End Of The Magic Era Chapter 466

Chapter 466 I Was Wrong


Weiss, who stood on the side, was red-faced. He seemed to have swallowed the wrong way after hearing Wollings’ words. After coughing, he smiled and said, “Patriarch Wollings, you seem to have misunderstood The one that should get lost is you”

‘This Wollings is truly reckless’

‘How could Sir Harren tell Mafa Merlin to get lost, he would do his best to entice him. After all, this cooperation is extremely important to the Black Tower. It would greatly influence the future structure of Okland, how could your Charlotte Family even compare?’

‘Could it be that he really thought that he could get some special treatment from the Black Tower by controlling a Frost Leaf Plane?’


Indeed, Weiss was looking at Wollings as if he was a clown.


In a flash, Wollings suddenly paled. He was terrified by Weiss and felt like a chicken whose neck was tightly held, he couldn’t say a word.

“Sir Weiss, please tell Sir Harren on my behalf that I wish us a pleasant collaboration”

Lin Yun only said this sentence before leaving the reception room, not even bothering to throw a glance at Wollings. In fact, he already planned on killing Wollings just now. Although that guy was nothing more than a clown used by the Thousand Souls Sacrifice, it was annoying to have him always jumping in front of him.

But Harren timely stopped that battle.

‘Old fox’ Lin Yun inwardly cursed.

He could naturally see that Harren intervening at such a critical time was because he didn’t want to get the Black Tower involved in the issues between the Charlotte Family and the Merlin Family. If Wollings inexplicably died in the Black Tower’s Dark Moon Fort and the news reached Okland, then others would think that the Black Tower and Wollings’ death were closely related.

‘Harren is quite cunning’

‘Whether it is our first transaction or this collaboration, he tried to scam me both times. But Harren might never know that he had been the one scammed.’

After having finished the discussion over this collaboration, Lin Yun didn’t remain in the Dark Moon Fort for long and directly returned to the Flame Demon Fort.

But he didn’t know that the events in the reception room were far from over. After Lin Yun and Wollings left the reception room, the reception room felt quite empty. Only Weiss and Suval remained.

Weiss had a smile on his face. Although he didn’t say anything, it still made Suval feel awkward.


Suval looked at Weiss with doubt and incomprehension. He really couldn’t understand why Sir Harren would tell Wollings to get lost, and not Mafa Merlin.

‘After all, that Mafa Merlin is nothing more than a youth from the Merlin Family while Wollings is the Patriarch of the Charlotte Family. The Charlotte Family isn’t a weak force in Okland, it even displayed some power recently when they suddenly seized the Frost Leaf Plane, they seem to be rising up.’

‘Under such circumstances, wouldn’t drawing Wollings in bring more benefits to the Black Tower?’

‘But Sir Harren didn’t do so, he instead told the Patriarch of the Charlotte Family to get lost, putting the relationship between our Black Tower and the Charlotte Family in a deadlock, and there might not be any room for discussion in the future. Although our formidable Black Tower simply doesn’t care about a little Charlotte Family, Sir Harren’s decision doesn’t conform to our Black Tower’s “benefits above everything else” style’


‘That young mage said something before leaving, “I wish us a pleasant collaboration?”‘

That sentence was enough to let Suval infer a lot of things and he couldn’t help being shocked. As one of the two major mage forces of the Kingdom, the Black Tower decided to collaborate with the Merlin Family, and the unimaginable part was that the one who came to raise up the issue of collaboration was only a twenty years old young mage.

This was definitely a bad news to Suval, it meant that he could no longer deal with the Merlin Family.

He wanted to figure out what was happening, but seeing the smiling Weiss, he felt as if he had eaten a fly and remained silent.

He understood that after this event, he and Weiss would be estranged.

“Suval, come over”

As Suval was worrying, Harren’s voice echoed in his mind, making him apprehensive. He followed the staircase up and reached the door to Harren’s study. He knocked on the door, and after getting an answer from Harren, he cautiously pushed the door open and said with a respectful expression, “Sir Harren, you called me?”


Harren was flipping a black-threaded book and only raised his eyes at Suval’s arrival, shooting him a quick glance before focusing back on his book.

Harren’s attitude worried Suval, he was already pale and sweaty. This 7th Rank Archmage with high status simply didn’t dare to utter a word in front of Harren.

Harren had been the Chairman of the Black Tower for a few centuries. To be more accurate, Harren took over when the Black Tower suffered from a disaster, it was when the formidable Gaugass Battlemages separated from the Black Tower. When this information spread, almost everyone thought that the mighty Black Tower would inevitably decline.

But after Harren took over, he stabilized the Black Tower through a series of thunderous moves. After a few dozen years under Harren’s lead, the Black Tower once again reached the peak of the Andlusa Kingdom. Harren’s status was supreme to everyone in the Black Tower, even to a powerful existence like Suval. He was a Representative and had a lot of experience, but he still wasn’t confident in front of Harren.

Seconds flew by and soon, ten minutes had already passed. During that time, Harren kept reading his book, not saying anything, not even looking at him. This made Suval secretly worry as sweat kept flowing down his back, drenching his robe. Any hope he harbored had thoroughly disappeared.

He had lived for a few hundred years, he would be an idiot if he couldn’t understand by now.

It was clear that Sir Harren was very angry at him.

As for the reason, he could guess…

As he thought of this, Suval braced himself and sincerely said with a weak voice, “Sir Harren, I was wrong”

“Oh?” Harren put his book aside after hearing Suval’s words and solemnly looked at him, “Do you know what you did wrong?”

“I know” A boundless pressure made it hard for Suval to breathe, he realized at this time that Harren was a lot more angry than he had expected. He lowered his head, not daring to look at Harren and said, “Sir Harren, I was muddle-headed and allowed an outsider to attack within the Black Tower’s territory. Please punish me severely”

“Hmpf!” But to Suval’s surprise, Harren coldly snorted while looking at Suval. After a few minutes, he shook his head and sneered, “Looks like you still don’t know what you did wrong”

If the person involved wasn’t Mafa Merlin but someone else, Harren would have most likely not gotten angry, he might have even turned a blind eye. He wouldn’t have called Suval over like he just did and given him the cold shoulder.

Not mentioning the fact that the Black Tower had already established a close collaboration with the Merlin Family, this Mafa Merlin wasn’t someone Suval could easily provoke.

Earlier, Harren had already noticed when Patriarch Wollings appeared and made a move against Mafa Merlin, but Harren didn’t immediately move to stop him. He actually wanted to see how much the young mage improved after half a year. At the Magic Hand’s gathering, the young mage could easily defeat 9th Rank High Mage Dylan with the power of a 5th Rank Great Mage. But he was already a 5th Rank High Mage now…

To be honest, Harren was looking forward to the battle between Mafa Merlin and Wollings, moreover, he wasn’t worried about the young mage at all.

Because he felt that even if Wollings was a Peak 6th Rank Archmage, he shouldn’t be able to truly injure the young mage within a short time. If anything felt wrong, he would be able to make a move immediately to save the young mage. Harren was full of confidence as a Peak Archmage.

But he was thoroughly shocked when the battle started, he reacted just as Wollings was about to be suppressed and killed and promptly stopped the battle.

Harren had no other choice but to acknowledge that young mage once again. As a 5th Rank High Mage, he already possessed the power to defeat a peak 6th Rank Archmage, this was quite frightening.

This made him even more convinced that the powerful existence standing behind the young mage was at least at the Heaven Rank!

How else could Mafa Merlin be so heaven defying?


Suval was dumbstruck and remained motionless, a confused expression on his face. He then dazedly looked at Harren, ‘I already admitted my mistake, why’

“You allowed Wollings to make a move within the reception room, wasn’t it to deal with Mafa Merlin?” Harren stared at Suval as he asked this question.

Even if he was in the study on the second floor, Harren clearly knew what had happened. Ever since Suval appeared, he had been extremely antagonistic towards Mafa Merlin, and he then let Wollings attack. This was clearly to handle Mafa Merlin.


Harren felt like cursing, ‘You think you can deal with anyone and try to take care of Mafa Merlin? Is that guy someone you can handle? Let alone you, I don’t even dare to make a move against him! That guy is backed by a Heaven Rank powerhouse after all, the Black Tower would run out of luck if that Heaven Rank powerhouse became unhappy’