beastman Mages had made them feel helpless, but this one was unable to withstand a single blow from the new Commander. When they recalled the scene, it occurred to them that the young mage had only used six offensive spells to deal with the Raging Flame Beastman, five Flame Bursts, and one Earth Rending Hand.


Those Raging Flame Beastmen were clearly stunned by Lin Yuns attacking methods and let out growls of disbelief. Several pairs of dark red eyes once again landed on Lin Yun. They were no longer vicious and fierce They were now filled with fear. To the Beastmen, that young mage seemed like a living nightmare.

He was too scary

A tribes outstanding prophet didnt last more than ten seconds before his body was crushed.

But Lin Yun didnt plan to stop. A disk with red and blue radiance rose up behind him, floating behind him like a bright moon. As he poured mana into it, the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel blossomed with light, and several hundred low-tier spells rushed forth, flooding three of the Peak High Mage Beastmen. They didnt have time to even scream before turning into corpses.

Hovering in the air with Levitation, Lin Yun looked down at the remaining Raging Flame Beastman Mages as he expressionlessly raised the Doom Staff. With a burst of light, one Flame Burst after another flew towards them, dragging long trails of flames behind them. These were followed by miserable shrieks.

After ten seconds, only two of the original dozen Raging Flame Beastmen remained. They were the most powerful two, comparable to 3rd Rank Archmages, but they were completely terrified. How could they not be after what they had just witnessed?

At this time, Ida and Yuri were both watching with their eyes wide open, the spells they had been preparing fizzling out instead. Damn, is he really a 5th Rank High Mage?

Of the dozen Raging Flame Beastmen, the weakest had been Peak High Mages. Wasnt that powerful enough? Even a 5th Rank Archmage would be in huge danger when being surrounded by this group, yet they had been unable to do anything against the young mage

When they first met Lin Yun, both Ida and Yuri had been questioning his abilities in their minds as well as openly They had wondered if he was qualified to be a Planar Legion Commander at all.

But now, Ida and Yuri no longer dared to have such thoughts

If such a frightening guy wasnt qualified to be a Planar Legion Commander, then no more than a handful of people in the entire Ancestral Land could be qualified!

Who would have thought that a young 5th Rank High Mage would have such terrifying strength?

Their had extremely complicated thoughts.

The fight had come to an end

There had been over ten Raging Flame Beastmen at first, but only two remained after Lin Yun made a quick move. Soon, the two last Raging Flame Beastmen let out their final roars under the attacks from Lin Yuns group and turned into cold corpses. Seeing the dozen corpses, Ida and Yuri let out a long sigh. It was inconceivable These were some of the strongest members of the Raging Flame Beastmen tribes, but they were now laying down on the ground.

Syudos scattered, turning into countless flames that burnt the bodies into nothingness. After finishing this, Lin Yun led Ida and Yuri back.

The waves of Elemental lifeforms had been summoned and controlled by those Raging Flame Beastmen, but after their deaths, they went out of control and no longer rushed at the Flame Demon Fort. Many of them even broke away from the battlefield.

The Planar Legion kept fighting for the next three hours, and after killing the scattered Elemental lifeforms and clearing the battlefield, they once again returned to the Flame Demon Fort.

After returning, Lin Yun went into his living quarters for a moment before calling Ida Merlin and Yuri Merlin and leaving for the meeting hall.

At this time, Thorne, as well as a few higher-ups of the Planar Legion, were discussing something in low voices. Seeing Lin Yuns group, they couldnt help being stunned. They all looked at him, but no one took the initiative to greet him.

"You guys can go deal with your other matters"

Thornes expression became dark when Lin Yun entered. He waved his hands and sent out a few high ranked members of the Planar Legion and then put his arms behind his back. He gave Lin Yun a stern look, a ghastly sneer on his face, "Mafa Merlin, you are quite skillful"

To tell the truth, Thorne was furious. While he was protecting the Flame Demon Fort, holding back the Elemental Legion, that Mafa Merlin had led two Archmages out into the middle of nowhere. There was simply no end to the Elemental lifeforms outside of the fort, so let alone a few people, even if the entire Planar Legion left the fort to face those Elemental lifeforms, they would end up facing annihilation.

Back then, Thorne felt that Mafa Merlin would most likely not come back.

He should have been happy about it, but he wasnt happy at all. Before he left, it was made clear that this Planar War was extremely important to the Merlin Family and that no slip-ups would be allowed. It would be a huge blow to the Merlin Family if Mafa, who was comparable to himself in terms of strength, fell in battle.

For the Familys interests, Thorne had hoped that Mafa Merlin wouldnt die in the battle, no matter how much he loathed him.

After clearing the battlefield, he heard from a subordinates report that Mafa indeed hadnt died.

That guy is truly lucky

When he heard this, Thorne felt angry. That damned Mafa Merlin, he isnt thoughtful enough as a Commander! He just came to the Raging Flame Plane and already caused trouble.

As he thought of this, Thornes feelings became apparent on his visage. He resisted the urge to point his finger at Lin Yuns face, but he still sternly said, "Mafa Merlin, do you know how grave the consequences could be when you take people away from the Flame Demon Fort without permission, and at such a critical time? The Flame Demon Fort that our Merlin Family had managed to obtain after so much trouble might have been lost. This kind of responsibility isnt something you or I can assume!"

"Sir Thorne, you probably misunderstood" Lin Yun frowned, his voice cold. He had promised Oren Merlin a day before that he would try as much as possible to not clash with Thorne in the Raging Flame Plane and jointly lead the Planar Legion to look for the ancestors ruin.


Thorne Merlin sneered as if he had heard the dumbest joke of his life. He looked at Lin Yun, thinking, Sure enough, this guy cant do anything right. Apart from being powerful, he doesnt have any strong points. The most hateful part is that he doesnt want to admit it.

"Sophistry! At such a critical time, you led important forces out of the Flame Demon Fort, everyone in the Planar Legion has seen this! Even if you embellish it, no one will believe you."

Thorne couldnt help flaring up, looking at Lin Yun with a strange expression. He originally planned to drop the matter as long as Lin Yun admitted he was wrong. But he hadnt expected the youth to be stubborn and argue. Seeing the youth try to shirk the blame like that immediately put Thorne in a bad mood. The young mage was very disappointing as a Commander and had almost caused a disaster. Moreover, he wasnt willing to acknowledge his mistakes.

This is no good If this person remains in the Raging Flame Plane, he will cause a disaster sooner or later.

"You dont need to explain anything else! Ill send in a truthful report to the Family Council, if there was any ulterior motive, you should explain it to the Family Council yourself," Thorne Merlin expressionlessly said as if he had sealed Lin Yuns fate. "But I think it would be better for you to not seek trouble. Even if you have a special identity, the Family Council will conduct this trial fairly."