End Of The Magic Era Chapter 461

Chapter 461 Old Enmity


But unfortunately…

The nearby Thawing Fire Tribe was also eyeing the Ghost Valley covetously. Although they didn’t control the Ghost Valley, they had a formidable army stationed on the side of the valley, so whenever the Black Tower tried to make a move on it, the Thawing Fire Tribe would launch a powerful counterattack. After a few attempts, the higher-ups of the Black Tower had despaired. They realized that they would have to thoroughly exterminate the Thawing Fire Tribe if they wanted to control the Ghost Valley.

But was the Thawing Fire Tribe, one of the thirteen tribes, that easy to exterminate?

This tribe had existed for countless years. It had an enormous foundation, making the higher-ups of the Black Tower have to reconsider. The sacrifice needed to eliminate the Thawing Fire Tribe wasn’t worth it.

“Naturally, it is related. The collaboration I’m talking about would be the Merlin Family and the Black Tower joining hands to jointly dispose of the Thawing Fire Tribe. I think there should be no problem for two major forces to eliminate the Thawing Fire Tribe,” Lin Yun said, interrupting Weiss’ train of thought.

Weiss was startled when he heard that the goal of the proposal was to exterminate the Thawing Fire Tribe.

Weiss looked at Lin Yun in shock. He could hardly imagine that a youth in his early twenties would be so bold. The benefits of eliminating the Thawing Fire Tribe were evident. Even if the young mage didn’t explain the allocation after the matter was settled, Weiss could imagine that once the Thawing Fire Tribe was eliminated, the Ghost Valley would be jointly controlled by the Merlin Family and the Black Tower.

From Weiss’ point of view as a Representative, there was simply no reason to decline. The alliance of the two major forces would greatly reduce the risks, and more importantly, there would no longer be that troublesome Thawing Fire Tribe to bother them in the future. The Black Tower wouldn’t be restrained here, and they would be able to transfer part of their force to support other forts, or seize additional areas.

There were a lot of advantages and little risk.

In fact, the Ghost Valley was enough to make the Black Tower take the chance to cooperate with the Merlin Family. After all, the Ghost Valley was the place with the densest mana in the entire northern part of the Raging Flame Plane. If they successfully controlled the valley, then every batch of young mages dispatched would gain huge benefits. This might not be visible in the short term, but after a few dozen years, or a few hundred years, the Ghost Valley would help the Black Tower cultivate numerous powerhouses.

It was hardly an exaggeration to say that this valley would play a critical role in the fight over the Raging Flame Plane!

And the benefits weren’t just limited to this…

As a Representative, Weiss was given top-secret information regarding the Raging Flame Plane, which only a few Representatives were qualified to see.

It was clearly written on top that the Raging Fire Tribe possessed a formidable Magic Tool, and if they truly eliminated the tribe and got hold of that Magic Tool, the Black Tower would end up being the biggest winner.

But, before Weiss could answer, the young mage’s voice echoed once again.

“Sir Weiss, I actually have a way to double the mana density of the Ghost Valley. Once we are in control of the valley, our Merlin Family and the Black Tower can send a batch of youths every year. Naturally, this quota needs to be discussed with both sides.”

Lin Yun crossed his hands on the table and softly tapped on it while smiling at Weiss. In fact, he truly had a method to increase the mana density of the Ghost Valley. He brought it up because he wanted to have more bargaining chips in the negotiation.


Weiss was stunned. He looked at the young mage in disbelief. He didn’t dare to believe what the young mage had just said. ‘I didn’t mishear, right? He said he could double the mana density!’

What kind of claim was this…

He simply couldn’t imagine it. If it truly was as that young mage said, then Weiss could affirm that no other place in the entire Raging Flame Plane would be able to compare.

“Is is what you said true?”

It couldn’t be helped that he was skeptical. What Lin Yun had said was truly outrageous. Although he was half believing, Weiss still wanted a confirmation from the young mage. Had others told him that, he simply wouldn’t have believed them at all. The Ghost Valley was already rich in mana, so how could it be increased any more?

But the one saying that was a young mage that Weiss himself had witnessed doing the impossible a few times.

“It’s true” Lin Yun gently nodded. He didn’t say anything else, seemingly waiting for Weiss’ answer.

“Cough, cough. High Mage Merlin, I’m sorry, this matter is too important, I do not have the authority to make the decision myself” Weiss, both on the surface and inside, couldn’t remain calm. The worth of an increase in the mana density of the Ghost Valley was very significant, and as he said, that matter was very important. Although he was a Representative, he would have to consult with someone else about this. “Wait a moment, I’ll ask Sir Harren for instructions”

Weiss knew very well that going to Sir Harren was a mere formality. With Sir Harren’s wisdom, he would naturally see that this collaboration was hard to decline. If the Thawing Fire Tribe was eliminated, the Black Tower would not only obtain the Ghost Valley, but there would also be that formidable Magic Tool.

These two benefits were definitely huge for the Black Tower.


Lin Yun didn’t care, he just sat peacefully.

“Weiss, I see no need to disturb Sir Harren!”

But suddenly, a gloomy voice came from outside. This voice was mixed with intense mana fluctuations and it clearly carried deep enmity.

Then, the entrance to the reception room was pushed open.

The newcomer was an old man in his seventies wrapped in a black robe, looking rather gloomy. Although he appeared no different from an ordinary old man, the mana fluctuations raging on that old man’s body were extremely frightening, and gold and silver patterns were impressively embroidered on his cuffs.

This was a high-ranked Archmage!

“Ah, why have you come, Suval” Weiss, who was about to leave, suddenly frowned.

‘What bad luck’

Weiss knew that Suval’s arrival wasn’t a good thing.

The status of that old man called Suval was comparable to Weiss’ as they were both Representatives of the Council, but Suval had far more experience than him. He was already a famous figure three hundred years ago and was quite outstanding during his youth.

In this era, Suval’s name had spread through Andlusa. It was like a mountain pressuring countless geniuses, and he was praised as the best choice for Chairman of the Black Tower. Suval indeed didn’t disappoint. In a short dozen years, he broke through to the Archmage realm and went further and further along the path of an Archmage.

Back then, Suval was already a 7th Rank Archmage and had left behind the geniuses of his generation. He smoothly entered the core powers of the Black Tower and became a Representative of the Council of Seven.

Up until Santon Merlin was born. Suval had a battle against Santon Merlin in the Aurij Mountain Range, which ended up with Suval falling from the sky. To be more precise, Suval not only lost, but he was also severely wounded, to the point that his magic path was severed. He was forced to remain at the 7th Rank of the Archmage realm for his lifetime.

This heavy blow was something that Suval couldn’t accept, and his temperament greatly changed after that. Later, a powerhouse of the Black Tower’s Holy Land appeared and took Suval away. It was said that he wanted to help Suval continue on his magic path. It wasn’t until three hundred years later that Suval came out of the Holy Land and returned to the Black Tower, regaining his seat as a Representative.

Thus, when Weiss caught sight of Suval, he knew that the situation was far from good. Even an idiot could guess that the injury Suval received from Santon Merlin made him hate the Merlin Family.

‘What should I do’ Weiss was sweating.

Suval calmly walked over, and frightening power was emitted from every part of his body. After he entered, Suval glanced at Lin Yun with disdain and hate, before turning to Weiss. “How could I not come? I know what happened. Weiss, really? How could you be convinced that a 5th Rank High Mage represents the Merlin Family?”

He then continued, “Hmpf, it’s no good even if he can represent the Merlin Family.”

After saying that, Suval threw a loathsome glance at Lin Yun and coldly snorted, “Your Merlin Family looks huge on the surface, but what do you take the Black Tower as? If you want to collaborate with the Black Tower, then don’t send such a young one over, this is too insincere! If you want to discuss collaboration, send Oren Merlin over, or we won’t speak”

Suval had a nasty expression on his face. Even if Oren Merlin personally came, he wouldn’t consider collaborating with the Merlin Family. He had accumulated three hundred years of hatred against Santon Merlin, so he unconsciously started hating the entire Merlin Family a long time ago.

His past was so glorious! He had defeated one powerhouse after the other, creating a legend, but Santon Merlin’s appearance completely sank his fate, leaving his body crippled. No matter how hard he worked, he couldn’t change this outcome, and even the powerhouses of the Holy Land couldn’t do anything against this wound.

And this had all been caused by Santon Merlin.

He’d thought about it countless times. He wanted Santon Merlin to die horribly, but not long after he started living in seclusion in the Holy Land, he heard that Santon Merlin became a Heaven Mage, and this news made him despair.

He simply didn’t have the ability to retaliate against a Heaven Mage…