End Of The Magic Era Chapter 486

Chapter 486 Discussion


A glamorous flame slowly rose up, appearing two kilometers away and emitting a strange mana fluctuation. This was caught clearly by the Magic Array


Lin Yun couldnt help looking in that direction, a suspicious expression on his face, but he ended up shaking his head to return to his thoughts.

He couldnt do anything about it because the opening the Raising Dragon Array was at its critical juncture. Within three days, that part of the defensive power would be thoroughly removed. Under such circumstances, he couldnt get away.

But there really was something strange in that region Once the matter of the Raising Dragon Array came to an end, he would have to go over there and check.

In the past eight days, the Ghost Valley had gone through countless changes. The Merlin Family and the Black Tower sent many people over, in accordance with the terms they negotiated beforehand.

Now that the threat of the Thawing Fire Tribe was no more, both the Merlin Family and the Black Tower were relatively more relaxed than the other forces in the Raging Flame Plane. Both sides could transfer promising talents from their major forts to meditate in the Ghost Valley and grow stronger. Just the past few days had been enough to make the two major forces beam with joy.

This place scarily rich in mana

Not only Great Mages, but even High Mages would grow at an astonishing speed.

Controlling the Ghost Valley brought enormous benefits to the two major forces.

But, in Lin Yuns eyes, the greatest winner in this collaboration wasnt the Black Tower, but the Merlin Family and himself.

The Raising Dragon Arrays defensive power was on the verge of being cracked, which meant that he would soon get his hands on that Chromatic Dragon Crystal. At that time, the Doom Staff, the True Spirit Magic Tool with boundless potential, would have a qualitative change. This would be very important for the Doom Staffs path to become the Strongest True Spirit Magic Tool, or even evolve into an Extraordinary Magic Tool.

Even from his point of view, he felt that it was worthwhile to spend so much time and effort on this in this trip to the Raging Flame Plane.

As for the Merlin Family, it went without saying.

They didnt have to spend much effort taking control of the Ghost Valley, and they also didnt lose many people. However, their gains were monumental. They had gotten a great bargain.

Several months ago, Lin Yun and Harren decided on the allocation of the Ghost Valleys space, and the Merlin Familys share was 70%.

No place rich in mana would be infertile. Lin Yuns Demiplane was a good example It had 20 times the mana density of other places, and in a short few months, it gave birth to a large mana pond with mana crystals at the bottom. Moreover, the last time he entered the Demiplane, Lin Yun discovered a few ore veins slowly forming, and some places suitable for the development of vegetation actually had some medicinal plants growing.

No one knew how long the Ghost Valley had existed, but just from the information Lin Yun got from the Ancestral Land, he knew that it was at least a millennium old

Although the mana density of the Ghost Valley was far from that of the natural Demiplane, after so many years, the Ghost Valley had long since nurtured countless precious resources.

In fact, Lin Yun had already discovered them when he first came to the Ghost Valley. He had recently found much more detailed information regarding the Ghost Valley and discovered that the quantity of natural resources there was simply frightening. There were over twenty rich veins of ores and many precious medicinal herbs within the valley.

To the Merlin Family, who controlled 70% of the Ghost Valley, the earnings there were equivalent to their gains in the entire Raging Flame Plane. Their foundation had more than doubled.

At this time, Lin Yun suddenly noticed a tyrannical mana fluctuation slowly approaching his area. He opened his eyes, clearly in a bad mood, got up, and walked in a certain direction. After a couple minutes, a few silhouettes appeared in front of him.

"Sir Suval, Im really not deceiving you, High Mage Mafa is busy and doesnt have time to meet you, how about you wait for two more days?"

"No way! I have something very important I want to discuss with him, this cant be delayed! I have to see him today! Ill give you two options Either call him to see me, or Ill break in. Its your choice, so I hope youll think about it carefully," Suval coldly said as he looked at Ida, a sneer on his face.

"Please forgive us, High Mage Mafa isnt receiving any guests right now" Ida stiffly forced a smile, beads of sweat dripping down his forehead. His expression was getting more and more strained. Had it been someone else, he would have just driven them away without saying anything else, but it was Suval, an important member of the Black Tower. If they werent careful, they might cause trouble for the Merlin Family.

He was really embarrassed. The young mage had told him a few days ago that no one was to disturb him. He respected the young mage from the bottom of his heart. Just handling the Thawing Fire Tribe brought countless benefits to the Merlin Family. The youths contribution in the past days was far greater than most members of the Ancestral Land.

Thus, Yuri and Ida had been cautiously and conscientiously standing guard here, not letting anyone approach.

But Black Towers Representative, Suval, had come and made things difficult for Ida. On one hand, Ida didnt want to disturb the young mage, but on the other hand, he didnt dare to offend Suval.

"Hmpf, you are truly overestimating your abilities. You want to stop me? With just you?" Suval was unusually calm. He didnt seem angry, and he was actually smiling. Since it was like this, he had some justification to make a move. The wound left by Santon Merlin three hundred years ago had severed his magic path, so he hated every single member of the Merlin Family.


At this time, Ida and Yuri were both frightened as they looked at Suval with pale expressions. The other side had an overbearing attitude and was emitting shocking mana fluctuations while talking. He seemed sure he could easily scare them off.

The two of them were extremely nervous It was already hard for the two of them to handle a 5th Rank Archmage, let alone a 7th Rank Archmage like Suval

What should we do

Ida and Yuri looked at each other and saw that they were both worried, but then, Ida seemed to have found hope in his peripheral vision and exclaimed, "High Mage Mafa, you came"


Lin Yun slowly walked over. He glanced at Ida and Yuri and smiled, before turning to face Suval with a sharp expression. He icily said, "Turns out to be Sir Suval. What brings you here? Oh By the way, how is your injury, Sir Suval? Im truly sorry, Ive been too busy and didnt have time to visit you."

"We arent familiar with each other, there is no need for you to pay a visit to me!" Suvals expression became completely ashen. He often replayed the battle against the Tribal Chief in his mind. Lin Yuns words clearly had a deeper meaning. Suval felt this and was thoroughly enraged. "Mafa Merlin, stop with the useless chatter, I came this time to discuss something with you."


"Mafa Merlin, you definitely know that the area distributed to our Black Tower was too little while we have too many people. Its simply not enough for us to use! I hope the Merlin Family can cede a part of their area to our Black Tower. After all, in handling the Thawing Fire Tribe, our Black Tower put forth quite a bit of effort. Raising such a request shouldnt be considered excessive, right?" Suvals eyes shone as he stared at Lin Yun.

This was the true reason behind Suvals trip.

The Black Tower occupied 30% of the Ghost Valley. After being able to examine the Ghost Valley more closely, they gradually discovered that the Ghost Valley was far more fertile than they had imagined. Even just occupying 30% would bring unimaginable wealth to the Black Tower every year.

But the Merlin Family was actually occupying 70%, which was over twice as much as the Black Tower. It would have been fine had it been any other force After all, Sir Harren was the one who made the decision, so he wouldnt be able to change it. But that force was the Merlin Family, which he hated the most. If this kept going, the Merlin Family would slowly increase their power, which was something he didnt want to see.

In fact, he had yet to give up on dealing with the Merlin Family somehow.

Although Harren had told him some things and ordered him to never provoke Mafa Merlin and the Merlin Family, Suval figured that he knew why Harren was someone who put benefits before anything else. He had warned him back then because he didnt want him to affect the collaboration between the two forces.

But the collaboration was over now

Thus, he rushed to the Merlin Familys territory to probe Harrens attitude on this while raising the matter of the uneven distribution of the Ghost Valley. If Harren didnt say anything, then it would prove that he was turning a blind eye, and Suval would be able to deal with the Merlin Family without any worry.

"Haha, Sir Suval, you just said that we werent familiar with each other. I hope you dont believe that you can make our Merlin Family give you part of its territory at the drop of a hat, because that is impossible. I might have considered this if it came from Sir Harren, but the question is, did Sir Harren say that?" Lin Yun funnily looked at Suval, inwardly shaking his head. He and the Merlin Family had greatly benefitted from this collaboration, and it was hard for the tyrannical Black Tower to not be exasperated when they discovered that the totem was useless.

Lin Yun was actually worrying about Harren the most.

But it was obvious that if Harren wanted to discuss this, he would have sent Weiss over, and not Suval.


Lin Yuns answer instantly made Suvals face turn red, The young mages meaning was clear: Suvals words didnt have enough weight. But before he could get angry, Lin Yuns voice echoed once again

"Eh, I suddenly remembered something. There is still a vacant area in the east, but that place is somewhat dangerous" Lin Yun had a calm expression, but his gaze became a bit strange as he looked at Suval.

"Is there?" Suval had a pensive look on his face, clearly masking how cheerful he was inside. He originally thought the young mage would keep arguing, but it seemed like it wasnt the case. He was clearly afraid of the Black Towers power, so he was going ahead and taking the initiative to cede them a "vacant area".