End Of The Magic Era Chapter 489

Chapter 489 Conclusion


He really felt betrayed.

The young mages attacks had obviously infuriated the Lesser Lava Overlord, but now he was the one that had to face the Lesser Lava Overlords fury.

Suval could feel the anger from the Lesser Lava Overlords roar, but the culprit had already escaped the battlefield.

The Lesser Lava Overlord certainly wouldnt let it go

Without a doubt, Suval was the only target the Lesser Flame Overlord could use to vent. A boundless demonic aura surged towards Suval like a tide, and lava splattered, soaring in the sky like the flames of purgatory. Even Suval was stuck in an awkward situation because of this. After repeatedly dodging the attacks, his aura was extremely weak.

But he then realized that the Lesser Lava Overlord was actually seriously injured from the young mages flood of spells. Its power had declined, or else Suval wouldnt have been able to survive those attacks.

This discovery made Suval relax to some extent

But the young mages actions were still truly too hateful. He was unwilling to help at first, watching his plight from a distance. And even after he finally gave a hand, he still harbored evil thoughts and ruthlessly left Suval trapped with the enraged Lesser Lava Overlord.

Fortunately, the Lesser Lava Overlord was no longer at its peak.

Otherwise, he, as a Representative of the Black Tower, would have died from the young mages trap.

The more Suval thought about it, the angrier he became. He wanted to curse aloud, but he restrained himself. He needed the help of the young mage to handle the Lesser Lava Overlord, and the consequences would he horrible if he offended the young mage at this crucial time.

After all, Suval didnt have that youths abnormal speed, allowing him to escape the battlefield anytime he wished.

The young mages blazing silhouette once again appeared and started a fierce offensive on the Lesser Lava Overlord. At this moment, brilliant and dazzling spells swirled in the air as they exploded against the Lesser Lava Overlord, causing lava to surge in a wide area.

Seeing him return, Suval let go of his grievances and the magic staff in his hand blossomed with a dazzling brilliance. He kept chanting, gesturing, and guiding spells as he methodically attacked.

For over ten minutes, the two cast their spells with full intensity. Every time they threw a spell, the next one would be prepared, making an unending cycle.

Fortunately, with such an intense spell bombardment, the two gradually gained the advantage.

The heavy expression on Suvals face had long since disappeared. How could he not see that this battle was already won? It was just a matter of time now.

Naturally, this would only be the case if nothing unexpected happened with the young mage.

When he thought about this, he subconsciously turned his head to look in the young mages direction, but Suval was startled by what he saw. He could see the flames on the young mage sharply increasing before he suddenly turned and became a shadow.


Suval was even more exasperated this time, and he couldnt help cursing. The young mage was truly playing with him, and it wasnt just once He just kept tricking him. The first time he suddenly escaped almost ended up killing him, and it was even more excessive now. They were clearly close to winning. With one more effort, they would defeat the foe, yet the young mage suddenly withdrew. This definitely would greatly influence the outcome of the battle, as his previous efforts had all gone up in smoke.

For a moment, Suvals anger reached its peak.

But, no matter how furious he was, he could only face reality. The young mages sudden disappearance broke the tenuous balance and increased the pressure on Suval once more. In a flash, a white light shrouded in a cold aura rose up as one Ice Wall after another rose up to protect Suval.

But countless drops of lava fell on them, creating cracking sounds.

Then, the barrier made of several dozen Ice Walls quickly started collapsing. Suval was nervously hiding behind his layers of defenses.

Suddenly, a shadow appeared. It was a tall and imposing silhouette whose body was covered in a thick layer of ice and was emitting a bone-chilling aura. Rumbles could be heard when the legs stomped heavily on the ground, leaving large holes behind and sending rocks flying.

Of course, Lin Yun was the one under that thick layer of ice.

His ice-covered arm suddenly shook and countless runes appeared as the dense ice elements condensed into a several-meter-long Frost Lance. He fiercely threw it, turning it into a blue ray of light streaking across the sky.

But this was far from over

A white mist appeared, spreading a cold aura in all directions. Up to a hundred Frost Lances condensed around Lin Yun, blossoming in the dusky environment. Sharp, ear-piercing sounds could be heard as those numerous Frost Lances pierced the Lesser Lava Overlord.

The Lesser Lava Overlord let out a mournful cry as it suffered from this fierce attack. Its huge body shook as countless drops of lava splattered around, some fluttering in the sky.

Lin Yun simply didnt care about these

He instantly removed his Ice Elemental Incarnation and once again was covered in flames. He used a Flame Flash, only leaving an afterimage behind as he raised the Doom Staff, which was bursting with dazzling lights. He had already used the 8th Character of the Book of Death and was casting innumerable formidable spells without rest for half a minute.

The vitality of the level 37 Lesser Lava Overlord was far superior to that of an ordinary Demon, but after suffering from the waves of attacks, most of the lava on its body had darkened and dried up, and a shocking crack could even be seen.


The Lesser Lava Overlord let out an agonizing roar as its pupils suddenly ignited, filled with a crazed expression. At this time, flames soared as a blazing meteor fell from the sky, heavily crashing into the ground with a loud rumble, creating a large crater.

"Its over" Lin Yun remained unmoved. He used Flame Flash to shuttle back and forth between the falling meteors, and a disk flickering with red and blue quietly rose up, glittering like a bright moon in the dusky sky.

As mana was poured in, countless spells turned into a flood, and in a split second, they thoroughly overwhelmed the Lesser Lava Overlords huge body.

An explosion echoed

The lava flowing on the body of the Lesser Lava Overlord quickly solidified in a short few seconds. The crack shockingly widened, and with a deafening explosion, the Lesser Lava Overlords large body fell apart and several black rocks pieces flew out, scattering everywhere.

The area suddenly became silent

Lin Yun was heavily panting, holding a mana crystal in his hand and slowly absorbing the mana from within. This battle had been extremely difficult. Even with his two Alchemic Mana Whirlpools, when he used the 8th Rune at the end, he consumed 80% of his mana.

With the death of the Lesser Lava Overlord, he should finally be able to relax, but he couldnt

Because there was still an extremely important matter.

Right, the Lava Heart

Lin Yun had already recovered a part of his power after completely absorbing the mana from the level 25 mana crystal. He roused his Magic Array and quickly locked onto the aura of the Lava Heart.

After the death of the Lesser Lava Overlord, its entire body solidified before ultimately exploding. Now, only a pile of black crushed rocks remained. The Lava Heart was buried in this big pile of rocks, waiting for Lin Yun to go through the trouble of excavating it.

But this wasnt a problem for Lin Yun.

He raised his hands and familiar mana fluctuations rose up as one Earth Puppet after another was summoned by Lin Yun. Then, under Lin Yuns command, they began to move aside pieces of rock. After roughly ten minutes, flames soared up and Lin Yun used Mana Hand to grab that Lava Heart.

This Lava Heart was dark-red and fist-sized, emitting a terrifying amount of heat. It might even burn some newly advanced Archmages if they tried to approach it.

It was currently throbbing as if it was alive. Lin Yun could feel the incredible power contained within with just a glance, and a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth. He cautiously put away the Lava Heart and stood up.

"Mafa Merlin, you deliberately harmed me"

At this time, Suval walked over, expressing his rage. This Representative of the Black Tower was extremely pale. He clearly used a lot of mana in the fight.

His face was distorted as he said those words.

How could he not be angry

He was in such a wretched state because of that young mage!