End Of The Magic Era Chapter 484

Chapter 484 Reversal


Thorne, who was an expert at relentlessly fierce attacks, felt powerless for the first time. He had used a large amount of Aura for that assault, but he had been completely unable to injure the Tribal Chief. Instead, he received various kinds of injuries each time he attacked.

He had a feeling that his opponent wasnt just a Raging Flame Beastman, but rather a tireless slaughtering machine. No one could contend against it.

At this time, Lin Yun cast Fire Elemental Incarnation, wrapping his body in flames. He used Flame Flash to travel through the battlefield with the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel behind him, roused to its pinnacle. Endless spells kept raining down on the Tribal Chief.


Those spells disappeared after striking the Tribal Chief as if they had sunk into a quagmire when those dark red runes flickered.

This was somewhat terrifying

After all, the eruption of power from the activation of the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel, which had become a Mid-Rank True Spirit Magic Tool, could only be described as horrifying. Even 6th Rank or 7th Rank Archmages would have no choice but to fully remain on the defensive, and they might even be wounded if they didnt pay attention.

But the Tribal Chief wasnt affected by the flood of spells.

In fact, Lin Yun hadnt planned on exerting himself in the Sacred Mountain. Under normal circumstances, he wouldnt have thought much of all this and would have already stood on the sidelines to watch the performance. After all, why would he spend energy to help the Black Tower?

But unexpectedly, the totem of the Thawing Fire Tribe was the only thing that could help him open the Raising Dragon Array. Without it, his plan of cracking the Raising Dragon Array to get the Chromatic Dragon Crystal would be at a standstill. He would have to wait until he had the power of Star Sage Jouyi to force his way through.

He clearly couldnt wait that long

His only choice was to kill the Tribal Chief and get the totem.

But the Tribal Chief had the strength of an 8th Rank Archmage now, so he wasnt that easy to kill. The squad of Archmages was having a hard time fighting against him. They were at a complete disadvantage and kept losing mana. When their mana eventually was exhausted, they would all perish.

Thinking of this, Lin Yuns expression became extremely serious. He cast three Flame Flashes successively and used Levitation to remain in midair, looking at the Tribal Chief from above. His Ten Thousand Spell Wheel continuously rotated, pouring out countless spells to occupy the Tribal Chief.

The Tribal Chiefs roar could faintly be heard through all that.

But Lin Yun didnt plan to stop. He gave control of the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel to Enderfa and took out an ancient book with a dense aura of death. He let the book float in front of him as frightening fluctuations spread through the surroundings. There were three pitch-black designs on the book, emitting strange energy.


As mana was poured within, black mist came out of the book, and with a deafening roar, a black sword suddenly rose up, surging with death aura as it rushed towards the Tribal Chief.

The summoned Undead Horseman wielded a long, rusted sword as it rode a Nightmare that was over two meters tall, his armor rotten beyond repair. It instantly rushed towards the Tribal Chief and started a fierce melee.

Suddenly, more black mist came out and a bone-chilling aura appeared. At the same, a bony silhouette appeared from the black mist. This was a Lich holding a bone staff and wearing a black robe.

As it appeared, it started chanting, and the next moment, boundless death aura was emitted, and it condensed into countless Bone Spears which flew towards their target.

The target was naturally the Tribal Chief

For a moment, the Tribal Chief kept snarling, brandishing the totem and the hatchet as he erupted with extremely frightening power. But he had been under the constant assault of a dozen Archmages, and now there was the addition of the Undead Swordsman and the Lich. The Tribal Chief ended up on the defensive and had a hard time coping with it all.

After all, the Undead Horseman was a genuine level 36 powerhouse and those kinds of Undead beings had incredibly tough bones. They were much stronger than magic beasts of the same level.

As for the Lich, needless to say, it was level 37 and had extremely frightening casting abilities. It was not inferior to Suval in any regard.

Just this was enough to reverse the tides


Only Lin Yun himself knew that maintaining the current situation was impossible for him. The two domineering Summons used a large amount of death energy and it wouldnt be long before the energy stockpile in the Book of Death was exhausted. Once the two Summons disappeared, the Tribal Chief would regain the upper hand.

This wasnt something he was willing to see

After taking a deep breath, he cast Haste, making his flaming body even more nimble. He moved through the air with extreme speed, leaving behind fiery afterimages. In order to deal with the Tribal Chief, he used almost all of his power just to temporarily suppress him.

But he didnt dare to relax. Dense ice elements began to fill his surroundings before countless Ice spells assaulted the Tribal Chiefs body. At that time, the Tribal Chief let out a snarl, his crimson eyes locking onto Lin Yun apparently preparing something. Suddenly, he tossed the hatchet, which ripped through the air as it swept towards Lin Yun.

This was an all-out attack from a powerhouse comparable to an 8th Rank Archmage. When the battle started, Suval had been faced with such a fierce attack and was seriously hurt.

Lin Yun was startled when he sensed the terrifying power contained within that hatchet. It would only need a fraction of a second to pierce his body if it hit him.

He didnt hesitate and instantly cast a Runic Shield. His body was covered in dazzling lights as countless runes condensed together like a curtain of light covering him from top to bottom.

The hatchet whistled by, carrying an aura of destruction. The red flowing light heavily rammed into his shield, echoing with a deep sound. Under the fierce strike, the runes of his Runic Shield started becoming chaotic and the defensive spell slowly dimmed.

"Lord Shawn, its up to you now"

At this time, a smile appeared on the flaming Lin Yuns face. He used a Flame Flash and a red silhouette streaked across the sky, leaving behind a scorched area.

He appeared two meters away from the Tribal Chief and dazzling lights appeared when he gently rubbed his ring.


Shawns faintly visible shadow appeared. After cursing, he suddenly pounced at the Tribal Chief before his silhouette suddenly disappeared.


The Tribal Chiefs body remained motionless, his aura quickly declining. Even those two crimson eyes returned to their original light-red color.


Lin Yun became gleeful as he used the 8th Character of the Book of Death to enter Unlimited Mode. The huge mana consumption allowed him to ignore spell cooldowns and element exhaustion. He didnt even apply defensive spells at that time.

He displayed incredible casting abilities at this moment.

One gorgeous spell after another landed on the Tribal Chief. In less than ten seconds, he fired close to a hundred spells, and all these spells could only be described as magnificent. Moreover, as Lin Yun was casting, he was also simultaneously controlling the Undead Horseman and the Lich to launch their fiercest attacks.


A mournful scream echoed, before being replaced by an eerie silence. The Tribal Chief had fallen, the dark red runes on his body had thoroughly dissipated, and traces of the magic bombardment could be seen on his lacerated body. There wasnt a single part of his skin that was intact.


Lin Yun finally sighed in relief and slowly descended. He removed his Elemental Incarnation and unsummoned the Undead Horseman and the Lich, both of them gradually becoming blurry before disappearing back into the Book of Death.

This was the most difficult situation he had gone through in the Raging Flame Plane, and he had used all the mana in his Magic Tools and himself. Now, he could only hold a high level mana crystal and slowly absorb the mana from within.

"Damn, Merlin, dont look for me the next time this kind of thing happens. Its too dangerous! Even if you give me a lot of mana crystals, Lord Shawn wont do it" Shawns faint silhouette appeared. His body had become somewhat illusory, as he had clearly used up a lot of mana. "The reward must be at least ten level 20 mana crystals!"

"Why do you want so many"

Lin Yun was startled, though he didnt really mind too much. He took out the mana crystals from his pocket and gave them to Shawn.

Shawn had truly played a big role this time

He had known from the start that the increase in power had come from the Tribal Chief linking to an ancestor via the totem, obtaining that ancestors strength. In this kind of situation, the souls of the Tribal Chief and the ancestor had to be linked extremely tightly. If the connection was severed midway, the Tribal Chiefs power would fall back to that of a 6th Rank Archmage.

Shawn himself was a master at manipulating souls, and he had recently fused with the Evil Dragon Eye, recovering his former strength and even advancing to Mid True Spirit Rank. This helped him progress even further in the field of souls.