End Of The Magic Era Chapter 465

Chapter 465 Get Lost


That angry roar Wollings let out after entering the reception room gave away his deep enmity with the young mage.

“Sir Suval, he is truly a member of the Merlin Family, I suspect that he came to the Dark Moon Fort to plot something bad” As Wollings said that, fierce mana fluctuations were emitted from his body, a cold smile visible on his face. This kind of statement couldn’t even fool an idiot, but he knew that Sir Suval had a deep enmity towards the Merlin Family himself.

“Is there such a thing?” A surprised expression appeared on Sir Suval’s face.

“It is possible, it would be better to have him arrested and properly interrogated, I can do it for you”

“Then I shall trouble Patriarch Wollings”

“It is no problem”

Wollings sneered, his sinister eyes instantly turning towards Lin Yun, revealing an unconcealable killing intent. Through these few sentences, Wollings and Suval came to a mutual understanding. The two had enmity towards the Merlin Family, and as soon as the conversation was over, Wollings’ hands already stretched out, without any warning.

Following Wollings’s action, the entire reception room was filled with stifling mana fluctuations. The current Wolling was a lot more domineering compared to two days ago, even Suval, standing on the side, was a bit apprehensive. Through the mana fluctuations released by Wollings, he determined that Wollings’ power was around that of a peak 6th Rank Archmage, he was only a bit weaker than him, it should take him an instant to kill a 5th Rank High Mage.

But he felt that Wollings’ power was a bit strange.

However, he didn’t think too much about it, all would be good as long as Wollings could kill the young mage.

“Haha, Mafa Merlin, let’s see who will save you this time”

Wollings sneered as a mana-condensed palm made a grabbing motion towards Lin Yun. This palm had a terrifying momentum and was emitting a faint yet thick aura of sulfur. Let alone a young 5th Rank High Mage, even a 5th Rank Archmage wouldn’t be able to do anything.

Wollings clearly didn’t know that Lin Yun wasn’t an ordinary 5th Rank High Mage…

Just as this magic palm fell, a bone-chilling cold aura quickly spread through every corner of the room and a blue light flashed as a thick layer of ice condensed in mid air. It was followed by a rumble as cracking sounds could be heard in all directions. Four Ice Walls appeared in four different directions, cracked all over. Wollings watched this scene in disbelief as his Mana Hand dissipated.

‘Is this really a 5th Rank High Mage?’

He was startled speechless. Just now, the palm condensed from mana contained an extremely frightening power, even 5th Rank Archmages would have to be cautious when facing it. After all, Wollings was a genuine peak 6th Rank Archmage right now.

But now, the young mage completely blocked his Mana Hand with Ice Walls Wollings couldn’t believe this. But he no longer had time to fantasize, because he suddenly heard a tearing sound, as well as approaching cold aura.

The sneer on Wollings’ face had already frozen, replaced by an unprecedented aura of graveness. The young mage’s casting speed was simply astonishing. In an instant, over ten Frost Lances flew over like a rainstorm.

At this moment, Wollings didn’t seem hurried, he was instead very calm. He was very confident in his body’s formidable power. A thick layer of ice quickly spread through his body as he immediately used Ice Elemental Incarnation. Loud sounds then echoed as the dozen of Frost Lances fiercely hit Wollings, throwing fragments of ice in the air.

When the final Frost Lance passed through, Wollings, who flew back for a few meters, finally stabilized himself.

Under that layer of ice, Wollings’ pale face was somewhat scary, the corners of his mouth rose up as he started smiling.

This was a bloodthirsty smile.


Wollings in his Elemental Incarnation form suddenly moved. His God-like body was extremely vigorous and a white shadow flashed before ruthlessly hitting Lin Yun.


Representative Weiss had just came out from Harren’s study and emerged from the flight of stairs. Looking at the chaos and the two fiercely fighting silhouettes, Weiss cleared his throat and shouted.

He was truly mad this time.

“Wollings, you are quite bold! You actually dare to make a move in the Dark Moon Fort, you are provoking the Black Tower” Weiss’ expression was gloomy as he angrily looked at Wollings, “Wollings, you aren’t putting the Black Tower in your eyes. If you don’t stay your hand, I can guarantee that you and your Charlotte Family will soon face the wrath of the Black Tower.”

Although Weiss spent most of his time in the Dark Azure Plane, he had met this patriarch a few times. He couldn’t believe that this guy actually dared to make a move in the Black Tower’s domain, this was courting death.

“Weiss, I advise you to look away” Suval coldly said.

“Suval, what the hell is going on here, how could you be watching as people from other forces are making moves within the Black Tower’s domain!” Weiss glanced over and noticed the joyful expression on Suval’s face, making him shake from anger even more. He didn’t need to think much to figure out what had happened.

This was definitely because of Suval’s indulgence that such events took place. Otherwise, with a 7th Rank Archmage like Suval in the reception room, how could Wollings and Mafa Merlin have a chance to fight?

Weiss didn’t know what had happened, but he no longer had any respect towards Suval, there was only anger.

‘Damnit, Suval is really insane’

Earlier, in the 2nd floor’s study, what Sir Harren told him had thoroughly shocked Weiss. Sir Harren repeatedly warned him to not provoke this young mage named Mafa Merlin as he surmised that behind the young mage was most likely a powerhouse that could threaten him.

A powerhouse that could threaten Harren, wouldn’t that be a Heaven Rank powerhouse?

Weiss had no doubt about this…

Moreover, the Black Tower was on the verge of having a profitable collaboration with the Merlin Family by jointly attacking the Thawing Fire Tribe. Weiss naturally knew how important this collaboration was to the Black Tower. It represented a Peak True Spirit Magic Tool that could make the Black Tower’s strength advance by leaps and bounds.

At this time, although Weiss was somewhat tense, there was a hint of sympathy as he looked at Suval. If Mafa Merlin ate a loss in this fight and it influenced the cooperation between both sides, even if Suval was one of the higher-ups of the Black Tower with high seniority, he wouldn’t be able to shoulder the blame.

It could be seen from the importance Sir Harren attached to this collaboration, he simply wouldn’t allow anything unexpected to happen.

‘I was gone for a short moment, yet you found a way to make a move on the young mage.’

At this time, Weiss was inwardly sneering.

“It’s just having Patriarch Wollings help me teach a lesson to this insensible youth, that’s all” Suval said in a deep tone while impatiently shooting a glance at Weiss.


Weiss rolled his eyes but didn’t say anything else. In his eyes, the young mage’s power could only be described as unfathomably deep. Although that Charlotte Patriarch wasn’t weak, he was far from being powerful enough to teach a lesson to that young mage.

Weiss’ heart had already thoroughly calmed down, in fact he wasn’t particularly worried, his raging expression had faded away to change to a pleased expression as he watched the young mage fight Wollings.

Weiss shook his head, ‘Truly reckless.’

He then shot a glance at Suval and sighed, ‘No wonder he was defeated so tragically by Santon Merlin back then, he truly has a poor judgement, how could Mafa Merlin be an ordinary youth?’


At this time, a terrifying power spread through the reception room. It felt as if the surroundings were suddenly silenced as a boundless pressure made everyone tremble with fear. The mana fluctuations even made space distort, separating Lin Yun and Wollings.

“Get lost!”

At the same time, a loud voice reverberated with an indescribably frightening power.

“Heavens” Wollings suddenly shivered, unable to breathe as drops of cold sweat dripped down his forehead. He had been muddle-headed earlier and recklessly attacked Lin Yun. But once that frightening power fell down and stopped the battle, he suddenly realized that Sir Harren was also here.

This discovery suddenly made him shiver, it also greatly cleared up his mind. Although he had obtained Sir Suval’s tacit agreement and made a move on the young mage, it didn’t change the fact that he made a move within the Black Tower’s territory, this was a provocation towards the Black Tower.

He was regretting.

After all, he came to the Dark Moon Fort this time in order to visit Sir Harren and suggest a collaboration. If everything went smoothly, he would be able to join up with the Black Tower to take the Merlin Family’s Flame Demon Fort by storm.

This was the most important thing…

But now that he thought about it, to handle this young Merlin, he even openly attacked inside the Dark Moon Fort, his behavior was indeed stupid.

If his actions angered Harren, then there would be no talk of a cooperation.

“Mafa Merlin, didn’t you hear? Sir Harren told you to get lost” After his heart calmed down, Wollings looked at the young mage and coldly smiled.

It was clear to him that the sentence “Get lost” was targeted to the young mage. After all, Wollings was the Patriarch of the Charlotte Family, even if he had to curry favor with Harren, Harren would show him a minimum of respect.

What about the young mage?

Even if he was a bit strong, that was all. The young mage also fought back within the Dark Moon Fort, this was courting death. He got off easy with Sir Harren only telling him to get lost.

“Cough, cough”