End Of The Magic Era Chapter 459

Chapter 459 Shut Up


The originally well-trained cavalry squadron was in chaos. They didnt dare to approach that silver silhouette. It seemed like a God standing right in front of them.

In that instant, an aura of death shrouded their minds, and before they could even let out any screams, the Ashen Wolves and Raging Flame Beastmen were annihilated.

That silver silhouette was the puppet that Lin Yun had repaired in the Merlin Family Manor during those few days. Although that puppet lacked some components, it was composed of extremely rare parts and the power it showed could only be described as terrifying. Especially the enchantments, which discharged power comparable to that of a 5th Rank Archmage.

Moreover, the enchantments didnt have any cooldowns. As long as there was mana, the puppet could keep firing spells. Naturally, this was related to the structure of the puppet. Ordinary puppets wouldnt be capable of such feats, as they would just crumble if they tried.

But the battle system of Lin Yuns puppet came from the body of that Heaven Puppet from the magic tower. Saying that it was a top-class battle system was no exaggeration.

Using the Heaven Puppet to deal with a cavalry squadron of Raging Flame Beastmen was akin to using a sledgehammer to crack a nut.


Yass, the young Raging Flame Beastman, suddenly paled. He was totally speechless with his gaze locked onto that silver silhouette and his fists clenched. Nothing was left of his elite cavalry squadron a mere thirty seconds after the appearance of that silhouette.

How could this be

Yass was stunned, he simply couldnt have expected such an outcome. All he could think of before that silver silhouette appeared was how these humans would look as they died.

But now, they were still standing there unharmed while his subordinates were exterminated.


Yass frowned, anger shrouding his heart. His hands tightened on the handle of his heavy two-handed hammer, and a shocking aura spread from his body.

Originally, he would feel it beneath him to personally make a move against puny humans, but it looked like he had to now.

"Yass, you arent their match, let me take care of it," said his teacher by his side in a hoarse voice.

This made Yass freeze, and he looked at his teacher in disbelief.

How could this be

After all, he was one of the best talents of the Thawing Fire Tribe, becoming a Prophet at such a young age. Even among all thirteen tribes of the Raging Flame Plane, not many youths could compare to him. But now, his teacher said that he wasnt strong enough to defeat that group of mages

This made Yass feel stifled.

He would definitely have burst out in anger if someone else told him that. After all, he had always been the best of the best, a rare genius. How could he not be a match for that group of mages? That was a joke. That group didnt even have an Archmage.

But he didnt dare to get angry since the one saying these words was his teacher.

Although he didnt say anything, he obviously looked dissatisfied.

"Yass, I know you are unwilling to accept it, but it is the truth" Lazart threw a glance at his disciple, a rare smile appearing on that aged face.

He clearly understood Yass character. He had been following Lazart for the past decade and had always shown extremely high aptitudes. He was an outstanding and arrogant genius, and Lazart had always been very satisfied by Yass performance.

Naturally, he had considered Yass the best candidate to inherit his legacy since a long time ago and he wouldnt miss any chance to temper Yass. But he clearly couldnt do that today.

In fact, at the start, Lazart hadnt expected anything of those mages either. To an exalted existence like himself, only true powerhouses could attract his attention. That group was clearly weak, without even an Archmage among them.

Lazart only gave a closer look to that group of mages after the cavalry squadron was annihilated. It was then that he was startled.

"Observe that human mage carefully" Lazart pointed to the distant Ross and said to Yass, "Although he is only an 8th Rank High Mage, his true power is unfathomable, and the aura on his body is somewhat strange. His Meditation Law Set and Magic Conducting Rune should be very uncommon. I believe he has the power to defeat a 9th Rank High Mage!"

"And that one" Lazart pointed to Leon with a frown. "This mage isnt an ordinary 8th Rank High Mage either. In terms of true power, he might be even stronger than that previous one. A Peak High Mage might not be his opponent."

"As for him" Lazart pointed at William. "Although he has a lower rank, being only a 5th Rank High Mage, his aura is quite formidable. If Im not wrong, his strength should be comparable to that of an 8th Rank High Mage!"

"Yass, I believe you should understand why I said those words earlier" Lazart softly sighed. Those humans he had pointed out were very outstanding. It was difficult to find so many young talents among their thirteen tribes. But they werent the reason he had to make a move himself He had to personally take care of this because of the puppet that massacred the cavalry unit.

With his insight, he could naturally see that this was a very formidable puppet. If he didnt act, then even with the power of the entire troop, they still wouldnt be able to resist that puppet.

"Yes, Teacher" Yass expression changed as he gently nodded. But he was still full of disdain while looking at Lin Yuns group.

So what if these humans are outstanding? None of them have reached the Archmage realm, how can they defeat me?

Although he was unwilling to accept it, he didnt dare ignore his teachers words.

But the outcome would be the same, that group of hateful humans would inevitably die horribly.

Suddenly, Lazarts body emitted a shocking aura. It spread through the entire area and made everyone shiver. Even Yass, who was already an Archmage, felt nervous, his heart racing. Teacher is too powerful!

But then, a silver light flashed as the puppet rushed over, flickering with bright lights before bursting with powerful spells.


Lazart was not inferior to the puppet in any way. A hand condensed from flames made a grabbing motion towards the puppet, but several spell rays pierced the flaming palm, allowing the puppet to break away from it and turn into a silver light before quickly fleeing as Lazart watched in shock.

"Teacher, that thing doesnt stand a chance against you" Yass beamed with joy. He had been truly startled just now. That puppet was actually so powerful, but it still wasnt a match for his teacher. Otherwise, why would it flee after a few seconds of battle?

"Shut up!"

But surprisingly, Lazart looked gloomy as he stood there motionless, slowly scattering that blazing palm. "Those mages already ran"

"Ah" Yass expression suddenly changed. He followed his teachers gaze, and sure enough, those humans had clearly made use of the clash attracting everyones attention in order to flee.

Yass gloomily muttered, "Very crafty!"

It was very late at night when Lin Yun returned to the Flame Demon Fort. Even he was somewhat tired.

Whether it was the Great Prophet or the cavalry unit of the Thawing Fire Tribe troop that they encountered earlier, Lin Yun could easily get rid of them. After all, he had so many hidden cards he could use. Even if the other side was a powerful Great Prophet with the power of a 5th Rank Archmage, it was far from enough to pose a challenge for Lin Yun.

However, he didnt make a move because it was meaningless.

He wanted to gain control over the Ghost Valley to send the Planar Legion deep within and have them dig towards that Chromatic Dragon Crystal. He also felt that the worth of the Raising Dragon Array wasnt limited to the Chromatic Dragon Crystal, there should still be secrets that it was hiding. The existence of that Raising Dragon Array itself was a mystery.

However, this could only happen if he eliminated the Thawing Fire Tribe.

Although the Great Prophet he met wasnt weak, based on what Lin Yun knew, that Great Prophet should be the weakest of the six. Killing him would be meaningless and would instead attract the attention of the Thawing Fire Tribe.

At this time, Lin Yun was sitting in his living quarters, not interested in sleeping. His mind was filled with the issues regarding the Ghost Valley and the Thawing Fire Tribe. His top priority was eliminating the Thawing Fire Tribe, and he couldnt delay. He came to the Raging Flame Plane with the status of Planar Legion Commander, and his true goal was to look for the ruin left behind by the Merlin Familys ancestor, so he didnt have too much time to waste.

Eliminating the Thawing Fire Tribe was his most difficult problem. The Planar Legion stationed in the Flame Demon Fort had over two thousand people, all at or above the Great Mage realm. There were about three hundred High Mages and a bit under ten Archmages. But this was far from enough.

After all, the Thawing Fire Tribe had existed in the Raging Flame Plane for countless years. It had an extremely solid foundation, and the six Great Prophets of the tribe were all at least 5th Rank Archmages. Just these Great Prophets were enough to give him a headache, not to mention the mysterious Tribal Chief.