End Of The Magic Era Chapter 470

Chapter 470 Accelerated Transformation


Lin Yun originally thought that these people would become High Mages within three months. They already reached 9th Rank after two months, there would be no issue reaching High Mage realm within the last month.

But he could no longer wait.

To be more precise, it was because of the collaboration with the Black Tower. When the war was officially started, he wouldnt be able to avoid taking out a powerful force. Even if the Black Tower was the main force of that war, the five hundred Great Mages from the Merlin family legion felt like grains of sand, it made him a bit embarrassed.

It would be better presentable if fifty High Mages were added.

Moreover, they werent ordinary High Mages

Lin Yun didnt disturb their meditation and instead went to the forest in the center of the Demiplane, following the path from his memory. He soon reached the square-shaped array and was assaulted by thick mana. A few hundred meters ahead of him was a pond in which liquid mana flowed and at the bottom of the pond was a glittering radiance. Lin Yun naturally knew that mana crystals had been piling up at the bottom of the pond for a long time.

The two fused Ancient Gods soul fragments were peacefully laying on a vacant surface, their surroundings absolutely empty. The changes within the Demiplane had been triggered by the Ancient Gods soul fragments, and as Lin Yun approached, he could feel the frightening mana fluctuations, making him somewhat fearful. A wisp of cold sweat dripped down his forehead.

His back was already drenched by the time he arrived in front of the Ancient Gods soul fragments. Lin Yun was tense as he looked at the Ancient Gods soul fragments, before slowly crouching and reaching his hand to grab the soul fragments. He could clearly feel the terrifying power contained within the Ancient Gods soul fragments, it was hard to describe.

Even with his current strength, he still felt insignificant in front of the Ancient Gods soul fragments.


Lin Yun cursed, to be honest, if he could, he would never touch this thing. Ancient Gods were terrifying existences, everything related to them was taboo, touching a taboo would bring countless disasters.


Nothing could be done about it, he needed to join with the Black Tower soon to launch an attack on the Thawing Fire Tribe, if he couldnt present a decent force by then, they might end up parting on bad terms and his several months of work would turn to smoke. Who knows when he could get the Chromatic Dragon Crystal within the Raising Dragon Array if he missed this opportunity.

Thus, he could only choose to take the risk and go fetch the Ancient Gods soul fragment. If everything went smoothly, the time those fifty mages needed to reach the High Mage realm would be greatly cut down.

"Damn it! Merlin! What are you doing"

Just as Lin Yun picked up the Ancient Gods soul fragment, a black smoke rose up from the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel, distorting before turning into three strange faces. These three faces were filled with alarmed expressions as they dazedly looked at Lin Yun, letting out a shocked shout, "Damnit, this isnt a joke! I already told you, Ancient Gods soul fragments are the most evil and frightening things in this world, youll bring disaster upon yourself."

"Yeah, I know"

Enderfas sudden appearance as well as his exasperated words startled Lin Yun, he almost let the soul fragment fall to the ground. With a pale expression, he turned and looked at Enderfa, rolling his eyes, If I didnt have a better option, would I go for the Ancient Gods soul fragment?

But Lin Yun had no intention to explain his plan to Enderfa as he was still holding the soul fragment, remaining vigilant.

"Heavens, what do you know? You still dare to touch an Ancient Gods soul fragment" Lin Yuns answer made Enderfas fearful expressions turn to anger, his voice carrying a lot more regrets. He was too unlucky, he originally thought that the young mage he followed had boundless prospects and that he might regain his strength in the future, as well as possess a body.

But, the longer he followed this young mage, the more he felt that this way of thinking was naive. What was this young mage doing? In the Aurij Mountain Range, he put an Ancient Gods soul fragment in his Demiplane, he then made a trip to the Tulan Mountain Range. More and more dangerous events kept happening, scaring him every time.

And today, he actually provoked the sleeping Ancient Gods soul fragments, this was simply courting death.

It would be a disaster if the Ancient Gods soul awakened, just like in that valley back then. Not only the young mage, but Enderfa and the fifty mages in this Demiplane would be buried in that disaster.

Lin Yun didnt have extra energy to deal with Enderfa, his mind was focused on the Ancient Gods soul fragment. Drops of cold sweat dripped down his forehead as he was growing more and more anxious. He cautiously poured a faint wisp of mana into the soul fragment, and suddenly, the soul fragment emitted blazing and freezing power. Suddenly, an imposing silhouette surging with power appeared in his mind.

At this time, the power of his body was drained, he could hardly make a move. Black clouds shrouded the entire Demiplane, gales whistled past, thunder boomed, lightning surged, it felt as if the entire Demiplane was undergoing judgement day.

Subsequently, the mana flowing in the surroundings surged, becoming berserk.

"F*ck, f*ck, f*ck"

As Enderfa fearfully roared, the gales weakened, the lightnings dissipated, and light pierced through the black clouds, shining on the Demiplane. That berserk mana also calmed down. The Demiplane was now filled with boundless mana.


After doing this, Lin Yun collapsed, pale like a sheet of paper, beads of sweat dripping down his forehead. He slowly let go of the soul fragment and that terrifying soul fragment was once again peacefully laying on the ground.

After a deep breath, he could clearly feel that his body had been completely drained of mana. As Enderfa said, his action was extremely dangerous, he had used his own mana to rouse the Ancient Gods soul fragment. That was a move that could make that frightening existence awaken from its slumber.

But Lin Yun had gone through countless dangers at the End of the Magic Era, his control of mana had reached an extremely precise level and with the almost omnipotent Magic Array, he could sever the flow of mana before the soul fragment reached the critical point.

Thus, he achieved his purpose.

At this moment, visible mana was flowing within the Demiplane. Under the influence of that power, mountains and rivers quickly expanded, those lush trees also grew at a crazy speed while the mana in the pond continuously flickered with a shining glimmer. A translucent crystal was settled at the bottom of the pond.

The entire Demiplane underwent an amazing transformation.

Naturally, those fifty Great Mages were no exceptions. They were all silently meditating and werent aware of Lin Yuns arrival, but when the Ancient Gods frightening power burst out, they were all awakened and they all looked at the sky, stunned. Fear filled their hearts, they had been meditating for so long, but it was the first time they had seen such power.

Fortunately, that frightening power only appeared for a few seconds before disappearing without a trace, replaced by a surge of mana, making those fifty mages go wild with joy. They didnt need to be reminded that it was an extremely rare opportunity, they all entered the most optimal meditative state

After a short few minutes, a shocking mana fluctuation rose up as one of them was in the middle of advancement to the High Mage realm. A gale swirled around him as boundless mana was attracted, transforming into a huge whirlpool. Nine massive flaming shadows could be seen floating above his head, emitting an extremely hot aura. This scene continued for over three minutes before those nine shadows fused together and returned to that mages body.

After the first High Mage finished fusing the Blazing Storm Magic Conducting Rune and became a High Mage, countless mana fluctuations appeared. From Lin Yuns location, he could see countless blazing shadows, this was an extremely shocking and awe-inspiring scene.

One 9th Rank Great Mage after the other underwent their transformations into High Mages.

The Demiplane was bound to lose its peace today.

Not a wisp of mana remained within Lin Yuns Mana Whirlpools and Alchemic Mana Whirlpools. He sat on the lawn at the edge of the pond as he met the rich mana assaulting his senses and entered a meditative state, letting one wisp of mana after the other enter his body. As for Enderfa, he looked at Lin Yun with bitterness but ended up remaining silent. He turned back into a black smoke and squeezed into the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel.

This meditative state continued for a full day, the exhaustion of his mind and body had been completely washed away. At this time, the fifty mages within the Demiplane had completed their transformations, merging their nine Magic Conducting Runes into one and becoming High Mages. Many people were comparing notes, gradually adapting to their power as High Mages.

As for Lin Yun who completed his meditation, he didnt stay too long in the Demiplane, after chanting a profound incantation, he disappeared without a trace and appeared within his living quarters. He had no plan to stay within the Flame Demon Fort, he would rather rush to the Ghost Valley. And so he reached the Ghost Valley after roughly half an hour.

This was a very hidden place surrounded by a verdant and lush jungle on all sides. The legion of five hundred Great Mages, including Ida and Yuri, as well as the three Merlin Cousins and Xiuban, had been stationed here for the past two months.