End Of The Magic Era Chapter 471

Chapter 471 Magic Trick


"Sirs, Can I trouble you to arrange fifty tents. A batch of people are on their way" After arriving at the camp, Lin Yun looked for Ida and Yuri. He had become used to delegate trivial matters to the two of them, and the two never complained.

"Eh? Fifty tents"

Ida and Yuri were both stunned and bewildered, they clearly knew that apart from asking the Ancestral Land for help, the young mage had no way to find helpers, yet, they clearly heard the young mage say that a group was coming over, Whats going on?

"Is there a problem?"

But Ida and Yuri didnt have time to think as Lin Yuns voice already echoed, startling the two awake and making them nod like children, "No problem, no problem."

"I shall trouble you then"

Lin Yun gently nodded and then a book with a thick aura of death appeared in his hand. He chanted a profound incantation, causing spatial fluctuations to appear as a Planar Path was formed. Then, one mage after the other came out of the Planar Path.

"High Mages"

Ida and Yuri were flabbergasted, they understood that these must be the batch of people Lin Yun just mentioned. But as more and more people came out of the Planar Path, the two were completely stunned, with their insights as Archmages, they could naturally see that the mages coming out were all High Mages!

And more importantly, these High Mages didnt give the feeling of ordinary High Mages, their auras were so powerful. Although they were only 1st Rank High Mages, it would be hard to find anyone below 5th Rank High Mage that could defeat them. Even if it was hard to believe, it was the truth.

In fact, it wasnt as if Ida and Yuri hadnt seen such special High Mages in the Ancestral Land, but for fifty of them to appear at once completely stunned them, they could only look at these High Mages with shock.

That was fifty High Mages

And all of them were far more powerful than their own rank. Every force in Noscent would consider such people as targets worth nurturing, they would inevitably become Archmage powerhouses in the future, yet, fifty of them were now gathered together, this was freakish.

They even felt that although the two of them were Archmages, they wouldnt have a chance to win against these High Mages, they might not be able to last long before thoroughly failing.

This was a bit scary

After all, they were only at the 1st Rank, and it looked like they advanced recently. Just how frightening would it be once their power rose up?

Ida and Yuri didnt dare to imagine.

Although they really wanted to know where these High Mages came from, as they thought about it, this was most likely another one of the young mages secrets, thus they didnt ask much and quickly left to have the fifty tents arranged so these people could settle in.

Soon, the news about those fifty High Mages spread through the camp and caused great waves.

A shadow flashed in the jungle not far from the camp, rushing to the Flame Demon Fort at an extreme speed.

At this time, five people were sitting in the meeting room; Planar Legion Commander Thorne, as well as four high ranked members of the Planar Legion, three Archmages and one Sword Saint. These people had followed Thorne in his campaign over the Raging Flame Plane for many years and had all greatly contributed to the Merlin Family.

"That Mafa Merlin is truly making troubles. How long has he been in the Raging Flame Plane? Yet he is already doing something so preposterous"

The word sent by the Ancestral Land yesterday had thoroughly angered Thorne and he hadnt been able to sleep properly. That huge flickering word appeared in his mind from time to time, he truly couldnt understand why the Ancestral Land was backing Mafa Merlin.

How could the contributions that Mafa Merlin made to the Merlin Family compare with his own?

They clearly couldnt.

During those years, he repeatedly went through countless battles as the supreme Commander within the Raging Flame Plane, reaping huge benefits for the Merlin Family, even going through a few life-threatening situations.

As for Mafa Merlin?

He returned to the Merlin Family half a year ago and not only didnt make any contribution to the Merlin Family, he instead ran amok in the Elder Council a few months ago.

"Yeah, and now he gathered troops to make a move on the Ghost Valley"

"He is quite interesting, doing such absurd things. I wonder what kind of expression the Ancestral Lands people would have if they learnt about this"

The few high ranked powerhouses discussing within the meeting room had disdainful expressions, they clearly looked down on Lin Yuns current actions.

"Haha, I didnt expect him to be so bold"

Hearing his few subordinates comment on the young mage, Thornes ashen expression was slightly alleviated, he exposed a cold smile, "Being bold is good, but he has to be self-aware. Relying on five hundred Great Mages to take over the Ghost Valley is just dreaming. Even if I lent him fifty High Mages, the result would be the same"

Thorne had long since been looking forward to the young mage leading five hundred Great Mages to attack the Thawing Fire Tribe, at that time, he would inevitably have a good show to watch.

But at this time, hurried footsteps could be heard as a middle-aged High Mage rushed into the meeting room, a poor expression on his face.

"What happened?"

Thorne suddenly frowned. This middle-aged High Mage was naturally familiar, he was someone Thorne had dispatched to monitor the five hundred Great Mages of the Ancestral Land. He had been reporting the situation almost every day for the past two months.

"Sir Thorne, fifty High Mages appeared in the camp next to the Ghost Valley" The middle-aged mage was panting roughly, disbelief on his face. He had been hiding in the jungle camp, but when he suddenly found out those fifty High Mages, he rushed to the Flame Demon Fort.


Thorne was stunned when he heard the news, he froze for a dozen seconds, High Mages, and not just a dozen, but fifty of them!

How could Mafa Merlin get fifty High Mages out of nowhere?

This is illogical

After all, the Planar Legion stationed in the Flame Demon Fort was under his firm control, although Mafa Merlin was a Commander, he simply couldnt mobilize them, Just how did these fifty High Mages came to be?

It couldnt be a magic trick?

For the first time, Thorne felt that the situation was escaping his control. Even within the Planar Legion he commanded, there were few High Mages, they only amounted to over two hundred, and they were the main force of the Planar Legion. The amount of High Mages at Mafa Merlins side was worthy of his attention.

He wouldnt feel at ease unless he could determine the origin of these High Mages.

He then thought of some of the implications. Two months ago, Mafa Merlin went to the Dark Moon Fort and remained there for an entire morning. Even though he kept questioning, Mafa Merlin wouldnt tell him his purpose in visiting the Dark Moon Fort. Although he raised the suspicions that Mafa Merlin was colluding with the Black Tower back then, he didnt have any proof. And as two months quickly passed, nothing wrong happened. It was to the point that this matter was no longer on Thornes mind.

But now, the sudden appearance of fifty High Mages at Mafa Merlins side immediately made him suspicious as to whether the Black Tower was actually backing Mafa Merlin.

If it truly was the case, then it might actually be a good thing for him.

The Ancestral Land had been siding with Mafa Merlin until now, but Thorne didnt believe that they would turn a blind eye and not severely punish Mafa Merlin if Thorne used this opportunity and found a clue proving that Mafa Merlin was colluding with the Black Tower.

Loyalty was the most important thing in forces maintained through bloodline like the Merlin Family. If a family member colluded with outsiders and harmed the Merlin Family, then no matter even if he was a member of the Family Council, he would face the pursuit of the entire Merlin Family.

As he thought of this, Thorne stood up with a sneer on his face, hastily exited the meeting room under the puzzled expressions of his subordinates, before leaving the Flame Demon Fort to rush to the Ghost valley.

He soon reached that camp.

With his power as a 5th Rank Sword Saint, he could clearly sense that it was just as the middle-aged man said, there were over fifty High Mages fluctuations within the camp. Although he walked towards the living quarters with a calm expression, he couldnt help being startled. There was truly fifty High Mages after all..

After entering the living quarters, Thorne saw many familiar faces, including Leon, Ross, and many others. His gaze then fell on the young mage and a smile appeared on his face as he said in a good-natured tone, "Haha, High Mage Merlin, such a coincidence"

It felt as if he was greeting an old friend.


How could he be friends with Mafa Merlin? What kind of friend would fight until their last breath.

Mafa Merlin piercing his sons Mana Whirlpool and turning him into a cripple was something he would never be able to forgive.

In fact, he was doing his best to endure the anger boiling within his heart as he spoke.

Nothing could be done about it, he really couldnt clash with the young mage, after all, how could he learn the origins of those fifty High Mages if he made a fuss or directly attacked?

He could only endure

Once he was certain that these High Mages were back-up from the Black Tower and had conclusive evidence, this young mage wouldnt be able to escape the death sentence.

Thinking of this, the smile on his face became even more sincere.