End Of The Magic Era Chapter 478

Chapter 478 Army Facing The Sacred Mountain


Suvals face turned ashen. He was speechless. He had come up with this plan to discreetly strike a blow against the Merlin Family was an idea he had come up with at the last moment. How could Harren at the Dark Moon Fort know of it? The young mages sentence was a simple question, which normally wouldnt make Suval lose his bearings.

But this sentence poked at Suvals sore spot It felt like he was being threatened with Sir Harren. Suval clearly remembered when Harren had reprimanded him and strictly warned him over two months ago. He would only be able to f*ck off back to the Holy Land if he provoked Mafa Merlin now.

"Haha, I think we should forget this matter" Weiss saw that the situation was taking a turn for the worse and immediately interjected, a smile on his face. "After all, this collaboration is based on the premise that both sides are equal. It wouldnt be good if one person from one force held the power to command both sides"

After saying that, Weiss suddenly felt Suvals murderous look. But he didnt care. Harren had told him before leaving that after eliminating the Thawing Fire Tribe, Suval probably wouldnt remain in the Raging Flame Plane.

In fact, Weiss didnt have much of a choice in the matter either.

Harren had told him that a Heaven Rank powerhouse was most likely standing behind the young mage and that the Black Tower couldnt rashly provoke such a person. Although Weiss and Suval didnt have a peaceful relationship, he was still a member of the Black Tower. If Suval did anything too excessive and angered the Heaven Rank powerhouse behind the young mage, the Black Tower would definitely be in trouble.

The meeting went on for over three hours. Thorne and Weiss discussed the deployment of troops and other details, but Thorne was worrying quite a bit. From time to time, he would glance at the young mage from the corners of his eyes. He suddenly felt that this youth seemed more and more mysterious.

At first, the young mage came to the Raging Flame Plane and made some absurd moves that he had considered unacceptable, especially when he took over five hundred Great Mages near the Ghost Valley. Thorne had been sneering back then, thinking that the young mage was courting death by thinking he could make a move on the Ghost Valley with this many troops.

But it didnt last long It was like a loud and resounding slap. The young mage used some unknown methods to set up a collaboration with the Black Tower in order to eliminate the Thawing Fire Tribe and control the Ghost Valley.

What happened in the meeting earlier was even more unimaginable. Suval, an overbearing Representative of the Black Tower, wanted the right to command the Merlin Family Planar Legion, and due to Suvals status and strength, Thorne couldnt refuse. But when it seemed that Suval had succeeded, the young mage said a simple sentence which shut up the 7th Rank Archmage and had Weiss intervene to mediate the situation, settling this disturbance.

Thorne was still in disbelief. That was Suval, after all! Not many people in Okland would dare to offend him, yet the young mage scared him off with a simple sentence.

What had happened?

Not only was Suval tyrannically strong, but he also had a colossus standing behind him, one of the two greatest mage forces of the kingdom, the Black Tower. But Thorne clearly saw that the domineering Suval drew back after the young mages words and couldnt even come up with a response.

At this time, his expression was extremely complicated as he looked at the young mage.

With the end of the meeting, the allied army went through some reorganization and was deployed at the foot of the Sacred Mountain, finally meeting the Thawing Fire Tribes main forces. Raging Flame Beastmen were spread everywhere in front of them, riding on Ashen Wolves or flying in circles on blazing Wyverns. There were also countless Flame Elementals, mostly Flame Crows covering the sky.

This battle lasted over ten hours. When the last Raging Flame Beastman fell, the allied army ended up victorious, even though they paid a heavy price. The annihilated Beastman Army had over ten Beastman Mages equivalent to Archmage powerhouses, as well as five Prophets, including the Great Prophet.

There were six Prophets in the Thawing Fire Tribe, and they were like a Council with the Great Prophet at their head. At the battle at the foot of the Sacred Mountain, the Thawing Fire Tribe lost five Prophets, and even the strongest Great Prophet had died in battle. The Thawing Fire Tribe was done for.

But that mysterious Tribal Chief had never appeared.

Once the army cleared up the battlefield, they found vacant land at the bottom of the Sacred Mountain and pitched camp there, spending the day resting and regrouping. Weiss rushed to Lin Yuns living quarters and invited him to proceed towards the Sacred Mountain with him.

Lin Yun definitely had to go to the Sacred Mountain. Just the legend Yass talked about was worth taking a trip for him. Perhaps the only way for him to easily remove the defensive power around the Raising Dragon Array would be to find that thing he had talked about.

As for why the Black Tower was so interested in going to the Sacred Mountain, Lin Yun could easily guess.

That Peak True Spirit Totem had been left behind by an ancestor of the Thawing Fire Tribe. For countless years, this Totem was regarded as the token of the Thawing Fire Tribes Tribal Chief, and only the successive generations of Tribal Chiefs were qualified to control it.

But the Tribal Chief hadnt appeared in the battle

If the Black Tower wanted to get the totem, they had to go to the Sacred Mountain and find the Tribal Chief. Lin Yun also wanted to go there, so he naturally didnt refuse.

But, the Thawing Fire Tribes Sacred Mountain was a very special place. Because it was nurtured from the source power of the Raging Flame Plane, it had a force that repelled all races that werent Raging Flame Beastmen. Even a Great Mage might exhaust his power before he could crawl to the top.

The next morning, the two forces, with their own ulterior motives, proceeded towards the top of the Sacred Mountain. The number of people had clearly decreased. Only those at the High Mage realm or higher could come, so the Merlin Family only had a few hundred people, including Lin Yun, Ross, Leon, William, Thorne, and the rest. The Great Mages all remained at the foot of the mountain.

In contrast, there were more people from the Black Tower: Weiss, Suval, a few other Archmages, and the Caster Legion.

As the group moved forward, they could clearly feel the pressure from the World, but they were all powerful enough not to be affected too much. And the Thawing Fire Tribe, apart from one Prophet and the Tribal Chief, had been annihilated in the previous days battle.

This was the first time in countless years that humans set foot in the mysterious Thawing Fire Tribes Sacred Mountains.

It felt like staying in a stove. The surroundings were blazing hot, the soil was dark-red, and they could faintly feel the aura of Flame Elementals. It didnt take long for most of them to start sweating, as walking within the Sacred Mountain consumed two to three times as much energy.

But, they didnt meet any obstructions and couldnt see the shadow of any Raging Flame Beastman. It was as theyd conjectured: the Raging Flame Beastman Tribe had been thoroughly annihilated in the battle.

Lin Yun inwardly sighed as he walked on the dark red land. He could still remember when he was looking at the information within the Merlin Family Manor.

A millennium ago, most forces of Okland, including the Merlin Family, obtained the planar coordinates of the Raging Flame Plane and opened their Planar Paths one after the other, pleasantly discovering thus huge and unimaginably fertile plane. Then, the major forces sent many troops to gain control over the plane.

At the time, the Raging Flame Plane was ruled by the Thirteen Beastman Tribes.

The old information from the Merlin Family recorded in detail how powerful the original Thawing Fire Tribe was.

A millennium ago, the Thawing Fire Tribe was the same as today. The tribe had a Tribal Chief as well as Great Prophets, but the Tribal Chief at the time was a very frightening existence. Although he wasnt at the Heaven Rank, he was like Ancestor Oren of the Merlin Family, having the power to beat a Heaven Rank. As for the six Great Prophets, they werent weak either. A few of them were equivalent to Peak Archmages.

In that period, no human force in the entire northeastern part of the Raging Flame Plane dared to clash against the Thawing Fire Tribe.

Moreover, the Thawing Fire Tribe would regularly dispatch a large number of elite Wolf-Riders and hundreds of Mages who would summon endless Elemental lifeforms to wipe out the intruders in the region, greatly affecting several major forces, including the Merlin Family, making them lose countless powerhouses.

But the Raging Flame Plane was too fertile, so the Merlin Family was unwilling to give up on it. To this day, the Merlin Family had struggled against the Thawing Fire Tribe for close to a millennium. The Thawing Fire Tribe slowly started declining ever since Santon Merlin emerged three hundred years ago and killed the powerful Flame Demon stationed at the Flame Demon Fort, leading to the Planar Legion taking over the fort. The tribes power decreased year after year.

Until now, the Thawing Fire Tribe, one of the Thirteen Beastmen Tribes with foundations that were over a millennium old, was slowly pushed back in a month by the alliance between the Black Tower and the Merlin Family, losing four forts having a decisive battle when they reached the Sacred Mountain.

This news would cause a stir if it spread to Okland.

After all, the two forces completely eliminated the Thawing Fire Tribe after agreeing to work together. This also meant that they now controlled the entire northeastern part of the plane. And more importantly, there were no other Raging Flame Beastman tribes in that area. In the future, the two major forces would be able to easily mine ore veins and also extract all kinds of resources, unlike the other forces from Okland, who had their hands tied while facing the threat of Raging Flame Beastmen.