End Of The Magic Era Chapter 494

Chapter 494 Ice And Fire


There were two more Chromatic Dragon Crystals at the end of the Planar Passage for a total of five Chromatic Dragon Crystals, which was exactly what he needed.

The two Chromatic Dragon Crystals before his eyes couldnt be taken out for now. Only after going through the Planar Passage and taking out the two Chromatic Dragon Crystals on the other side, and then the one in the Planar Passage on the way back, could he finally collect the ones on the Raging Flame Plane. This was exactly why he felt that this was troublesome.

Who knew what plane he would end up in?

It was better to be safe. He wouldnt mind doing a few more trips for the sake of the Chromatic Dragon Crystals.

But what if it was a plane on the same level as the Undead Plane or the Puppet Plane?

That would be very troublesome

"High Mage Mafa, what happened?" At this time, the other five walked over, clearly attracted by the activity caused by Lin Yun opening the Planar Passage. They were startled speechless when they saw that azure Planar Passage and stared at it foolishly. In the end, Thorne was the one to break the silence and ask a question.

It couldnt be helped that they were surprised This was a Planar Path, and most likely a new one.

This was the initial part of the Plane Colonization Era, when most planar coordinates were in the hands of every major force. The Merlin Familys Ancestral Land with their millennium-old foundation was actually in control of about twenty private planes and would obtain planar coordinates every few decades on average. Moreover, they would spend a huge price to set up Planar Paths and use a large amount of wealth to dispatch troops from the Ancestral Land to conquer them.

Every new Planar Path represented an astronomical amount of wealth.

Every time a new Planar Path appeared, it would lead to every major force fighting over it, because new Planar Paths represented endless opportunities, as well as boundless wealth. For a new Planar Path, these major forces were willing to pay an unimaginable price.

Thus, Thorne and the others were very excited after seeing this Azure Planar Path.

"Its best to be more careful," Lin Yun said as he looked at Thorne indifferently. He wasnt planning on explaining too much since he didnt actually know anything about this unknown plane. After thinking, he said, "Sirs, if we arent prepared, we might meet some unexpected danger"


Just as Lin Yun finished his words, a disharmonious voice fired back, "What danger?"

The speaker was Lahn. That 4th Rank Archmage smirked disdainfully at Lin Yun, looking at him with scorn. "I say, Mafa, dont show off by making up danger. You are trying to trick us so that you can take the plane all for yourself? I have to say, that idea was truly stupid"

"Sir Lahn, I think you misunderstood" Lin Yun suddenly squinted, looking at Lahn funnily. He was telling the truth. There was limited information on that plane. The only thing that was certain was that the plane on the other side was on the scale of the Raging Flame Plane. It might even be more dangerous than the Raging Flame Plane.

Moreover, he had way too many planar coordinates he had in hand, so he simply didnt care so much about obtaining another unknown plane. Just exploiting the Bone Plane already was straining his resources, let alone the extremely fertile Demon Plane next to the Bone Plane that was still waiting for him to conquer it.

"Misunderstanding?" Lahn snorted. "Mafa, you are actually saying that I misunderstood you? Frankly, as a 5th Rank High Mage, you dont have the qualifications to worry about the safety of us Archmages. There might be dangers for you, but you have to remember that we are Archmages"

A puny 5th Rank High Mage actually worried about the safety of Archmages powerhouses This was too funny.

Only a high-ranked Archmage could have the leeway to worry about his safety

He wasnt worried at all about what might be in that plane. In the end, it was only an unknown plane. Although their lineup wasnt the best, it was very powerful. They had five Archmage powerhouses, including 5th Rank Sword Saint Thorne.

How could this squad encounter anything that would cause them significant danger while exploring a plane?

That was simply impossible

Perhaps because he was too focused, Lahn hadnt noticed that Thornes expression was extremely unhappy. He glanced at Lahn and said, "Lahn, shut up for me"

Thorne helplessly massaged his eyebrows. His eyes moved between the azure Planar Path and Lin Yun, and after half a minute he asked, "High Mage Mafa, do you really feel that it is dangerous?"

"Yes" Lin Yun frankly nodded. The unknown was the greatest danger. "To tell the truth, I dont know anything about that plane, but there is one thing I can be sure of. That plane should be on the same scale as the Raging Flame Plane. If they arent careful, even Archmages could fall. Regardless of whether you go or not, I have to go, because there is something I need over there. Everyone should decide for themselves"

The surroundings turned silent after Lin Yuns words.

"High Mage Mafa, you are the Planar Legion Commander. Your safety is more important than anything, so regardless of where you go, we will follow"

The first to speak was the old Yuri. This Archmage from the Ancestral Land had now been in contact with Lin Yun for three months. He knew full well how fierce and shrewd that young mage was. He wouldnt do something he had no assurance of doing. Thus, after pondering over it for a moment, Yuri stepped forward and determinedly chose to follow.

"Thats right." Ida nodded, a smile on his face.

"Ill also go" Thorne had a calm expression on his face, as if it was something insignificant. He then turned to look at Lahn. "As the Commander of the Merlin Family, I cant cower at such a time. A completely new Planar Path, this would bring unimaginable wealth to the entire Merlin Family. Lahn, if you think it is dangerous, you can choose to remain here and wait for us"

"How could I not go!"

At first, Lahn had felt like giving up when he heard the plane was on the same scale as the Raging Flame Plane. This kind of plane was indeed filled with dangers, and just as the young mage said, Archmages could fall, as many had in the Raging Flame Plane over the years.

But Thornes words made Lahns hair stand on end. He pointed at Lin Yun and said, "Sir Thorne, you are underestimating me too much! A puny 5th Rank High Mage like him is willing to go, how could and esteemed 4th Rank Archmage like me not dare to go?"

"That Okay" Thornes expression was somewhat weird. He stared at Lahn strangely for a bit before nodding, not saying much more.

Lin Yuns group was soon ready. After resting for over ten minutes, they set foot in the Planar Path. The moment they entered it, they all felt the bone-chilling cold spreading from their feet to the rest of their bodies.

After walking for about three minutes, Lin Yun sensed some changes. The ice elements in the Planar Path gradually became stronger. He guessed that it might be more extreme in the plane on the other side of the Planar Path.

A light suddenly appeared in front of them.

Before Lin Yun even approached it, he knew that it came from the Chromatic Dragon Crystal.

Lin Yuns group went past the Chromatic Dragon Crystal without stopping. Although he needed to collect that crystal, it would have to wait for his return.

Three minutes later, everyone finally reached the end of the Planar Path, only to see a vast expanse of whiteness spreading in front of them. Bone-chilling wind mixed with ice assaulted them, followed by a spatial distortion. In an instant, the surroundings changed and they were now in an unfamiliar world.

"What plane is this?"

Accurately speaking, the place they appeared in was an endless ice field. Ice covered the ground, and snow fluttered in the sky, continuously drifting down on everyone.

Everyone in the group had gotten used to the blistering hot environment of the Raging Flame Plane. Even Lin Yun had stayed there for over three months. Now that they were in this world of ice, they found it a bit hard to adjust.

Such a great contrast At this time, Lin Yun recalled that for the Raising Dragon Array to work, it needed to be set at the junction of two planes on the same scale, and the greater the difference in the environments between the two planes, the better.

The Raging Flame Planes high temperature was something an ordinary person couldnt handle, and it was the same for this ice plane, just that it was the complete opposite of the Raging Flame Plane. One needed to be at least a 5th Rank Mage to resist the cold and survive there.

But, at this time


A deafening sound echoed, making the entire world of ice shake. Cracks started appearing in the ice under their feet as deep roars could be heard in the distance. They could see a white mist spreading in the distance, just like the dust raised when ten thousand horses galloped together. The group couldnt help but feel a bit apprehensive