End Of The Magic Era Chapter 481

Chapter 481 Totem



It didnt take long before a terrifying crack began to appear in that incomparably huge barrier. Although it blocked the attack of the Lava Giant, this 7th Tier Spell was now on the verge of collapse. After letting out a deep roar, the Lava Giant moved its huge arm back and raised its head high up, splattering more lava around, before heavily punching the Ice Barrier.

A rumble echoed as the Ice Barrier collapsed under the fierce attack, shattering into countless translucent shards of ice falling down from the sky.

Thanks to the time gained by Suvals 7th Tier Spell, everyone had been able to use Fire Elemental Incarnation to move through the sea of flames. Dazzling spells accurately struck the Lava Giants body, sending boiling lava flying everywhere.

In such a situation, Fire Elemental Incarnation was undoubtedly the best choice, as it could resist most flame injuries while also letting them move around nimbly.

At this time, Lin Yun was surrounded by fire while he wandered in the sea of flames, his Doom Staff blossoming with a dazzling radiance as a cold aura quickly rose up. The surrounding elements frantically surged as a several-meter-long Frost Lance condensed under the influx of mana.

Then, only a sharp sound could be heard as a blue gleam streaked across faster than the speed of sound, its formidable power causing thunderous booms on its way. It pierced and sank into the Lava Giant.

The massive Lava Giant suddenly stiffened and let out a deafening roar. Its arm rose up, and numerous droplets of lava covered the sky, quickly raining down.

Although mages under Fire Elemental Incarnation would be immune to most injuries that fire could inflict, the lava of the Lava Giant wasnt as simple as being extremely hot. It contained an extremely powerful poisonfire with corrosive properties that had almost sent a 2nd Rank Archmage to his death.

But Lin Yun didnt plan to stop. After five consecutive Flame Flashes, he dodged the Lava Giants attacks and held his Doom Staff horizontally in front of him. His chant caused a cold aura to rage beside him, and each character he chanted condensed into a Frost Lance.

At that time, an innumerable flood of blue lights struck the Lava Giant, and every Frost Lance sent a large amount of lava splashing into the air.

Lin Yun had already cast several hundred Frost Lances.

Although Frost Lance was only a 3rd Tier Spell, he had released several hundred of them in a span of just ten seconds. Not to mention a 5th Rank High Mage, even a 5th Rank Archmage would have already exhausted his mana, leaving his mind in chaos. This was no exaggeration. His current casting style completely relied on his transcendent casting ability, as well as the Magic Arrays unlimited spell cooldown compression.

Such exertion would be unbearable torture for any mage.

But he had no choice but to do this now, because he could see that this Lava Giant was quite remarkable. Its strength was around level 36

If there had been no other factors, the group of Archmages would have been able to deal with the level 36 Lava Giant in less than ten minutes.

But this wasnt the case.

In an environment like the Thawing Fire Tribes Sacred Land, fire elements were extremely abundant. A Fire Elemental like the Lava Giant would see its fighting strength rise quite a bit, letting it display outrageous power that exceeded that of the 7th Rank Archmage, Suval.

Moreover, Lava Giants had extremely high resistance against fire spells, which meant that Lin Yun and the others would have to resort to ice spells like Frost Lance. But the Sacred Land was a world of fire, so any ice spells would be greatly suppressed there, their power greatly weakened.

Just like this, the battle between the dozen Archmages and the Lava Giant had sunk into a deadlock.

But now, the volley of several hundred Frost Lances instantly left the Lava Giant reeling. A few of the other Archmages cleverly took advantage of this opportunity.


At that time, chants kept echoing as one domineering spell after the other fell onto the Lava Giant with loud sounds and dazzling sparks.

Lin Yun, who was wreathed in flames, kept using Flame Flash and charged into the sky. A bright moon appeared behind him as countless spells were released, flooding the Lava Giants head like a tidal wave.

The Magic Array was roused to its pinnacle, reducing the cooldowns as much as possible. When he raised his hand, close to a hundred Frost Lances quickly swept across like blue lights.


A mournful and sinister howl echoed as the Lava Giants huge body shook fiercely. The flowing lava darkened and slowly hardened. In the end, the tall Lava Giant fell motionless, just like a statue.


Everyone let out sounds of relief when they saw that scene. After cancelling the Elemental Incarnations, the surroundings regained their peace.

Only sounds of deep breathing, as well as the omnipresent flames, could be heard.

"Damn annoying"

Weiss was clearly quite displeased. He raised his head and looked at the stone statue left behind by the Lava Giant, ruthlessly scolding it. They met one strange thing after the other ever since they arrived in the Thawing Fire Tribes Sacred Land. First was the spontaneously combusting Raging Flame Beastman, and then there was this very strange Lava Giant.

And most importantly, the Lava Giant was too powerful

He originally thought that this trip to the Sacred Land would go very smoothly, but there had been too many unexpected complications already. If not for the chance to get the Peak True Spirit Magic Tool, he might have already given up.

The group rested there for over ten minutes before continuing to head deeper into the valley. They were very careful and serious on the way, but after half an hour, they encountered another Elemental lifeform. It was an Ash Elemental shrouded in a sulfurous aura, and it was two to three times as large as ordinary Ash Elementals.

What startled them was that this Ash Elemental was also excessively powerful, not at all inferior to the Lava Giant they previously encountered.

The extremely fierce battle raged on for twenty minutes

The Ash Elementals body was filled with toxic gas, making them all afraid to get too close. Even an Archmages defenses couldnt guard against this toxic gas, and their lives would be in danger if they were infected. Thus, the battle went on for twenty minutes before the huge Ash Elemental slowly collapsed, transforming into ashes.

Everyone could faintly sense that whether it was the Lava Giant or the Ash Elemental, they both had mutated in the special environment of the Sacred Land and gained at least ten levels!

Fortunately, there werent many such lifeforms. They only met two in the valley. Had there been a few more, the group of Archmages would have had to reconsider whether they should continue onwards or retreat.

After annihilating the Ash Elemental, they continued without pause. After over an hour, some small changes appeared to the environment. The flames, which had originally been everywhere, had now decreased quite a bit, and the temperature had also lowered a lot. The group walked for another ten minutes and the valley regained its original appearance.

They suddenly discovered a faint, hazy silhouette a hundred meters ahead of them.

Everyone, including Lin Yun, felt overjoyed. The silhouette that appeared in front of them was naturally the target of their trip to the Sacred Mountain, the Tribal Chief of the Thawing Fire Tribe.

It remained motionless.


At this time, Lin Yuns Magic Array caught a strange mana fluctuation and he immediately frowned. He waved his hand and three Mage Eyes quickly rose up.

And then

The scene ahead became clear to Lin Yun

There was an altar crafted in a mysterious way, and it was emitting an ancient aura. With a mere glance, Lin Yun knew that this altar had inevitably gone through the baptism of countless years. It had special meaning to the Thawing fire Tribe.

The Tribal Chief of the Thawing Fire Tribe was a middle-aged Beastman that was now standing on the altar, looking at the uninvited guests with arrogance. There was no change in his expression, but what truly interested Lin Yun wasnt the Tribal Chief, but rather, the thing in front of the Tribal Chief.

To be more exact, it was the totem inserted in the altar that was covered in all kinds of strange designs just like Dragons scales. All kinds of mysterious runes were carved on the totem, densely packed like tadpoles and seemingly containing boundless mana, instantly attracting Lin Yuns eyes.

After watching for a few seconds, Lin Yun inwardly shook his head. Those mysterious runes seemed to be Ancient Beastman Runes. Not to mention the fact that he was a human mage, even native Raging Flame Beastmen might not necessarily recognize them.

These mysterious Ancient Beastman Runes were only known by a few higher-ups of the tribe and were one of the inheritances of the Raging Flame Beastman Race.


A flame was burning at the top of the totem, continuously throbbing. Lin Yun couldnt help frowning when he saw that flame. He had an inexplicable feeling, a feeling that the flame had life.

He was startled when he thought of this

How could that flame be alive?