End Of The Magic Era Chapter 467

Chapter 467 Interrogation


Naturally, he could only keep these words within and couldn’t tell Suval. He had told his conjectures to Weiss when he called him earlier with the goal of letting Weiss use this opportunity to get closer to Mafa Merlin. It would be even better if he could get in touch with the Heaven Rank powerhouse behind Mafa Merlin.

As for Suval…

When the Thawing Fire Tribe’s matter came to an end, Harren would send him back to the Black Tower. If he couldn’t calm down and still thought of dealing with the Merlin Family or even Mafa Merlin, then Harren would have him sent back to the Holy Land.

Harren was a bit upset as he thought of this. He impatiently looked at Suval before saying, “The Black Tower won’t protect you if you provoke Mafa Merlin.”

Harren wasn’t exaggerating. In his eyes, someone with no insight like Suval wasn’t worth offending Mafa Merlin. It would most likely anger that mysterious Heaven Rank powerhouse and bring troubles to the Black Tower. Thus, Harren, who always considered the benefits for the Black Tower above all else, wouldn’t hesitate to directly hand Suval over, regardless of what that Heaven Rank powerhouse wanted to do with him.

“I’m sorry, Sir Harren, I”

Suval was terrified, it was the first time he saw Harren being so strict, moreover, that last sentence puzzled him, ‘The Black Tower won’t protect me if I provoke Mafa Merlin?’

‘How could this be’

Although Mafa Merlin is extremely powerful and has the support of the Merlin Family, what was the Merlin Family in front of the Black Tower? Even a powerhouse like Oren Merlin wouldn’t rashly dare to make a move on Suval.

Of course, Suval wouldn’t dare to question Harren about this.

“Remember this, if you dare to provoke Mafa Merlin, you can f*ck off back to the Holy Land!” Harren took a deep breath and warned him. He then waved his hand, hinting to Suval to leave.

“Good, good Rest assured.”

Facing Harren, Suval was suffering from the invisible pressure and was quickly collapsing, nodding like a terrified child before leaving the study.

It was already noon by the time Lin Yun returned to the Flame Demon Fort. The dark red sun hanging in the sky was scattering cruel sunlight.

After going through the heavy defenses, Lin Yun entered the meeting room. There were only three people within the spacious meeting room: Thorne, Ida, and Yuri Merlin.

“Mafa Merlin, what did you do in the Black Tower’s Dark Moon Fort today?” Thorne had a gloomy expression on his face as he threw a strict glance at Lin Yun.

He received a report concerning Mafa Merlin early this morning saying that Mafa Merlin had went to the Dark Moon Fort earlier this day, and it looked like he only returned now.

Mafa Merlin stayed in the Dark Moon Fort all morning, what did he do there?

This obviously made Thorne Merlin suspicious.

After all, the Merlin Family and the Black Tower had no relationship, and the Flame Demon Fort the Merlin Family controlled was not far from the Dark Moon Fort. They had been on guard against each other for centuries, thus he couldn’t really figure out what reason Mafa Merlin had to go to the Dark Moon Fort.

It would be really bad if Mafa Merlin leaked information about the Flame Demon Fort to someone within the Dark Moon Fort. Although he didn’t believe Mafa Merlin did such a thing, Thorne had to be prepared for any possibility.

Thus, just as the young mage came back, Thorne used a questioning tone as if he was dealing with a convict.

Ida, who had been sitting on the side with Yuri, was suddenly startled by Thorne’s words and started sweating, ‘That damn guy is deliberately starting a fight. So what if he has some private friendship with the Black Tower? Can’t he pay a visit? Does he have to tell you if he meet a few people and have lunch with them too?’

The two couldn’t say anything because they were wary of Thorne’s status, after all, Thorne was a Planar Commander, they still had to be respectful on the surface.

Then, Ida and Yuri saw the young mage frown.

‘Oh no’

“Sir Thorne, you are a Planar Commander, but so am I. I don’t think you have the authority to supervise my matters, haha” Lin Yun looked at Thorne as he scratched his cheek.

“You think you are still the outsider descendant of the Merlin Family?” Thorne looked at Lin Yun, his gaze filled with hate. He then said in a deep voice, “You are now a Planar Commander of the Merlin Family. Every single move, every action you do has a lot of impact. You had better explain your purpose in going to the Dark Moon Fort, as well as whoever you met there and wash yourself clean of suspicions.”

“Sir Thorne, this isn’t good”

At this time, even the spectating Ida and Yuri could no longer listen to this. This was accusing the young mage of capital offense, treating him as a criminal and not even considering him as a Commander.

This was courting death…

“I wonder what are the suspicions?” Lin Yun squinted, looking at Thorne with ridicule.

“Who knows whether you leaked the defensive layout of the Flame Demon Fort’s troops to the Black Tower. This is a matter of great importance, you have to come clean even if you are a Commander, if you leaked anything important, it would lead to the Flame Demon Fort’s loss. I can’t bear this responsibility.” Thorne took a deep breath, he had prepared his words while waiting for Lin Yun’s return.

In fact, Thorne just wanted to embarrass the young mage and make him know that although he was also a Commander, he had to listen to him in the Raging Flame Plane.

He would be in great trouble if he didn’t and would be suspected of colluding with enemies.

“Sir Thorne, you can’t say anything you will regret”

Ida and Yuri’s gazes turned weird as they looked at Thorne. Others might not know, but they clearly knew that if it hadn’t been for the young mage’s crazy actions and his discovery of the Raging Flame Beastman Mages at a crucial time, the Flame Demon Fort might not have been able to hold on.

As for the young mage colluding with enemies, Ida and Yuri simply couldn’t believe it.

Why would the young mage go through so much trouble if he wanted to betray the Merlin Family, after all, the young mage was able to kill over ten Raging Flame Beastman powerhouses by himself. With such terrifying strength, he could easily get rid of Thorne, then controlling the power of the Flame Demon Fort wouldn’t be too difficult.

Moreover, Thorne’s repeated provocation made Ida and Yuri quite helpless.

“What makes you think I handed over information concerning the defenses of the Flame Demon Fort to the Black Tower?” Lin Yun couldn’t help frowning, the other side was truly vicious.

“Naturally, only you know what you did. If you are truly innocent and didn’t betray the Merlin Family, then you should be able to explain the purpose of your trip to the Dark Moon Fort” Thorne sneered, proud of the trap he had dug as he waited for the young mage to jump into it.

“That’s confidential”

“You Mafa Merlin, you don’t know what’s good for you!” Thorne’s face suddenly distorted as he roared in anger, “You really think I can’t do anything to you? Do you think I won’t report what you did yesterday as well as your secret trip to the Black Tower’s Dark Moon Fort to the Ancestral Land?”

Were it not for Ida and Yuri’s persuasion, he would have already reported that matter to the Ancestral Land and wouldn’t have waited until now. The young mage leaving the Flame Demon Fort without permission at a critical time wasn’t a trivial matter, this could have led to the Flame Demon Fort falling into enemy hands. Even Thorne couldn’t take such responsibility.

Moreover, the young mage leaving alone for the Dark Moon Fort early in the morning wasn’t a small matter either. If the people from the Ancestral Land found out, they would inevitably harbor suspicions towards the young mage.

Thus, Thorne Merlin felt that he was holding over two weaknesses and that the other side should obediently listen to him. If the other side wasn’t stupid, he would admit his mistakes. Suppressing his anger and confessing was the best option.

Thorne Merlin was waiting.

“Haha, Thorne, you are such a joker. Whether you go to the Ancestral Land or not is your problem, it has nothing to do with me” Lin Yun had a calm expression as he said this and then left without even looking at Thorne.


Thorne was stunned as he looked at the back of the young mage, ‘Crazy, completely insane’

‘That hateful Mafa Merlin didn’t even care about my threats, does he think I won’t dare to go through with it?’

He truly couldn’t understand why Mafa Merlin was so confident.

Yuri and Ida looked at each other before tacitly getting up and walking out, disappearing from Thorne’s murderous sight.

Only Thorne remained within the meeting room, a gloomy and cold expression on his face as killing intent raged within his heart.

He really hated Mafa Merlin.

But after calming down, he gradually realized that even in the Raging Flame Plane, it was hard for him to handle this strong guy.

‘It looks like I can only report to the Ancestral Land’

A white piece of paper appeared in his hand and as he roused his Aura, numerous flickering runes appeared and quickly filled the piece of paper. That piece of paper then turned into countless rays of light and dissipated in the air. This was the Merlin Family’s own communication method. It was extremely quick and could reach the Merlin Family within a day even if one was in another plane.

As for the letter he sent, it recounted everything that happened yesterday and today.

Surely, the Ancestral Land would be furious after receiving the latter, both of Mafa Merlin’s actions overstepped his boundaries. In Thorne’s eyes, stripping Mafa Merlin of his Commander’s status was already letting him off easy.

Everything would be great once Mafa Merlin lost his Commander’s status, Thorne had countless ways to make Mafa Merlin die. Thorne could vividly remember what happened over three months ago. He also said he would throw Mafa Merlin in the Wailing River.