End Of The Magic Era Chapter 487

Chapter 487 Plot


Suval didnt care about what the young mage said afterwards regarding the danger of that area. It wasnt because he was so happy with the victory, but because he was so confident in his power.


This was simply a joke to a 7th Rank Archmage like himself, unless it was an existence on par with him or stronger.

But such an existence simply couldnt appear in the Ghost Valley now.

"Ill give up on that vacant area and let the people from the Black Tower take care of it. How about this, Sir Suval You can send people over, and if you can come back unscathed after three days, the ownership of that area will pass to the Black Tower. But whatever happens during those three days has nothing to do with me. I hope that Sir Suval can keep this in mind" Lin Yun scratched his cheek as he pointed to the east. "Its roughly two kilometers away from here."

In fact, Lin Yun couldnt stop laughing inwardly

"You dont need to worry about little things like that" Suval expressionlessly glanced at Lin Yun before heading in the indicated direction, a slight smile on his face.

After saying that, Suval clearly wasnt in the mood to stay any longer, and his back disappeared under the gazes of Lin Yuns group.

"High Mage Mafa, you" Once Suval left, Idas face regained some color. But he had a doubtful expression on his face. He didnt understand why this young mage who was always so unyielding suddenly showed weakness to Suval, conceding a large area of land to him.

But after thinking about it, Ida felt relieved. Although the young mage had tyrannical power as a Commander, the other side was the Black Tower. They couldnt be easily offended.

"High Mage Mafa," he continued, "you shouldnt worry about this. In fact, our Merlin Family obtained more than enough benefits, it would be hard to avoid some trouble if we are too greedy. I think what you did was right" Although he was flattering the young mage, Ida truly approved of the way things had been handled.

"Haha Wait and watch the show." Lin Yun didnt plan on explaining too much, he smiled at the two before walking back to the Raising Dragon Array. It was at a crucial point right now, so he couldnt leave for too long.

Sure enough, after more than an hour, the area was no longer peaceful. There would often be loud sounds, and Lin Yun knew that this was Suval leading some people to hurry to that eastern area. Although he was in meditation, his Magic Array was still working at full capacity, so he could clearly see the circumstances around Suval.

In a flash, a day passed. Suval and the people he brought pitched camp two kilometers to the east, and in the darkness of the night, that camp was emitting very bright light.


Suddenly, flames soared as countless meteors fell from the sky, bursting with a deafening sound. Those meteors were all aimed at the camp.

Some powerhouses within the camp had noticed the abnormality, but it was already too late, they simply couldnt escape. Miserable shouts kept echoing as the red lights streaked across the horizon.

Lin Yun had been startled the first time he discovered it a few days ago. He had been near the Raising Dragon Array and had noticed that strange aura and that entrancing flame rising up. Back then, he knew that the area wasnt simple.

He originally planned on waiting until finishing up with the Raising Dragon Array before investigating the area, but he altered his plan after Suvals appearance the previous day. He took the initiative to let the Black Tower deal with it and raised an extra condition: If they could come out safe and sound within three days, he would give that unoccupied area to the Black Tower.

It seemed like quite a sound decision. Not only was that land strange, but it also contained a huge danger. Even a 7th Rank Archmage like Suval would have a hard time dealing with it.

After a short few minutes, the miserable screams died down by quite a bit, meaning that the losses were likely disastrous.


A loud sound suddenly echoed, shaking the earth and emitting a frightening aura. A thick smell of sulfur quietly spread all over as everyone was shocked, including Lin Yun. That was clearly a fiendish aura. They were surprised and curious at the same time. The Ghost Valley had a Demon?

This was unimaginable

A roar could be heard as a crack appeared in the ground, releasing a frightening amount of heat. At the same time, a tide of lava rose up from the crack, submerging a wide area, igniting the trees and ground, and forming a land of fire.

Lin Yun had already rushed over. He used Levitation to float in the air and quickly found a familiar silhouette in the land of fire. The Black Towers Representative, Suval.

That person had extremely high influence in the Black Tower and was a powerful Representative, but he cut a sorry figure at this moment. He was maintaining Fire Elemental Incarnation and using Flame Flashes to shuttle around the fiery area. The enemy seemed to be something like a Lava Giant, flowing with lava all over.

At first glance, everyone would definitely think that this was a Lava Giant.

But strangely, it was only a few dozen meters tall, not even reaching half the size of an ordinary Lava Giant. The shocking part was that its body not only had a wisp of Elemental aura, but it also carried a deep aura of sulfur.

An existence that was part Demon and part Elemental!

Lin Yun immediately knew the answer. This should be a Lesser Lava Overlord. Among Lesser Demonic Overlords, only Lesser Lava Overlords were this special. To be more exact, the information regarding Lesser Lava Overlords was something he had found in the decaying library. This kind of Lesser Demonic Overlord was rarely seen in Noscent.

He could clearly remember that during the peak of the Magic Era, every first-rate force would long to capture a Lesser Lava Overlord. Some Heaven Rank powerhouses wouldnt hesitate to take great risks and leave for the Abyss to look for Lesser Lava Overlords, but the success rate was extremely low. There were even a few Heaven Ranks who fell in the process of their search.

Lin Yun truly hadnt expected that a Lesser Lava Overlord would actually appear in the Ghost Valley.

That was a chance to get a Lava Heart

It wasnt just a first-rate alchemy reagent

Even Lin Yun was somewhat excited, but he didnt make a move yet. Instead, he remained motionless, waiting in midair while observing.

He wasnt worried that Suval would kill the Lesser Lava Overlord and take its heart.

Because he knew that Suval simply couldnt!

Usually, a Lesser Overlord would be level 35 or 36, just like the Lesser Flame Overlord he met in the magic forest in the Tulan Mountain Range. But the strength of Lesser Lava Overlords would greatly increase in a place like the Raging Flame Plane. They wouldnt be any weaker than ordinary Demons.

For the Lesser Lava Overlord to put Suval in such an awkward state, it could easily be seen that its power was around level 37.

"So hateful Mafa Merlin, what are you doing staring blankly, why arent you helping?" Although Suvals face was covered in flames, he still seemed somewhat pale. He had clearly used up a large amount of mana while dealing with the Lesser Lava Overlord. In this battle, the 7th Rank Archmage didnt get any attacks in, and was instead having to dodge around precariously.

His heart was filled with rage, but he had nowhere to vent it. He clearly understood why that young mage had been so generous, giving the Black Tower a chance to obtain this land

This had been a plot all along.

How was this "somewhat dangerous"? This was absurdly dangerous! The power of the Lesser Lava Overlord could only be described as terrifying, and only Peak 7th Rank Archmages would even have a chance to be able to handle this Lesser Lava Overlord.

"Haha, my thanks to Sir Suval for making a heroic contribution by making a stand against that Demon" LinYun was smiling in the air, not leaving, but also not planning to make a move. He only kept his hands behind his back like he was watching a good show.

This was indeed a good show

There werent many opportunities to see a 7th Rank Archmage like Suval in such dire straits.

He didnt have the least bit of a favorable impression towards Suval. Ever since they first met, Suval kept trying to cause problems for him, making things difficult whenever he could during the collaboration and suggesting to the Charlotte Family Patriarch, Wollings, that he could attack him.


Suval used a Flame Flash and managed to avoid another attack of the Lesser Lava Overlord. He was completely infuriated. What damned contribution!? If I could, I would immediately leave the Raging Flame Plane and never face this Lesser Lava Overlord!

But he quickly calmed down and focused on his current situation

He might fall if this kept going, and moreover, this place was very remote in the Ghost Valley. Even if the battle caused a huge commotion, and reinforcements from the Black Tower and the Merlin Family rushed over, they would need at least half an hour.

But he wouldnt be able to last half an hour

The only thing he could do was to seek help from the young mage. The power that young mage had shown in the Sacred Land was a bit stronger than Suvals own. If they worked together, then let alone just defending, they might be able to defeat this Lesser Lava Overlord.

But it was clear that he had already thoroughly offended the young mage.

"Mafa High Mage Merlin, I really need your help. You should understand that this Demon is very powerful, I simply cant handle it with my own power. We are the strongest in the entire Ghost Valley. If we dont kill that damned Demon now, then it might go to another area and cause great losses to the Merlin Family and the Black Tower" Suval ground his teeth as he lowered himself as much as he was willing to.

"And what if I dont help?"

Suval never could have expected that Lin Yun still wouldnt seem concerned.