End Of The Magic Era Chapter 469

Chapter 469 Busybody


Naturally, they knew Thorne was right, the young mage taking five hundred Great Mages to attack the Ghost Valley was just making a fool of himself. Not many of these five hundred Great Mages would be able to survive if they ended up fighting the Thawing Fire Tribe and it would be a huge loss for the Merlin Family.

"Sirs, you should know that two months ago I sent a report about Mafa Merlin to the Ancestral Land" Thorne crossed his hands while softly tapping on the table, a pondering smile on his face as he took a deep look at Ida and Yuri, "If nothing unexpected happens, Mafa Merlin will be relieved of his Commander position. That way, it will stop him from making a scene."

There had been no movement from the Ancestral Land after they received that letter, but Thorne wasnt worrying, he actually felt good. The Ancestral Land was most likely discussing how to handle Mafa Merlin. The longer it took the more serious Mafa Merlins problem was, but ultimately, Mafa Merlin would be severely punished.

Thorne wasnt too concerned.

In his eyes, the damnable Mafa Merlin wouldnt be able to prance around any longer.

Suddenly, mana fluctuations rose up in the meeting room, prompting a happy expression to appear on Thornes face. He knew that this was the answer from the Ancestral Land. As a surge of aura was emitted, countless golden runes appeared in the air, fiercely flickering.

"Haha, Sirs, this is so timely, the Ancestral Lands answer arrived. Lets take a look at how the Ancestral Land plans to punish Mafa Merlin"

An unconcealable smile appeared on Thornes face.

"O Okay."

Ida and Yuris faces paled when they felt the familiar fluctuations, they werent sure whether the young mage would be punished by the Ancestral Land or not. After all, only they knew the truth behind the battle that happened when they arrived to the Flame Demon Fort. If necessary, they were willing to testify on behalf of the young mage.

But they couldnt easily explain the matter of the young mage leaving for the Black Towers Dark Moon Fort. The young mage, as a Commander of the Flame Demon Fort, had a special status. It would be easy for the Ancestral Land to overthink since he went alone to the Dark Moon Fort and Thorne was adding oil to the fire.

What should we do

Beads of sweat dripped down their forehead, their robes quickly getting drenched and sticking to their own backs. But they still raised their heads and looked up at the golden runes with apprehension.

After a few seconds, those golden runes started changing. Just like squirming tadpoles, they formed clear and visible characters. This was definitely the answer from the Ancestral Land, and when Ida and Yuri worryingly looked at those words, they couldnt help freezing, they then started chuckling, a faint smile on their faces.

In fact, the message from the Ancestral Land only contained one word, "Busybody".


Ida and Yuris faces were thoroughly red, they could barely resist smiling. They had imagined countless possibilities, but they had never expected the Ancestral Lands answer to actually be one word. A simple word targeted at Thorne who had reported to the Ancestral Land.

It was funny when one thought about it.

Thorne had just said that the Ancestral Land would definitely relief Mafa Merlin of his position as a Commander, but the Ancestral Land not only didnt punish him, they were dissatisfied by Thorne Merlin, otherwise they wouldnt have told Thorne that he was a busybody.

Ida and Yuri were currently looking at Thorne with an extremely strange expression.

This was a proverbial slap which not only echoed, it was the kind that would make Thorne spit out blood.

In fact, Thorne truly had the urge to puke blood, Whats this? I clearly reported Mafa Merlins offenses to the Ancestral Land, yet they didnt say anything about it and scolded me instead.


Leaving the Flame Demon Fort at a sensitive time without informing anything, almost leading to the fort falling into enemy hands, as well as secretly leaving for the Black Towers Dark Moon Fort the next day and staying a full morning there.

If he could, Thorne would love to ask the Ancestors, How could reporting this make me a busybody?

Thornes face was ashen, his heart was beating extremely fast as he was too upset. He had thought that taking away the young mages Commander status was in the bag, but he hadnt expected such an outcome.

Thornes eyes were extremely red, bloodshot. Fury raged within his heart as he looked at the word formed from those flickering yellow runes until he couldnt contain it anymore and let out a beastial roar. He had waited happily for two months, only to be treated as a busybody, how could he not be angry?

But anger was of no use.

The Ancestral Lands action clearly showed that they were discriminating in favor of the young mage, not only did they gloss over it, they clearly expressed their stance.

Thorne Merlin was turning crazy

But suddenly, footsteps could be heard coming over as Lin Yun unhurriedly entered the reception room with a steady pace, discovering the strange atmosphere in the room.

Ida and Yuri had their heads lowered, beet red, while Thorne had an ashen face, looking at Lin Yun with an extremely strict gaze.

Lin Yun inwardly shook his head, not thinking much of it, and walked over to Thorne, "Sir Thorne, I need a part of the troops"


Thorne who was enraged to the point of exuding an icy aura was almost unable to stop himself from flipping out when he saw Lin Yun. Hearing his request, Thorne calmed down and looked at Lin Yun with bloodshot eyes, a sinister smile appearing on his face.

The Planar Legion was firmly under his control, the young mage was simply an outsider, so what if the Ancestral Land didnt revoke his status?

In fact, the young mage couldnt do anything in the Raging Flame Plane without his support.

Thorne hadnt been in favor of the young mage deploying five hundred Great Mages to the Ghost Valley, he only watched from the sidelines. It had nothing to do with him even if the young mage was leading his army to their end.

Thinking of this, Thorne threw a deep glance at the young mage before saying in an ice cold voice, "Im sorry, Mafa, my people have other assignments, they cant leave the Flame Demon Fort without permission."

"Those are your people? I clearly remember this being the Merlin Familys Planar Legion, when have they become Sir Thornes people? I, as a Commander, have the right to dispatch troops, this is something Sir Thorne cant deny."

"Hmpf! I naturally know that you are a Commander, you have the right to dispatch troops, thus I wont stop you if you are able to dispatch them" Thorne snorted as he looked at Lin Yun with disdain. No one in that Planar Legion would move unless Thorne personally gave an order.


Lin Yun had already guessed this outcome, he appeared calm and didnt say anything else. He only lightly smiled, glanced at Thorne Merlin and turned to leave. After going through the layers of defenses, he returned to his living quarters.

In reality, Lin Yun didnt have much hope towards this Planar Legion.

In his living quarters, he took out the Book of Death and chanted profound characters. In a flash, intense mana fluctuations rose up as his silhouette disappeared.

Lin Yun then appeared in the Demiplane, walking on the lush soil. The Demiplane was thriving, fragrant grass spreading everywhere while the trees cast their shadows and rivers flowed. A rich aura of life spread everywhere.

The Demiplane greatly changed after two months, first, the mana density increased once again, the main reason being the Mana Vine. It was originally a young sprout which needed to grow for two to three years before completely maturing.

But in the special environment of the Demiplane, the Mana Vines growth speed had been sped up over ten times. It reached the point where it could extract mana from the void and speed the growth of the Demiplane after a bit over two months.

The rich mana assaulting his senses made Lin Yun take a deep breath. He felt refreshed, the exhaustion from running around in the past two months seemed to have greatly decreased. As he wandered around the lush lawn, he caught sight of pairs and trios of mages full-heartedly meditating. Mana was visible with naked eyes, taking the shape of a fog. It felt as if mana was under some sort of attractive force and steadily flowed towards their bodies. Their auras were continuously undergoing an almost imperceptible change.

After mastering the Swift Star Mark Meditation Law Set, the efficiency of their meditation would make anyone jealous. The fifty mages had stayed in the Demiplane for over two months and spent all their time meditating. When he arrived, Lin Yun roused his Magic Array to cover the entire area and suddenly discovered that the least gifted among them, Taji, was already a 9th Rank Great Mage. As for the others, most were already standing at the peak of the 9th Rank, attempting to advance to the High Mage realm.

Lin Yun was secretly startled by their improvement, after all, two months ago, most of these people had merely been 1st Rank Great Mages, while the stronger had been 5th Rank Great Mages. But they had turned their fate around and all became 9th Rank Great Mages.

No one would believe it if this spread out.

The naturally formed Demiplane was a blessed environment for meditation, the 14-Formulas Swift Star Mark, and their magic talents undergoing qualitative changes due to the influence of the Ancient Gods aura. All these reasons put together made the fifty mages quickly improve. In fact, after considering everything, had they not become 9th Rank Great Mages after all this time, Lin Yun would have wondered if they had been lazing around while he wasnt there.