End Of The Magic Era Chapter 485

Chapter 485 Borrow


Thus, Lin Yun intended to draw support from Shawn to sever the connection between the Tribal Chief and the ancestor.

And Shawn didnt disappoint

Lin Yun held nothing back when the connection was severed. He utilized all his power and entered Unlimited Mode, ignoring all spell cooldowns. The Undead Horseman and the Lich also burst with their power.

This kind of offensive, even if it was just for an instant, wasnt something a 6th Rank Archmage could handle, and thus, just as Lin Yun expected, the Tribal Chief died.

"This was still too much Merlin, will there be some easier tasks in the future? You cant even imagine how frightening that Beastmans soul was" Shawn gritted his teeth as he said that, showing a narcissistic expression. "Fortunately Lord Shaw was the one to make a move and helped you deal with this problem. Forget it, Lord Shawn wont argue too much with you, its time to depart"

But the Ghost Wolf suddenly stopped mid-sentence

His prideful expression also disappeared as he looked at the Tribal Chiefs corpse. He jumped in fright and fear could even be felt in his voice. "Hell! That damn guy hasnt disappeared yet!"


Lin Yun was stunned. He couldnt remember Shawn forgetting himself like this before. He immediately looked to see what had happened and noticed a strange mana fluctuation gradually rising up.

He followed Shawns line of sight and saw a dark-red smoke coming out from the Tribal Chiefs body. That smoke looked especially strange as it kept twisting in the air, radiating terrifying heat.

An indistinct roar echoed as the smoke rushed into the air, condensing into the silhouette of a huge Beastman. It occupied over half of the sky above them and looked down at them with a pair of ice-cold eyes.

"Damnit!" Even Lin Yun couldnt help but curse at such a time. He was looking at the silhouette with dread, sweat unconsciously dripping down his forehead. Only now did he know for sure who Shawn was talking about.

It was actually the ancestor of the Thawing Fire Tribe!

This was no joke The power of an ancient existence like the ancestor could only be described as terrifying.

The worship of an ancestor by the tribe would result in a kind of Faith Energy, and over the years, it would make the ancestor extremely powerful, a lot more troublesome than Jouyi or Harren. It was at least at the Heaven Rank.


The only fortunate thing was that existences like the ancestors would be rejected by the planes source of power, so they couldnt descend with their real bodies. They could only send their power across via certain special methods, such as what happened earlier with the Tribal Chief connecting to the ancestors soul by using the totem.

In other words, what appeared before them was nothing more than an Incarnation.

Thinking of this, Lin Yun inwardly relaxed.

"Human, you should pay the price of your actions! I swear that once I descend, you and the forces behind you will definitely fall to Hell"

At that time, the huge silhouette in the sky let out a deafening snarl. Countless runes appeared and once again turned into a dark-red smoke, flitting across the horizon before disappearing in the north.

"High Mage Merlin" Once the silhouette disappeared completely, the pale Weiss came over to Lin Yun, with the totem in hand. He had clearly been scared by the sudden appearance of the Beastman Ancestor, as he was covered in sweat. "If there is nothing else, we should quickly return"

"Alright, lets go back first" Lin Yun nodded. He didnt want to stay there too long either. As he looked at Weiss, his eyes stopped on the totem for a moment. "Sir Weiss, can I borrow that thing for some time?"


Weiss truly didnt expect the young mage to raise such a request. He was somewhat embarrassed at this moment He wouldnt have hesitated to agree had it been anything else.

But it was the Peak True Spirit Totem.

The Black Tower spent so much effort in the past hundred years for this Magic Tool. They even transferred as many powerhouses as they could to the Raging Flame Plane and paid a huge price to annihilate the Thawing Fire Tribe.

But now, with the youth asking to borrow it, Weiss could only be hesitant.

It wasnt that he was suspicious, but rather, this Peak True Spirit Totem was just too important to the Black Tower.

"I only need to borrow it for half a month, and during that time Ill remain in the Raging Flame Plane. If Sir Weiss cannot make the decision, you can return and let Sir Harren know" Lin Yun smiled as he casually said this.

He wasnt worried.

He knew that the Black Tower attached great importance to this totem, but it was useless in their hands. Once Harren found out, he would definitely be exasperated about it, so borrowing the totem then certainly wouldnt be a difficult matter.

Of course, Weiss didnt know this, so after thinking deeply about the matter, he said with a dignified expression, "Rest assured, Ill relay everything to Sir Harren. If Sir Harren agrees, Ill personally deliver it to you"

Not long after, the squad went back through the path they had originally taken, leaving the Sacred Land and converging with the army waiting outside the valley.

Three hours later, the two major forces officially separated. The Black Towers Caster Legion left and hurried back to the Dark Moon Fort, while Lin Yun led the Merlin Familys Planar Legion to the Flame Demon Fort.


At the dawn of the next day, the Black Towers Weiss rushed to the Flame Demon Fort and lent the totem to Lin Yun.

After discussing a bit with Weiss, he expressed his gratitude towards the Black Tower and saw him off. Lin Yun then led the fifty High Mages to rush to the Ghost Valley. Now, the entire northeastern part of the Raging Flame Plane was jointly controlled by the Black Tower and the Merlin Family. There was not a single Beastmen force in the area.

Lin Yuns group soon reached the location of the Raising Dragon Array. They had already finished the excavation half a month ago. After arranging a few arrays, Lin Yun went deep within underground until he saw that dark-red defensive power wrapped around the Raising Dragon Array.

He then took out the totem

In a flash, the temperature around the flame at the top of the totem became frighteningly high. At the same time, that protective force was greatly affected. Countless dark-red runes rippled up and down, showing faint signs of chaos. But it didnt take long before they condensed once again.

As expected

A happy expression appeared on Lin Yuns face as he saw this. His judgement was right. Although that force was powerful, a Peak Archmage would need to spend quite some effort to open it. But there was a fatal weak point. The impact of the tyrannical flame could cause chaos within the runes, and once it reached a critical point, this defensive power would thoroughly collapse.

But Lin Yun still didnt dare to do so

Because he knew that once it disappeared, the true power of the Raising Dragon Array would emerge. Especially the Chromatic Dragon Crystal at its core Its power could only be described as utterly terrifying, and if it erupted, the entire Ghost Valley might be razed to the ground.

And the Black Tower would definitely not be satisfied with the destruction of the Ghost Valley.

The most important part was that even with his current strength, Lin Yun would find it very difficult to even narrowly dodge the attack of the Raising Dragon Array.

Lin Yun couldnt help frowning as he thought of it, before bitterly smiling. He didnt have many options. He could only use the totem to slowly wear it down. Although this process would be very slow, taking about ten days, it would be a lot safer.

Thats the only way

With a resigned expression, Lin Yun took out a crystal pen from his pocket, dipped it into a bottle of ink he had prepared beforehand, and started writing runes on the ground. Seconds slowly ticked by

Soon, a somewhat crude but very practical array was completed. Lin Yun then cautiously put the totem in the middle of the array. The flame at the top began emitting the shocking heat again, and it constantly attacked the protection around the Raising Dragon Array.

With each attack, the defensive power was weakening at a subtle rate.

After finishing this, Lin Yun stretched and once again returned to the surface.

But he didnt leave the area, he instead found a vacant spot in the surroundings and started meditating. During his meditation, his Magic Array kept working at maximum capacity, observing everything within a few kilometers.

After all, the Raising Dragon Array was a major matter. If there was an accident, a disaster could happen.

Thus, he had to remain there and check his surroundings. This would prevent others from disturbing him, while also allowing him to observe the changes to the Raising Dragon Array.

Those fifty High Mages didnt remain idle. Under Ida and Yuris lead, they scattered into the surroundings, meditating and forming a powerful line of defense.

Facing all of them, even a Representative of the Black Tower like 7th Rank Archmage Suval wouldnt be able to burst in and come out unscathed.

It was very peaceful over the next few days. Nothing unexpected appeared during the cracking of the Raising Dragon Array until the 8th night, when Lin Yun noticed a nearly imperceptible mana fluctuation. It was very strange, feeling like it didnt come from a human, a Beastman, or even an Elemental.

The mana fluctuation was sometimes powerful, sometimes weak, and was very hidden. If not for the Magic Arrays special nature, he would have had a hard time noticing it. Thus, this made Lin Yun frown, his eyes shining brightly in the dusky night. He dazedly looked towards the east with a thoughtful expression.