End Of The Magic Era Chapter 457

Chapter 457 : Chromatic Dragon Crystal


But William had just been startled by a level 15 Fire Salamander. How could he not feel embarrassed? And it even happened in front of everyone

After speaking, the high-level mana crystal at the end of his magic staff shone with a bright light. Three hollow sounds echoed as three brilliant Wind Blades appeared. A blood-curdling shriek could be heard as the Fire Salamander was wounded by the attack, and dark red blood splattered everywhere.

And that Fire Salamander was also sent flying by the force of the impact.


In front of everyones shocked eyes, the Fire Salamanders corpse fell in the center of the array. In a flash, the originally inert array was suddenly activated. It burst with a dazzling light and numerous runes rose up into the air, illuminating the entire area.

Even Lin Yun paled. He clearly sensed the frightening power slowly recovering. That was most likely the arrays true power. It was no weaker than an all-out attack from a peak Archmage.

Lin Yun was very nervous. He couldnt remain calm at all.

But then, those slowly rising runes gradually dimmed before disappearing, and the entire array once again regained its peace.

"Whats going on here"

Lin Yuns heart was filled with doubt. As the array was activated, he even planned on using the mana within the Alchemic Mana Whirlpool to teleport to the Demiplane, but he gave up on that idea after the array regained its calm. That unfamiliar array was truly strange.

Even now, he still couldnt understand the arrays effect or the reason it was put in the Ghost Valley.

Suddenly, a cold aura spread through his bones as Lin Yun found out that the Fire Salamander corpse that originally fell into the array was unexpectedly standing up. But the appalling part was that the corpses flesh had disappeared and only its skeleton remained. As it kept moving, strange sounds were emitted by the array.

The group felt their blood run cold as they noticed those deep blue phosphorus flames swaying in the eye sockets. It felt as if it was observing them.


Lin Yun was speechless. Whats going on? It was obviously a corpse a moment ago, how could it become undead?

He had never heard of something this strange. At this time, flames rose up from Lin Yuns fingertips. They were followed by fierce mana fluctuations as a Flame Burst accurately landed on that Fire Salamanders body, sending bone fragments flying.


The Undead Fire Salamander hadnt died. Although its skeleton had been damaged beyond recognition, the phosphorus flames in its eyes were still shining brightly.

This outcome stunned Lin Yun, and he immediately followed with another Flame Burst. After another explosion, smoke rose up and the Fire Salamanders skeleton fell apart, scorched black. Lin Yun then crouched down and searched amidst the bones before finding the fluorescent Undead Essence.

"How could this be"

He couldnt help frowning. From the power within that Undead Essence, he estimated that the Undead Fire Salamander should have been level 25 at the very least!

The corpse falling into the array and becoming undead was shocking enough, but he hadnt expected that a Fire Salamander would gain ten levels after being turned undead.

Had he not seen this with his own eyes, he simply wouldnt have believed that something this strange could happen.

Hold on

While Lin Yuns mind was filled with questions, a thought suddenly emerged. He looked at the array in front of him and quickly moved closer before crouching and motionlessly studying the patterns on the array.

He then fished out a quill from his pocket and wrote on a sheet of draft paper, calculating. He stopped after half an hour, but was still bewildered.

In fact, he had just recalled a rumor about an array called the Raising Dragon Array. It was only a rumor because it had never been confirmed to appear in Noscent.

Lin Yun had once read some information concerning the Raising Dragon Array in the decaying library. That array had always been a theorized existence, and its source dated back to the end of the Nesser Dynasty. It came from a human alchemist named Losna

During that time, the Nesser Dynasty ruled by the Chromatic Dragons and the Pure-blooded Elves was gradually declining, while Mankinds powerhouses kept emerging, and Losna was a famous figure among them. He had followed Charles the Emperor in the battle to destroy the Throne of Life, and his name would often be mentioned by the later generations of mages.

In fact, Losna had another identity. He was the disciple of the gravedigger of the Silver Era, Noscents greatest alchemist, the Dark Sage.

This halo followed Losna all his life.

During his youth, Losna had once toured Noscent and met danger midway, before being saved by a Chromatic Dragon. Over the course of a few dozen years, Losna and that Dragon established a deep friendship.

Up until that battle that shook the rule of the Chromatic Dragons and Pure-blooded Elves. When that happened, Losna had no other choice but to stand on Mankinds side. He ended up fighting to the death with his friend, the Chromatic Dragon, who was protecting the Throne of Life.

With the establishment of the 3rd Dynasty, Losna was put in an important position by Charles the Emperor and became the first Chief Court Alchemist of the dynasty. As for Losna, he actually didnt much of an interest in gaining power. He was still missing his friend and kept looking for a way to resurrect him. He spent over ten years coming up with an array that would help him accomplish his wish. It was called the RaisingDragon Array!

But somehow, this news reached the ear of Charles the Emperor. Back then, the empire had just been established and there was a lot of unrest. It had yet to break away from the shadow of the Chromatic Dragons and the Pure-Blooded Elves. Charles the Emperors anger at this was to be expected and he ordered Losnas execution on the spot.

After Losnas death, the Raising Array remained a taboo in the Empire, and no one dared to mention it. As time passed, it ended up gradually being forgotten, up until the peak of the Magic Era, when the Raising Dragon Array was once again brought up. It was written that several dozen formidable alchemists spent a few dozen years engrossed in the study of the a before confirming that the theory behind it was feasible.

But the array never appeared even during the peak of the Magic Era, because setting it up was too difficult.

And after analyzing this array, Lin Yun gradually discovered that it had many similarities to the Raising Dragon Array, but he couldnt ascertain whether or not it was actually that array at this moment.

In his eyes, although the theory behind it was feasible, the true Raising Dragon Array shouldnt exist.

After all, the arrays composition wasnt difficult. It only needed to be constructed at the intersection of two planes, and furthermore, the greater the difference between the Planes environments, the better. Only by using two different types of power from two different planes could the Raising Dragon Array be completed. But where could one find two planes with the same size?

Thus, the research of the array reached a standstill and remained a theory. Even those alchemists from the peak of the Magic Era had no other choice but to give up.

At this moment, Lin Yun was frowning as he stared at the array in front of him. If this really was the rumored Raising Dragon Array, it meant that the person who set up that array was bound to have found another method, but it wasnt complete!

At the same time, he was a bit shocked. Why did the Raising Dragon Array appear in the Ghost Valley? Who left it here? But there were no clues about this, so he stopped bothering himself over it. He re-focused his attention on the array. Through his previous analysis, the change that happened to the Fire Salamander corpse, the mana density of the Ghost Valley, and other clues Lin Yun was almost completely certain that this array was indeed the Dragon Raising Array.

After ascertaining this, Lin Yun smiled. From what he knew, the core of the Raising Dragon Array had to be a Chromatic Dragon Crystal.

Chromatic Dragons Crystals were precious treasures.

Hed only seen a picture of one of these crystals in the decaying library, but few powerhouses at the peak of the Magic Era ever encountered one.

After the Throne of Life was broken by Charles the Emperor, the Chromatic Dragons spread through all of Noscent fled to unknown planes, and only some mixed-blood descendants were left. As for their mana crystals, they were far from being able to compare to true Chromatic Dragon Crystals.

Pure-Blooded Chromatic Dragons would be at least at the Heaven Rank after reaching adulthood. The Dragon Crystals within their bodies were even more precious than many Heaven Rank mana crystals. If Lin Yun could obtain this Dragon Crystal and use it as a key Augment for the Doom Staff, it would double the power of the Doom Staff and make it advance to become a Mid-Rank True Spirit Magic Tool.

Usually, the path for Magic Tool advancement was a very long one, which was why an opportunity for advancement was so tempting for Lin Yun. And it wasnt as simple as advancing; he once saw a method in the decaying library. If five kinds of Chromatic Dragon Crystals were gathered, they would display an extremely terrifying power.

But gathering five kinds of Chromatic Dragon Crystals wasnt simple. Not to mention the fact that Pure-Blooded Chromatic Dragons no longer existed in Noscent, their power alone would make anyone shiver.

Naturally, no one could say if such an opportunity would appear in the future.