End Of The Magic Era Chapter 497

Chapter 497 Courting Death


A fine example was the conquest of the Ghost Valley. At first, Thorne had waited to see the young mage embarrass himself, but it ended up in a loud slap. The young mage miraculously managed to reach an agreement with the Black Tower and thoroughly annihilate the Thawing Fire Tribe, bringing huge benefits to the Merlin Family.

Thus, Thorne clenched his teeth and decided to make a gamble.

He really couldnt think of another way to help the group get out of danger.

"Prepare for action" Lin Yun tightly stared at the northern side, a grave expression on his face, countless flames emerging and covering his whole body. A red light flashed, quickly rushing north.

Seeing Lin Yun lead the way, the other five people followed with their own Fire Elemental Incarnation after a short hesitation.

Soon, the group clashed with the first wave of Ice Field Mammoths, hundreds of meters in front of them. Even Lin Yun had cold sweat dripping down his forehead, this was too frightening, there was at least two to three hundred Ice Field Mammoths within several hundred meters, this was equivalent to fighting a legion of over two hundred newly advanced Archmages. On the first clash, countless ice spells flew towards them.

This was truly terrifying.

Let alone counterattacking, mages with poor mental fortitude might not even have the courage to flee when faced with this attack.

Lin Yuns group was relatively good in this regard, Ida, Yuri, Thorne and the two others had participated in Planar Wars for decades and had went through over a hundred battles of this scale. Although the scene before them was shocking, they wouldnt be terrified witless. And Lin Yun was better off, after all, he had experienced the destruction of Noscent.


At this time, it seemed as if the entire Winter Ice Field was shaking, countless cracks spreading on the ground and expanding as the Ice Field Mammoths quickly dashed. White mist filled the sky, spreading like a cloud of dust.

A total of six fiery red silhouettes could be seen moving behind those mountain-like monsters. They were all already surrounded by the Ice Field Mammoths, the situation was very dangerous.

The destructive physical power of the Ice Field Mammoths could only be described as terrifying, the ancient ice of the Ice Field was cracking under their limbs perfectly depicted that. While everyone was quickly moving, they had no other choice but to be on guad. It would be a disaster if they got rammed by an Ice Field Mammoth.

At that time, their defensive enchantments would be no different from paper.

The most troublesome part was the Ice Field Mammoths innate abilities, especially in an environment like this world of ice, the power of their ice spells would be greatly improved and was comparable to newly advanced Archmages using their strongest spells.

"I wonder if we can get past" Even 5th Rank Sword Saint Thorne was somewhat anxious, deep worry could be seen on his face.

Crossing two kilometers was easy as blowing off dust to these powerhouses.

But this was clearly special circumstances

A large amount of Ice Field Mammoths were rushing over, the numbers continuously increasing as they hindered their escape.

They had to avoid colliding with the Ice Field Mammoths. For a while, everyone in the group, including Lin Yun, was in an awkward situation.

In a few minutes, Ida was careless while moving and an ice spell brushed past him, lightly wounding him.

Archmages might be considered as the main forces in the conquests of countless planes, but in this world of ice, they could fall anytime.

After all, their opponents were mammoths counted on thousands.

After more than ten minutes, the six fiery red silhouettes were still dashing between the Ice Field Mammoths, they had only moved five hundred meters, a quarter of the way. Beside Lin Yun, everyone had received some injuries, but fortunately, no one was seriously hurt.

But even as everyone already adapted to their situation and they were methodically avoiding colliding with the Ice Field Mammoths, a shocking mana fluctuation suddenly rose. Everyone was startled and they all tacitly looked towards the source of the mana fluctuation.

They saw the blazing Lahn Merlin levitating in the air, holding his staff within his hands as it blossomed with a dazzling light. He chanted long incantations and only a whistling sound could be heard as a burning aura spread everywhere. 5th Tier Spell Fire Dragon, it looked alive in Lahns hands as it flew towards the Ice Field Mammoths, leaving behind a trail of fire.


A deafening explosion echoed as ice shattered, sending countless pieces of ice flying in all directions. It felt as if the entire Ice Field shook. A dazzling flame soared and a burning aura filled the air as a sea of flames spread for several hundred meters.

Lahn, who caused such a huge destruction, didnt stop even for a second, he instead held his staff very high and kept casting tyrannical fire spells.

The entire area was filled with flames, and after a deafening sound, they could clearly hear miserable shrieks. Those came from the Ice Field Mammoths. In Lahns short outburst, at least ten Ice Field Mammoths lost their lives and several dozens sustained injuries.

This kind of accomplishment was something only an old Archmage close to the High Ranks like Lahn could achieve, but that burst of power also used up a lot of mana.

This caused his complexion to worsen, it looked as if his face was devoid of blood.

He was very happy about his feat of killing over ten Ice Field Mammoths in one move. It was as if he had vented the feelings he had kept bottled, but at this time, an icy voice echoed next to his ears.

"Sir Lahn, your actions are a bit excessive arent they?"

As that voice echoed, Lahn discovered that, unbeknownst to him, a fiery figure shrouded in flames had appeared beside him. That young voice wasnt unfamiliar, he knew full well that the owner of that voice was that damn Mafa Merlin and Lahns expression instantly turned gloomy.


How is it excessive?

After all, he had just used a lot of mana to display the power of a 4th Rank Archmage at its finest and killed over ten mammoths to alleviate the pressure on the team.

This is a huge contribution.

How could he say it was excessive?

As he thought about this, Lahn couldnt suppress a sneer as he said with ridicule, "Mafa, I snatched your limelight, thus you feel that Im too excessive? Your way of thinking is too childish, but nothing can be done about this, you are only a 5th Rank High Mage"

He was even more disgusted with the young mage in front of him.


Lin Yun was a bit stunned when he heard this, he helplessly scratched his cheek, not knowing whether to laugh or cry, "Sir Lahn, let me tell you, our most important task isnt killing Ice Field Mammoths, but to hurriedly cross two kilometers to reach a certain place and draw the Ice Field Mammoths there to ensure our safety. Moreover, your action had no meaning Sir Lahn, it is simply a waste of mana, after all, there isnt just those few dozens around us, there are hundreds of them"

"What are you saying!" Lahn suddenly raised his voice.

"Im saying that your action was completely meaningless, moreover, it might even affect us. Its fine if you dont want to survive, but please, dont implicate us, okay? I hope you can calm down and stop attacking the Ice Field Mammoths" Lin Yuns mouth twitched as he expressionlessly looked at Lahn.

Had it not been for the other sides actions possibly affecting his plan, he would have been disinclined to take care of a trifling Lahn. Even if the other side was courting death, as long as it didnt influence his plan, he definitely wouldnt interfere.

"Truly ridiculous, Mafa Merlin, who do you think you are? A Heaven Mage? No, you are a mere 5th Rank High Mage, nothing more. Yet you dare criticize me and give me orders? The Familys youths dont know the immensity of heaven and earth nowadays" Lahn pointed at Lin Yun, glaring at him.

How could he not get angered

That damned Mafa Merlin had provoked him a few times already, he clearly didnt attach any importance to his status as an Archmage.

The most annoying part was that a mere 5th Rank High Mage dared to criticize him.

This was simply courting death

"I dont have time to bicker with you" Lahn resisted the urge to make a move and took a deep glance at Lin Yun. If not because of special circumstances, he really wouldnt mind teaching him a lesson and show that arrogant youth how frightening an Archmage was.

"Oh? Then when do you have time" Hearing Lahns answer, Lin Yun no longer smiled, he was frowning and squinting at Lahn. If Xiuban was there, he would have ran far away, because he would have known that this kind of Lin Yun was extremely terrifying.


Lahn Merlin didnt know this, that 4th Rank Archmage had originally settled down, but after hearing Lin Yuns words, his anger re-surfaced and he sinisterly looked at Lin Yun, "Mafa Merlin, you are truly naive, I hope you arent thinking that I wont dare to make a move against you because of your identity as a Planar Commander? Let me tell you, you are dreaming, whether we can or cannot leave this place alive is uncertain anyway. If it was the Raging Flame Plane, or the Merlin Family, I might not dare to do anything, but here, hahaha"