End Of The Magic Era Chapter 491

Chapter 491 Cracking The Array


But Lin Yun didnt stop working then. He drew a simple array on the ground and cautiously set the Lava Heart inside the array before pouring mana into it. Countless golden runes emerged from the Lava Heart, simultaneously transmitting a thick, demonic aura.


At this time, a vast black cloud shrouded the entire Ghost Valley. Gales whistled past as lightning bolts surged, and the entire Ghost Valley sank into darkness as if the apocalypse was imminent.

But this change didnt last long. The gusts gradually weakened and the lightning bolts also dissipated. A ray of light pierced through the black clouds, and then, the mana flowing in the surroundings seemed to be flaring up as it surged like a tide, crazily rushing in the Ghost Valley.

What was happening?

Most of the youths meditating in the Merlin territory in the Ghost Valley were roused by the changes happening to it. They could clearly sense that this substance-like mana was slowly flowing around and they werent sure what to do. Originally, the Ghost Valleys mana density was already a lot higher than it was outside, but it became even richer now. This kind of change was simply incredible.

Mages always had keen perception and even small details wouldnt escape their eyes. Now, the density of the mana in the Ghost Valley was at least three times as rich as before

The mages were overjoyed, they truly didnt dare to delay in case this was temporary and quickly started meditating, gradually absorbing mana from the surroundings, and soon, auras rose up as people continuously broke through.

Naturally, the increase in mana density also brought a huge change to the Ghost Valley. Under the effects of the tangible mana, the lush trees could be seen growing at a crazy speed, and in the depths of some wild forests, trees reaching up to a hundred meters could be seen around the Ghost Valley.

At this time, magic beasts roars continuously echoed throughout the valley as many of them became restless, their eyes so red they were almost bleeding. These magic beasts were a lot more excited than usual and rushed out of their dens to attack humans everywhere. Over ten Merlins had been hurt in a few hours.

Lin Yun knew that this was a normal phenomenon. When the mana concentration reached a certain level, magic beasts would go berserk but this wouldnt last long. Once they adapted to the environment, the magic beasts would calm down.

Moreover, after calming down, the magic beasts growing in such a special environment would become a lot stronger.

Lin Yun couldnt leave for now because he needed to remain near the Raising Dragon Array, so he looked for the three Merlin cousins and had them lead a part of the Planar Legion to suppress the magic beasts.

The Ghost Valley became peaceful after half an hour, and when Ross returned, he couldnt hide his happy expression. When he saw Lin Yun again, he hurriedly said, "Cousin Mafa, those magic beasts changed too much! Level 15 Fire Salamanders are comparable to 9th Rank Great Mages after going berserk. Handling just one of them isnt easy. If we can tame them, our Merlin Family will have an enormous Magic Beast Legion in the Raging Flame Plane. Its exciting just thinking about it"

"Taming magic beasts?" Before Lin Yun could answer, Leon disdainfully cut in while looking at Ross. "If it were that easy, why havent Oklands major forces caught level-30 magic beasts and tamed them?"

"Im not done talking" Ross glared at Leon. "Adult magic beasts are naturally not easy to tame. After all, some high-level magic beasts have intelligence comparable to humans. What I meant is that we can catch some young magic beasts and slowly tame them as cubs. Of course, this is a long and complicated project that will need a large amount of time to complete."

"Haha, this is actually a pretty good suggestion" Lin Yun chuckled as he nodded.

Not long after, Ross group left. After all, with the greatly increased concentration of mana in the Ghost Valley, nobody wanted to miss such a good opportunity.

As Ross group left, the area around the Raising Dragon Array once again became peaceful. Only Lin Yun remained there, meditating by himself. The Magic Array was still revolving, observing the situation in his surroundings. One day later, Lin Yun slowly opened his eyes and walked over to the Raising Dragon Array.

A kilometer down, he could see the small array he had previously arranged emitting a dazzling white light while the flame on the totem in the middle of the array was continuously emitting a frightening aura. And now, Lin Yun could see that the defensive power around the Raising Dragon Array had completely disappeared.

The Raising Dragon Array was now in front of Lin Yun.

Countless runes could be seen moving in the air, filled with a mysterious aura. Even Lin Yun wasnt fully confident when facing this Peak True Spirit Array.

Normally, a Peak True Spirit Array wasnt something Lin Yun could crack

But the Raising Dragon Array was somewhat special.

Lin Yun came from 30,000 years in the future and had read quite a few books mentioning the Raising Dragon Array. He knew full well the theory behind that array.

But Peak True Spirit was Peak True Spirit, after all

Coming into contact with this kind of array at his level was extremely dangerous. Even if he knew the structure and the theory behind the Raising Dragon Array, he still had to be extremely cautious while cracking it, because a small accident would cause a huge disaster.

After all, there was so much power inside that even his many True Spirit Magic Tools would be of no use if it burst out.

The preparations to crack the Raising Dragon Array had been finished a few days ago. He had a bottle of Star Ink, as well as many blank draft papers. He took out a quill and dipped it in ink before quickly writing on a sheet of draft paper. The first thing he needed to do was to calculate that incomparably complicated formula.

The knowledge contained within the alchemy formula could only be described as enormously vast. Even Lin Yun, with his terrifying computing ability, couldnt help having a headache.

The calculation was in progress

After calculating three times and making sure that he hadnt made any mistakes, Lin Yun picked up a crystal pen and dipped it in the Star Ink before cautiously writing a rune on the edge of the Raising Dragon Array. A flickering radiance suddenly appeared as a terrifying power permeated the surroundings, but after a few seconds, that power shrank back like a tide.

In fact, he had been very nervous when writing that first rune. Despite the fact that the number of True Spirit Arrays hed cracked couldnt even be counted on two hands, and although he had accumulated a large amount of experience, they simply couldnt compare to the Raising Dragon Array before his eyes.

Although it was only a matter of one or two levels, the gap couldnt even be considered comparable.

The pressure this Raising Dragon Array brought him was like facing Star Sage Jouyi or Harren. He wasnt confident at all. Fortunately, the situation was a bit special. Without the knowledge of the structure and the theory behind the array, he would only have been able to helplessly stare at the Raising Dragon Array.

He repeatedly did two things for the next two days: He meticulously calculated, and carefully wrote. The general and magic knowledge used during the calculation process was monumental. Even some Artisans could hardly compare with him in terms of knowledge and would need a month to reach Lin Yuns step.

After two days of sleepless calculations, Lin Yun saw that it was just as hard as hed thought. He had to spend a lot of time pondering and sorting out what he knew, to the point where he gained some new understanding of magic and arrays while performing the calculations.

At this time, Lin Yuns eyes were bloodshot. He looked completely exhausted both mentally and physically, but he didnt stop his hands. After a new round of calculations, he threw the draft paper aside and moved near the Raising Dragon Array, writing another rune.


The earth suddenly shook as a frightening aura spread while countless glittering runes frantically rushed forth. Lin Yuns expression couldnt help changing at this time because he hadnt completely cracked the Raising Dragon Array. At first, he had discovered that even with his knowledge and the theory behind the Raising Dragon Array, it would take him about three months to completely crack the Raising Dragon Array.

But three months was too long

He had come from Noscent to the Raging Flame Plane a bit over three months ago. The Ancestral Lands Family Council dispatched him to the Raging Flame Plane to join up with the Watson Family and leave for the Volcanic Mountain Range to search for the ruins left by the Merlin ancestor. He had recently received the news that the Watson Family was ready and would soon send someone.

Three months was too long for him. Moreover, he had spent too much time on the Raising Dragon Array to begin with, so he didnt plan on letting it drag on.

Thus, he compromised.

He would only break a part of the array, just enough to open the Raising Dragon Array.

He had no choice but to admit that this plan was truly risky. Just like what Lin Yun was facing now, the moment the Raising Dragon Array was opened, the power leaking from within might cause this area to cave in and bury him inside.

After all, this was a kilometer deep