End Of The Magic Era Chapter 472

Chapter 472 A Few Dozen


"Turns out to be Sir Thorne, I didnt know you came all the way over here, is there something you need?" Lin Yun suddenly squinted, he could see that Thorne was acting a bit weird.

"Haha, its nothing, I just came to take a look" Thorne laughed, his eyes sweeping all over the place, using this attitude to face the young mage made him very uncomfortable. After a few minutes, he turned back towards Lin Yun and said with a dull tone, "High Mage Merlin, I remember you had five hundred Great Mages and ten High Mages, how come there are suddenly fifty more High Mages, whats going on?"

Although Thorne looked very calm, his heart wasnt calm at all. He was staring at the young mage, trying to get something out of his expression. But to his disappointment, the young mage was extremely calm and didnt panic.

Could it be that those fifty High Mages arent from the Black Tower?

How could this be

Then where are those High Mages coming from?

Thorne didnt believe that the young mage could perform such a magic trick.

In any case, he had to figure out the origin of those High Mages!

"Haha, nothing to be baffled about, a batch of Great Mages recently broke through and thus there are fifty new High Mages" Lin Yun scratched his cheek as he said with a smile. He then cast a scrutinizing look at Thorne, These High Mages had barely appeared two hours ago and he already appeared, he should have come here to figure out where they came from.

Lin Yun hadnt lied, those fifty High Mages had just broken through.

"High Mage Mafa, dont make fun of me, even if it was advancement, so many people advancing to High Mage within two months is a bit incomprehensible" Thorne smiled insincerely, inwardly cursing, Even if you are giving me a half-hearted answer, at least give me a decent one, even a fool wouldnt believe this

"Im not making fun of you" Lin Yun scratched his cheek once again as he forced a smile. He then remained silent, he wasnt planning on explaining, this concerned the Demiplane as well as some outrageous things. Even if he told Thorne, the other side might not necessarily believe him.

"Good" An angry look appeared on Thornes face, he sneered at Lin Yun, no longer keeping up appearances, "I see that you dont dare to speak, is there some hidden secret? Does it have something to do with the Black Tower?"

After probing, Thorne was able to ascertain that the identities of those High Mages of unknown origins couldnt be exposed, otherwise the young mage wouldnt cover it up like this.

It might be related to the Black Tower.

Whether in the open or hidden, he would search for clues and report to the Ancestral Land.

After all, it wasnt a trivial matter if the young mage was really colluding with the Black Tower, it would inevitably harm the interests of the Merlin Family.

"Haha" Lin Yun rolled his eyes.

"High Mage Mafa, what do you mean by this? You dont dare to answer my question? Tell us the origin of those High Mages, use facts to prove that you arent colluding with the Black Tower and betraying the Merlin Family!" Thorne had a strict gaze as he stared at Lin Yun.

Lin Yun didnt even feel like rolling his eyes this time.

Insults and contradictions werent the most hurtful, disregard was. A vein twitched on Thornes forehead as his anger reached an extreme. But just as he was about to flare out, a silhouette rushed in.

"High Mage Mafa, that Beastman army stationed near the Ghost Valley is launching an offensive on our camp" The newcomer was Yuri, he was anxiously looking at Lin Yun as he made his report. After finishing his report, he noticed Thorne on the side, and an embarrassed expression flashed across his face before quickly disappearing.

"Alright, I got it" Lin Yun smiled and waved his hand, not thinking much of it. In fact, he had already sensed the approaching army through his Magic Array.

He then led the group out of the living quarters and prepared to lead his troops to meet the Beastmen army.

Following his command, the mages within the camp all rushed out of their tents and gathered together shortly.

At the same time, on the other side of the battlefield was the young Raging Flame Beastman with flickering red runes, Yass. After ordering the attack, robust Raging Flame Beastmen riding Ashen Wolves brandished their long swords as they rushed over from different parts of the jungle, charging towards the camp.

Near a thousand Raging Flame Beastman Wolf-Riders rushed out of the jungle with imposing momentum, flooding the whole camp in an instant.

The young Raging Flame Beastman, Yass, was leading the assault. In his eyes, this battle was already won and these humans would all be exterminated.

The Thawing Fire Tribe had stationed an army to defend the Ghost Valley all year round, remaining in deadlock with the Merlin Family. Over the years, the Merlin Family and the Thawing Fire Tribe had several bitter battles for the Ghost Valley, but no one seized the Ghost Valley in the end, thus this deadlock remained.

As for this cavalry unit stationed at the Ghost Valley, usually they were under the lead of Yass teacher, Lazart. In fact, over a month ago, they had noticed something wrong as the humans were moving about in the vicinity of the Ghost Valley. They sent a few people to check and discovered a group of human mages stationed in the depths of the jungle, organizing an army.

However, during a reconnaissance operation, Yass inadvertently discovered a few acquaintances within that group of humans. It was those few human mages he had met that night in the Ghost Valley. Back then, his teacher told him that he wasnt a match to those human mages, making Yass feel uncomfortable.

This was simply absurd, those human mages were only High Mages, killing them would be very easy for him.

He suggested sending troops to eliminate that human army many times to his teacher, but his teacher didnt agree, thus, Yass could only endure helplessly.

Up until his teacher, Lazart, was recalled by the Tribal Chief. The control of the cavalry unit naturally fell into Yass hands, and after his teacher departed, he prepared to eliminate the human mage army. He had already investigated the power of that army, there was roughly five hundred people and their power was below average, nearly all of them were Great Mages.

This kind of force could only be considered terrible, he was 100% confident he could eliminate them. After thinking over the battle strategy the day before, he summoned close to a thousand Wolf-Riders and had them go in four different directions to surround the camp.

Moreover, he planned to capture those few High Mages humans and bring them back to the tribe. At that time, his teacher would acknowledge that there was nothing particular to those few humans.

Yass was looking forward to it.


Blazing auras collided with dazzling spells as sparks burst out of the battlefield. In a flash, the thousand of Wolf-Riders engaged with the Human Mage Legion. But then, Yass, who was leading the cavalry, suddenly discovered something wrong. The power of these human mages was different from his expectations.

A few dozen tyrannical auras rose up from the center of the camp, followed by magnificent spells engulfing those Wolf-Riders. A large amount of Wolf-Riders didnt even have time to scream before turning to ashes.

At this time, Yass was completely stunned, he was in disbelief. The information gathered mentioned five hundred Great Mages as well as a few High Mages Yet he could feel that those few dozen imposing auras belonged to High Mages, and very formidable High Mages at that.


Yass ruthlessly cursed, he originally thought that this human army of five hundred Great Mages would be destroyed by his thousand Wolf-Riders, but a few dozen High Mages suddenly appeared among the humans.

It wasnt a few High Mages, there was a few dozen of them!

How come there are so many powerhouses

But Yass didnt have much time to think in the heat of the battlefield. After those High Mage powerhouses made a move, a formidable flood of spells covered his army, killing more Beastmen every moment. Anxious, Yass let out two fierce roars and ordered a retreat. He then jumped from his Ashen Wolf, the dark red flickering runes on his two meter-tall body increasing his speed to his limits.

After roaring, Yass crazily fled. He didnt even look behind and only stopped a dozen minutes later, when he could no longer feel any sign of activity. While panting, he looked behind and felt a chill. He had truly charged into a disaster this time. Of that one thousand Wolf-Riders participating in this battle, none managed to survive. It only lasted thirty minutes, yet Yass was the only survivor.

Yass was terrified, cold sweat dripped down on the ground. He was the reason behind this huge loss, he almost couldnt stand straight when thinking about it.

After two hours, the muddle-headed Yass returned to the Thawing Fire Tribe and found his teacher, Lazart

"Yass, you are back? What happened to the Ghost Valley?" Lazart looked at Yass, suspicious and bewildered. The Tribal Chief summoned him the day before to discuss some matters, and Lazart had given Yass control over the cavalry unit before leaving, cautioning him to be careful, over and over again.

"Teacher, I, I" Yass was stammering, pale, he was completely terrified. From youth to adulthood, he had been a very successful military genius, this was the first time something like this happened to him.

"What happened in the end! Tell me"

Seeing Yass expression, Lazarts face turned gloomy, he realized that something major happened, otherwise his disciple wouldnt look like this, "The army was attacked by the humans and suffered a great loss? I wont blame you if thats the case, you are still young after all, you dont have much experience in leading"


Beads of sweat dripped down Yass forehead and he simply couldnt bother to wipe it clean. He nervously looked at Lazart and recounted everything, not hiding anything.