End Of The Magic Era Chapter 480

Chapter 480 Burning Valley


Combust Valley


Lin Yun took out a few mana crystals from his pocket and handed them to Shawn. The latter was perfectly content and returned to the Soul Walker. Lin Yun then took out a potion, crouched down, and poured it into Yass mouth. "Take us there."

"Yes, yes" Yass nodded like a scared child.

His complexion gradually improved after drinking the potion and more than half of his injuries had recovered.

Yass stood up, but when he looked at Lin Yun, fear could be seen deep within his eyes. These past few minutes had been like a trip to hell. That pain was more terrifying than any torture, and just thinking about it made him shake.

His situation was already hopeless since the Thawing Fire Tribe had already been destroyed. He might be killed anytime, anywhere, but Yass didnt want to experience this kind of pain anymore.

If he could, he would rather choose death over going through it again.

Moreover, the Thawing Fire Tribe no longer existed, so there was no sense in hiding information concerning the Tribal Chief.

As he justified his actions, Yass psychological burden alleviated quite a bit. After leaving the tent, he took the lead and guided the troops to a rugged path. After over half an hour, he stopped as they reached the so-called Sacred Land.

"Its here," the cowering Yass said before Lin Yun could even ask.


To be more accurate, there was a valley in front of them. Just from standing at the entrance, they could all feel the terrible temperature within. Those High Mages were all covered in sweat just from standing there

And this was only the entrance.

Perhaps only Archmages could go inside and withstand such a high temperature.

Lin Yun and Weiss quickly discussed for a bit and decided to leave all their High Mages outside the valley and only send the Archmage powerhouses inside to explore.

In the end, the group was reduced to a dozen people

"Lets go" Once they were ready, Lin Yun looked at Yass and indifferently told him, "Lead the way."


Yass was suddenly terrified, completely pale. He really didnt want to enter the Sacred Land, but refusing the young mage was worse than death. He struggled for a bit before forcing himself to nod and entering the valley with the dozen Archmage powerhouses.


But Yass stopped just as he entered the valley. His expression greatly changed as he issued a mournful scream. His entire body shivered and the dark red runes on his body looked alive as they burst out with dazzling red light. His entire body glowed red and let off an immense amount of heat, which was followed by black gas coming out of Yass ears, nose, and mouth.

"What is this?"

The sudden, unforeseen event stunned everyone in the group. They were scared by this strange scene, and they didnt dare to believe their own eyes. They were all very powerful, but they hadnt noticed anything. There had been no fluctuations, but just as Yass entered the valley, he inexplicably started burning.

"Sure enough, I would be punished for leading outsiders to the Sacred Land" Yass let out a mournful roar, his voice filled with dread and remorse. As he spoke, flames escaped from his mouth, and that fire quickly spread to the rest of his body.

After a few short seconds, Yass turned to ashes. That strange flame noiselessly stopped burning, as if it had never appeared in the first place.

The surroundings were completely silent, and everyone looked at the scene in shock. Although Yass wasnt particularly powerful, he still had the power of a 1st Rank Archmage. Yet, the flames that appeared directly took his life.

They couldnt help feeling a chill run down their spines and getting cold feet. Their eyes were filled with shock, as they couldnt believe that Yass, who had seemed alright just moments ago, would suddenly be turned to ashes. At this time, they were all filled with worry.

Even Lin Yun frowned.

"Dont waste time here, lets go find the Tribal Chief in the Sacred Land" The pale Weiss clenched his teeth. Even if there was something strange about the Sacred Land, he wouldnt easily give up. They had already come this far, and the Black Tower had invested too much into it. Even if Sir Harren wanted to give up on the Magic Tool, he still wouldnt agree.

The group of Archmages slowly and carefully walked into the valley. It was filled with flames, and even the rocks under their feet were scalding. There were some exotic trees that actually grew in the fire with formidable vitality.

This was a world of flames, flames could be seen everywhere.


When he entered the valley, Lin Yun could clearly feel that this places fire elements were so frightening that they almost turned into essence. In all of Noscent and the countless planes, there might not be another place comparable to this area. Lin Yun estimated that fire spells would be greatly boosted here, and any of them would be promoted in power by two tiers.

For example, if he let out a Fire Dragon Spell here, it would burst out with power comparable to a 7th Tier Spell, even closer to 8th.

Although the people entering the valley had the power of Archmages, the high temperature was still making everyone frown.

If a High Mage had entered, he might already have ended up on the verge of death, or just died outright.

This was an extremely dangerous place.

Everyone was very cautious, and they relied on their instincts to slowly move further towards the depths. Blazing Flame Snakes kept attacking them, but at that time, the earth under their feet suddenly shook. The scalding rocks were silently collapsing as a terrifying aura suddenly rose up.


Following that deafening sound, a huge pitch-black fissure split the earth open, and extremely hot dark-red lava erupted from it, splattering the surroundings


Weiss let out a warning shout, reminding everyone. But he was too late. Some of the lava splashed at a 2nd Rank Archmage from the Black Tower who was close to the fissure, and he didnt have time to evade it. He was terrified and the magic staff in his hands let out a dazzling radiance as he cast an Elemental Shield.

Just as that Archmage was about to sigh in relief, he heard a sizzling sound

The lava splashing onto the Elemental Shield hadnt disappeared, but instead slowly melted the Elemental Shield. As the sizzling sound intensified, the Elemental Shield let out dark green smoke. It was shockingly dissolving at a visible speed.

Just as the Elemental Shield was about to be broken through, a pitch-black palm suddenly swept over and pulled the Archmage away.

A flame rose up, unveiling an incomparably huge silhouette. This was a Lava Giant that was several hundred meters tall.

Its body was emitting a blazing aura and leaking dark-red lava all over. Whenever it moved, lava would splatter around.

Everyone looked in disbelief

The one attacking them was actually a Lava Giant!

Lava Giants werent an issue, but the one before their eyes was too powerful! The lava it had just splashed out almost killed a 2nd Rank Archmage.

This was why they were in disbelief

Most of these Archmages had remained in the Raging Flame Plane for a long time and had participated in all kinds of battles, so they werent unfamiliar with Lava Giants.

Lava Giants were already considered Upper Rank Elemental lifeforms. They would often appear battles and the ones typically summoned by the Raging Flame Beastmen, although powerful, werent able to threaten an Archmage. Usually, their strength was roughly comparable to that of a High Mage.

But the Lava Giant before their eyes far surpassed the High Mage realm

What was going on?

Whatever the case, they didnt have time to think about this. Following that deafening roar, the lava covered the sky, falling down like rain.

That lava was frighteningly powerful. Even the Elemental Shield of a 2nd Rank Archmage couldnt resist it.

"Damnit, this is only a Lava Giant, how could it be so strong? Its at least level 35." Suval cursed. He placed his unadorned magic staff horizontally in front of his chest and started chanting a long and profound incantation.

At this time, an astonishing mana fluctuation rose up

A bone-chilling aura spread and condensed into a large amount of ice in the air. The swaying Flame Snakes all dimmed quite a bit as the sky turned white. Cracking sounds echoed as the sky froze above their heads.

This was a 7th Tier spell used by powerful Archmages, Ice Barrier!