End Of The Magic Era Chapter 458

Chapter 458 Are You Scared?


Just one could double the power of the Doom Staff and make it advance to become a Mid-Rank True Spirit Magic Tool. Lin Yun had to get this Dragon Crystal. The Doom Staff wasnt any less important than the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel in his eyes. It was a Magic Tool with boundless potential, and the number of Augments it could endure was far more frightening than what the Book of Death could handle. As long as he slowly collected all the Augments, the power of this Magic Tool would gradually be unearthed, and it would become the strongest True Spirit Magic Tool in history, even becoming an Extraordinary Magic Tool.

Soon, the silently rejoicing Lin Yun discovered something wrong. The Raising Dragon Arrays structure should normally be extremely complicated, it shouldnt be as simple as this. Thus, he roused his Magic Array to follow the wisp of aura and gradually found out that most of the Raising Dragon Array was in the ground.

Moreover, it was very deep, at least a kilometer down.

Damn it

This discovery made Lin Yun frown and curse. It was definitely troublesome. Although this Raising Dragon Array was a Peak True Spirit Array, Lin Yun was confident in breaking it as long as he studied its structure.

But he would have to dig down to get the Dragon Crystal, and it wasnt very realistic for him to dig a kilometer down on his own, so he would have to summon the Planar Legion.

The only problem was that the Ghost Valley was being contested by both the Merlin Family and the Thawing Fire Tribe. The Thawing Fire Tribe would detect any movement made by them.

Lin Yun thought about it and felt that a war was unavoidable. If he couldnt gain complete control of the Ghost Valley, he wouldnt be able to unearth the Raising Dragon Array and obtain that Dragon Crystal.

It was impossible for him to give up on that crystal.

But, earlier in the afternoon, when he was with Thorne Merlin, he had a preliminary understanding of some matters regarding the tribes. There were thirteen tribes in the entire Raging Flame Plane, and the Thawing Fire Tribe was just one of them. Each tribe had deep heritage and many powerhouses.

There was a Great Tribal Chief for the thirteen tribes, and in special circumstances, the Great Tribal Chief would have the power to command all of the thirteen tribes. He was the most powerful person out of the thirteen branches.

Oklands major forces had been fighting over the Raging Flame Plane for several millennia, and although they obtained many benefits, they still couldnt do anything to those thirteen tribes.

In fact, Oklands forces suffered from these tribes, just like the Merlin Family occupying the Flame Demon Fort. Ever since they got the fort three hundred years ago, they would be attacked at regular intervals and lose many people.

Over the years, the Merlin Family gradually ascertained the Thawing Fire Tribes power. They were very formidable, and the six Great Prophets all had the power of 5th Rank Archmages or higher. As for the Tribal Chief, he was even stronger, but due to his identity as their leader, he would hardly show his face, thus there was very little information about him.

If Lin Yun wanted to use the Planar Legion to unearth the Chromatic Dragon Crystal, he would have to sweep aside the Thawing Fire Tribe first. But that certainly wouldnt be easy.

But he had to get the Chromatic Crystal.

This was a very difficult problem for Lin Yun. After all, the Thawing Fire Tribe had remained in the Raging Flame Plane for countless years and wasnt an easy opponent.

It looked like he would have to slowly ponder over this problem.

Lin Yun didnt intend to remain in the Ghost Valley for too long. He wouldnt be able to avoid trouble if he was discovered by the Thawing Fire Tribe. Moreover, it was very late, and there was no meaning in staying in the Ghost Valley any longer. Thus, he took the three Merlins and Xiuban and returned along the same path.

The path was still as peaceful as before, and even though they met some magic beasts, Xiuban would be the one taking care of them.

"Raging Flame Beastman?"

Lin Yuns group suddenly stopped when they got close to the entrance of the valley. Under the dusky light, they could see a troop of Beastmen blocking the exit of the Ghost Valley.

Lin Yun couldnt help frowning as he could see that it was an extremely powerful lineup. His gaze was drawn to the leading Raging Flame Beastman. This was an old Beastman with incomparably dazzling runes on his body, and he emitting a terrifying aura. It was clear that the leader was very powerful.

He actually knew that in the Thawing Fire Tribe, those who could reach the Archmage realm were respected as Prophets and had huge influence.

The leader of that troop was most definitely a Prophet.

And he wasnt an ordinary Prophet

Rather, he was a Great Prophet, second only to the Tribal Chief. Lin Yun didnt need the calculations of the Magic Array to see that this Raging Flame Beastman was remarkable. He was covered in an extremely fierce aura equivalent to that of a 5th Rank Archmage or even higher.

The troop behind the Great Prophet was a cavalry unit. Those dark red Raging Flame Beastmen were holding long sabers and riding on Ashen Wolves emitting a blazing aura. These Ashen Wolves were the products of the Raging Flame Planes volcanoes. They were completely black and could spout flames up to three meters.

It was clear that this was an extremely powerful army, and even the Planar Legion defending the Flame Demon Fort would have to struggle bitterly to get rid of them.

"Cousin Mafa, we seem to have met trouble" Ross, who stood behind Lin Yun had a serious expression on his face as he looked at the Beastmen in front of them.

He had stayed a few years in the Raging Flame Plane and had participated in many battles, small or large, at least a dozen of them.

But he had only met the Thawing Fire Tribes cavalry unit once, and that battle remained fresh in his memories. The Raging Flame Beastmen sitting on their Ashen Wolves had all been elites of the tribe, and that battle cost over half of the Merlin Familys troops that were there.

Seeing the cavalry unit once again brought back countless fragments of memories to Ross mind. But Ross didnt panic, so what if they encountered the cavalry unit? After all, his omnipotent cousin was standing in front of him.


Lin Yun chuckled and remained silent. Carrying his magic staff with both hands, he looked at the cavalry unit on the other side.

The Raging Flame Beastmen had already discovered the existence of Lin Yuns group, especially those horsebeastmen, and they had already taken precautions and blocked the exit of the valley.

A very young Raging Flame Beastman was standing guard next to the Great Prophet. He was tall and held a two-handed hammer weighing half a tonne and was emitting a powerful aura comparable to an Archmages mana fluctuations. He was a famous genius within the Thawing Fire Tribe and had only been on the level of a 1st Rank Archmage not long ago. He was following his teacher this time, the Great Prophet next to him, and came to the Ghost Valley.

Over an hour ago, they learnt that a few humans had entered the Ghost Valley. After obtaining that information, he took a squadron with his teacher and guarded the exit to the Ghost Valley, planning to kill that group of humans.

When he caught sight of that group of humans leaving the Ghost Valley, his pupils shrank, just like a predator finding his prey, a large smile appearing on his face.

To be honest, he was a bit disappointed. He originally thought that he would be able to show meritorious deeds by sending troops to intercept important Humans, but he hadnt expected it to be only five youths.

Although their strength was acceptable, to this genius Beastman, any human mage that wasnt an Archmage was worthless.

There was too great of a gap in power, so he didnt even feel like making a move.

"Teacher, this is only a group of weaklings, there doesnt seem to be anyone important among them. Let me deal with them, rest assured"

The young Raging Flame Beastman looked at his teacher with a hint of respect and slightly lowered his head, waiting for an answer. He clearly understood that his teachers position was exceedingly high. He was one of the six Great Prophets of the tribe! His power was only below the Tribe Chief, so he definitely wouldnt be interested in those weak humans.

His teacher would only be interested in one of those rare human powerhouses.

"Yass, you take care of them and return to the tribe as soon as possible"

The Great Prophet was wearing a dark red robe and was emitting frightening mana fluctuations. He looked into the depths of the Ghost Valley, spellbound, even letting out a hoarse sound. Clearly, his attention wasnt on Lin Yuns group at all.

"No problem"

That young Raging Flame Beastman called Yass nodded respectfully before leaning back with a cold smile. He waved his hand and a well-trained and imposing cavalry team moved uniformly, raising their long sabers as they charged at lin Yuns group.

This was a cavalry squad formed by fifty Raging Flame Beastmen. They were elites among elites, and those several-meter-tall Ashen Wolves quickly reached their top speed. In the dusky lighting, only a few dozen shadows could be seen flashing by.

Only the sound of the wolves paws could be heard.

In the back, the young Raging Flame Beastman, Yass, was watching everything with interest. These few humans had been very reckless. Entering the Ghost Valley at night was no different from asking for death. Yass had complete confidence in the elite cavalry he had trained. This small squadron had helped him deal with countless enemies.

The fate of that group of human mages had been decided long ago. They would definitely die under the wolves paws.

Yass suddenly noticed that the group of human mages didnt react to the charging cavalry. They remained motionless.

"Haha, are you scared?"

A sneer appeared on Yass face. He wasnt too surprised by that outcome. How could those weak humans not be terrified by that fearsome momentum?


While Yass was being proud of himself, a world shaking sound echoed, attracting his gaze. He then saw a silver silhouette flashing through. Shocking mana fluctuations slowly rose up and flurries of spells were thrown at those elite Beastmen. These elites didnt even have time to scream before being pierced by rays of mana and turning into cold corpses.