End Of The Magic Era Chapter 464

Chapter 464 Reaching An Agreement


The condition to use that Magic Tool was to be recognized by the Thawing Fire tribe’s ancestors. Otherwise, that item would be nothing more than trash. It was easy to imagine how depressed the Black Tower was after finding out the truth.

This was another laughing matter after the Sun King Ruins.

But this didn’t end here. A few millennia later, that Magic Tool ultimately ended up in the hands of a Beastman from Noscent.

This Beastman was called Lusar, and he was extremely normal Beastman, but his fate changed when he obtained that Magic Tool. He was destined not to be ordinary anymore.

To be more precise, this Totem Magic Tool left behind by the ancestor of the Thawing Fire Tribe finally nurtured a Heaven Shaman.

He would end up becoming the famous Heaven Shaman Lusar.

Lusar’s rise was quite terrifying.

He obtained that totem at the age of twenty when there was nothing remarkable about him. But at thirty, he was already comparable to an Archmage, and he stood at the peak of the Archmage realm at forty. At the time, Lusar’s tribe was faced with a crisis.

Lusar and a few Peak Archmages fought. This battle between powerhouses who had all touched a wisp of Extraordinary Power shocked all of Noscent. Lusar, who had just become a Peak Archmage, displayed the frightening power of the Totem Magic Tool and defeated those other Peak Archmages in one move.

Then, Lusar brazenly advanced to the Heaven Rank and led his tribe to campaign on every major plane, defeating one Heaven Rank powerhouse after the other. And the Black Tower could only be envious.

Naturally, Lin Yun wouldn’t let Harren know. He forced himself to hold back a smile. He was actually looking forward to Harren’s expression once they found the totem after the Thawing Fire Tribe was extinguished. Thinking of this, he couldn’t help feeling sympathetic towards Harren.

Even if he knew what would happen, he didn’t dare to open his mouth. They would get 70% while the Black Tower would get the remaining 30%. In fact, he got quite a good bargain. He had been prepared to get the Merlin Family 50%. After all, the Black Tower would be putting in most of the effort.

He hadn’t expected such an outcome.

“Merlin, for the details of the collaboration, you and Weiss can take your time to discuss it. He is fully authorized to represent the Black Tower.” Harren frowned, an annoyed look on his face. However, he was inwardly laughing. He felt that this young mage was getting more and more pleasing to the eye. The first time, he traded the empty Sun King Ruins for an 8-Formula Meditation Law Set, and this time, it looked like the Black Tower was suffering a loss, but the Ghost Valley couldn’t compare to a Peak True Spirit Magic Tool.

“Alright, Sir Harren, I’ll go back and make the preparations” Lin Yun got up and once again shook hands with Harren. He then pushed the door open and noticed Weiss waiting behind the door. He greeted him and walked down the stairs. But when he reached the reception room, he noticed a familiar figure.

“Mafa Merlin, what are you doing here!”

That figure was the conspicuously oversized Wollings. He initially was smiling, but once he saw that familiar face, his expression instantly darkened. He suddenly roared with boundless anger.

What happened two days earlier could be considered the worst humiliation he’d ever suffered in his life. He didn’t feel ashamed even when he was fawning over Ofran due to the Charlotte Family being in decline. But that Mafa Merlin was only a youth of the Merlin Family, and when he was negotiating with Ofran two days ago, he kicked him out.

Back then, he had been unable to say anything and could only let himself be kicked out…

Remembering this made Wollings’ face turn red… He felt so ashamed!

When he returned to the Charlotte Family, he went to see the Thousand Souls Sacrifice and recounted everything that had happened. He had felt nervous all along, but he hadn’t expected that the Thousand Souls Sacrifice wouldn’t blame Wollings and would instead give him even more support.

Wollings, as the Patriarch of the Charlotte Family, naturally took the big picture into consideration and thought of the interests of the Charlotte Family. Although he very much wanted to kill the young mage, he still had to oversee the matter of the Frost Leaf Plane and greatly increase the power of the Charlotte Family.

In fact, the Charlotte Family also occupied a fort in the Raging Flame Plane, but it was on a much smaller scale. After all, before they obtained the support of the Thousand Souls Sacrifice, the Charlotte Family was still in decline, and with their financial resources, controlling a fort was already quite good.

After obtaining the support of the Thousand Souls Sacrifice, the Charlotte Family aimed even higher, placing their sights on the Raging Flame Plane. They intended to join the contest over the plane. Wollings first thought of the Merlin Family’s Flame Demon Fort, one of the Seven Great Forts. If they could obtain it, it would not only increase the strength of the Charlotte Family, but it would also weaken the Merlin Family. This was undoubtedly the best choice for the Charlotte Family.

Thus, a day ago, Wollings summoned a Planar Legion and rushed to the Raging Flame Plane. He heard that the Black Tower’s Harren was in the Dark Moon Fort, and thus rushed over. In his eyes, the Black Tower, as one of the top two mage forces of the kingdom, couldn’t be uninterested in the Flame Demon Fort. If they could cooperate to jointly attack the Flame Demon Fort, the outcome would be easy to guess.

With these thoughts in mind, Wollings reached the Dark Moon Fort and asked for an audience with Harren.

But he hadn’t expected to meet that damned young mage just as he entered the reception room.

“You You are Sir Suval?”

After roaring, Wollings noticed an old man standing on the side of the reception room. After a few careful glances, he recalled this person. There was some news concerning Suval three hundred years ago. He was a member of the Council of Seven of the Black Tower and had exalted status within it. Even with the Charlotte Family gaining the full support of the Thousand Souls Sacrifice and showing signs of rise, he still couldn’t be rude to this old Representative.

Recalling how he lost control a moment ago, Wollings felt somewhat apprehensive. He originally came in good faith to collaborate with the Black Tower to deal with the Merlin Family. Even before departing, Wollings kept repeating to himself that he had to remain low key in the Dark Moon Fort. But once he saw that young Merlin, Wollings couldn’t hold back his anger. This kind of action was undoubtedly a provocation to the Black Tower.

‘Oh, right’

But then, Wollings’ frown relaxed. He recalled that the Sir Suval had been a young talent three hundred years ago, joining the core of the Black Tower as a middle-aged man and occupying a seat as Representative, up until his magic path was severed by the appearance of Santon Merlin. Sir Suval then vanished from public view for a few hundred years before re-surfacing recently.

Wollings was all smiles as he remembered this matter. ‘Sir Suval must definitely hate the Merlin Family.’

It seemed that with him here, the collaboration between the Charlotte Family and the Black Tower to jointly seize the Flame Demon Fort was already in the bag.

But, he still had to teach a lesson to that young Merlin.

“I am,” Suval answered gloomily.

Sir Harren showing his stance earlier was a terrible thing for him. If the Black Tower truly collaborated with the Merlin Family, then no matter how much he hated them, he would be unable to draw support from the Black Tower to attack the Merlin Family.

Suval’s heart was unwilling.

While he was feeling depressed, someone entered the reception room and roared in a loud voice. This almost made Suval flip out. ‘Does that reckless guy not know that this is the domain of the Black Tower?’

Suval was glaring at Wollings because of this.

“Hello, Sir Suval, I am the patriarch of the Charlotte Family, Wollings Charlotte”Wollings smiled as he introduced himself. He then turned and pointed at the young mage who just came down the stairs. “Sir Suval, do you know this person? He is a member of the Merlin Family”

Although he only said a few simple words, the amount of information contained within was huge. First, his identity as someone of the Charlotte Family showed that he had a huge grudge against the Merlin Family. Second, pointing out Lin Yun’s identity was to put emphasis on the fact that he was a Merlin.

“Oh, really?”

Sure enough, Suval’s gloomy face blossomed with a smile as he looked at Wollings. Although he had recently come out from the Holy Land, Suval knew that the current Charlotte Family showed signs of reemerging. They seized the Frost Leaf Plane a few days ago, showing outstanding power. Moreover, just like himself, the Charlotte Family ended up in such miserable state because of the Merlin Family. Their hatred towards the Merlin Family was no lower than his own.

Sir Harren’s previous statement seemed to indicate that he planned to collaborate with the Merlin Family, which wasn’t good for Suval. It meant that there was no chance to make a move against the Flame Demon Fort.

But the appearance of Patriarch Wollings made Suval’s eyes shine. Perhaps with the help of the Charlotte Family, he would be able to deal with the young Merlin. It would be even better if he was killed. The death of the young Merlin in the Dark Moon Fort would inevitably infuriate the Merlin Family, and they might cancel their deal with the Black Tower.