End Of The Magic Era Chapter 495

Chapter 495 Ice Field Mammoth


"This is" Thorne was the first one to be shocked, as a Planar Commander of the Merlin Family, Thorne spent most of his life in different planes and his experience was far superior to ordinary Sword Saints.

As the cracks appeared under their feet and the rumbling sound echoed in the distance, a terrifying name echoed in Thornes mind

Mammoth! Ice Field Mammoth!

Only such a terrifying beast could cause such effects on a field of ice that hadnt changed for thousands of years.

Back then, when Thorne was merely an Expert Swordsman, he once followed the Merlin Familys Planar Legion in the fight over the Ice Prison Plane. That Planar War was like a nightmare to Thorne

Thorne clearly remembered that at the time, the Merlin Familys Planar Legion was already famous in Okland, conquering four planes in a short decade and could only be described as born-conquerors. An ignorant faith in their strength spread through the Merlin Family, making them feel that conquering the Ice Prison Plane was only a matter of time

But the Merlin Family learnt that they were wrong.

At the time, the Planar Legion of the Merlin Family had spared no effort in attacking the Ice Prison Plane and established their first fort in this completely new plane. This first fort was used to slowly nibble away at the surroundings and they only spent a year before they annexed most of the land in the Ice Prison Plane. The entire Merlin Family was clamoring, they wanted to cross the Winter Ice Field and plant the Merlin Familys flag at the top of the Winter Peak.

After a year of preparations, the Merlin Familys Planar Legion set out for the Winter Ice Field.

But right then, disaster befell them.

On the first night in the Winter Ice Field, Thorne was awakened by a rumbling sound, and when he opened his eyes, he saw a scene that came from hell. Long, extremely long tusks and huge mountain-like monsters were charging through the camp, dying the ice bloody, a mix of severed limbs and blood slowly flowed on the ice field. The prideful Merlins who were disdainful of Oklands Planar Legions simply couldnt resist this power.

Mammoths, Ice Field Mammoths

Thats right, only this kind of frightening magic beast dubbed as Ice Field Overlord could destroy an entire Planar Legion that easily.

Thorne had stood there in a daze, looking as the Planar Legion was shattered by the Ice Field Mammoth. That hellish scene had remained in Thornes mind, even though so many years had passed, he was still unable to forget the deep sounds the mammoth made when charging on the ice.

"Damnit, its an Ice Field Mammoth!" After a short silence, Lahn let out a short shriek, this 4th Rank Archmage had lost his proud attitude, he looked as if he was facing a ghost. His eyes were wide open, both hands on his cheeks as he screamed, "Run, run, thats an Ice Field Mammoth! An Ice Field Mammoth!"

Lahn instantly cast Levitation after screaming, tightly hugging his staff as he was already ready to escape.

But after casting Levitation, Lahn suddenly found out that everyone else had remained still.

Moreover, they were looking at him strangely.

"What are you doing?" Lahn was going crazy, Those are Ice Field Mammoths, Grim Reapers of the Ice Fields. Let alone this group, even a full Planar Legion would only be able to flee when faced with these terrifying magic beasts!


What do they think they are doing?

Lahn really wanted to tell them, What are you doing? These are Ice Field Mammoths! You arent more than snacks to them!

But before Lahn had time to say anything, Thorne Merlin was already sighing, "There is no time"

"What?" Lahn suddenly froze, "What do you mean there is no time?"

"There is no more time" Thornes mind seemed to still be in that nightmare and he looked somewhat dazed.

"Bloody hell, why is there no time!"

"Sir Thorne is saying that its too late to escape" Lin Yun suddenly intervened before Lahn went out of control. After saying those words he pointed in the distance, "Sir Lahn, take a look over there"

Lin Yun was pointing behind them. For some unknown reason, a white mist also rose up there

"Can you see that, Sir Lahn? Those white mist clouds are caused by the charging Ice Field Mammoths, they are raising chunks of ice when they stomp on the ground. If you hadnt been scared, you would have sent Mage Eyes and would have quickly discovered that we had been surrounded by several hundred Ice Field Mammoths. Using Levitation to escape is nothing more than becoming a living flying target. The Ice Field Mammots will definitely use their innate spells to passionately receive you"

"You You" Facing the famous Ice Field Mammoths, Lahn had long since been in a daze, but hearing Lin Yun ridiculing him, Lahns expression paled as he refocused. He looked at Lin Yun with anger and resentment,

"Yes, yes" Lahn pointed at Lin Yun, his eyes seemingly spouting fire, "It was you You are the one who led us here. After all, how could it be so coincidental? The array within the Ghost Valley had remained undiscovered for so long, yet it was out of the blue discovered by you, Mafa. No wonder you lead so many people despite Commander Thornes obstructions. Turns out it was all premeditated, such a heavy scheme You are ready to ruin the familys foundation just to fight over the command of the Planar Legion."

"" Lin Yun was dumbstruck for a bit, before scratching his cheek, not knowing whether to laugh or cry, he said, "I didnt know I was that formidable, while still in Okland, I already knew that the Ghost Valley had an array leading to an ice plane and knew that Ice Field Mammoths were running there"

Lin Yun then continued, "Oh, right, Sir Lahn, I have to ask. If I was that formidable, how come I was unable to anticipate in the Raging Flame Plane that you were a coward fleeing at the first sign of danger"

"Who the hell is a coward!" Lahns voice suddenly got louder.

"Werent you the one talking about fleeing" Lin Yun smirked, as if he didnt even notice that Lahn was about to burst in anger

Nothing could be done about it, Lin Yun had recently suppressed a Lesser Lava Overlord, what could a puny 4th Rank Archmage even count as? Lin Yun wouldnt need to pay attention to him even if he went mad


"Alright" The quarrel between the two alarmed Thorne, this Planar Commander finally woke up from his nightmare.

One had to admit that Lin Yuns prestige in the Planar Legion as a newcomer wasnt comparable to Thornes. Thorne only glanced at Lahn and that infuriated 4th Rank Archmage immediately shut up.

Thorne then turned his head and bitterly looked at Lin Yun, "High Mage Mafa, you see"

Thorne was extremely worried as he said this sentence, nothing could be done, even if the current Thorne was already an esteemed Sword Saint, that nightmarish event in the Ice Prison Plane had left a huge shadow in his mind, how could Thorne not be worried when facing the monsters that made the Merlins fall from the sky?

"There is no good method" Lin Yun shook his head, not hiding anything from Thorne.

Indeed, their current situation was like this

Even Lin Yun couldnt come up with an easy solution.

Ice Field Mammoths were called Grim Reapers of the Ice Fields and it wasnt for show. They were magic beasts around level 30 and were overlords of the Ice Fields, no magic beast on any kind of ice field could contend against them. They had innate steel-like skin, formidable enough to block most physical injuries and spells. At the same time, they were proficient in all kinds of Ice Spells. With the help of the ice field, they were already invincible and their physical strength was comparable to Thunder Beasts. Once hundreds of them appeared and surrounded their targets, it would no longer be possible to escape.

Just like now.

According to Lin Yuns estimations, there was at least a thousand Ice Field Mammoths rushing from all directions. Even for a 4th Rank Archmage like Lahn, escaping from such a siege was just a pipe dream.

Let alone Lahn

Even Lin Yun himself found it impossible.

Escape is definitely not a choice.

The only remaining option was to engage the Ice Field Mammoths


Over a thousand Ice Field Mammoths, frightening existences around level 30 It wouldnt be a problem for them to destroy a Planar Legion, the odds of success for the people present werent high