End Of The Magic Era Chapter 498

Chapter 498 Mana Shackles


"Sir Lahn, it looks like its useless to talk to you" Lin Yun gently shook his head and extended his hand.

In a flash, a shocking mana fluctuation suddenly rose, just like a huge vortex. A few charging Ice Field Mammoths over ten meters away were instantly sent flying, letting out deep roars.


Lahn didnt even know what happened to him, his body flew towards Lin Yun. At that time, Lin Yun only raised his hand and firmly grabbed this 4th Rank Archmages neck.

"How How could this be!" Lahn suddenly realized that he, an esteemed Archmage, was grabbed by the neck by a 5th Rank High Mage. This was extremely humiliating. Just as he thought of this, he recklessly roused his mana.

But just as he roused his mana, it was forcibly suppressed by an extremely tyrannical force. Lahn then screamed, his whole body almost collapsed as his 4th Rank Archmage power felt extremely insignificant at this moment, he simply couldnt contend against that tyrannical power.

It was like a nightmare

No, this might be even more terrifying than a nightmare. When he discovered that he couldnt struggle free, Lahn Merlin almost went crazy on the spot, he simply couldnt believe this. As a genuine 4th Rank Archmage whose power was close to the High Rank, how could he be so powerless against a 5th Rank High Mage?

"I already gave you a chance, but you didnt cherish it, its time to punish you now, to stop you from causing trouble for us" Lin Yuns expression was calm, he didnt do anything superfluous after saying this and only chanted a mysterious incantation.

"What What punishment?"

As he said these words, Lahn suddenly felt that his mana stopped flowing, as if it had been shackled by some power. Regardless of how he tried to rouse it, his mana wouldnt react. He no longer needed the young mages answer, he already knew what the punishment was

Mana Shackles!

How could this be

Boundless horror filled Lahn Merlins eyes, he was in disbelief, he wasnt unfamiliar with Mana Shackles, he had even Mana Shackled some mages from hostile forces. He really hadnt expected it to happen to him one day. And more importantly, the other side wasnt a High Rank Archmage or a Heaven Mage, he was only a 5th Rank High Mage.

A 5th Rank High Mage Mana Shackling a 4th Rank Archmage?

No one would believe this if this spread, it was so absurd it would be treated as a joke.

But Lahn didnt find it funny, he could really feel it at this moment, the feeling of falling from the sky, becoming a powerless mortal, the feeling of having all the mana he had accumulated during his life being Mana Shackled. He might have already collapsed due to this sudden change had his mind not been tempered through decades of battling.

He was in disbelief even now, Is this young Mafa really a 5th Rank High Mage?

He had enough reasons to doubt.

How could a 5th Rank High Mage be powerful to the point of being able to easily suppress an Archmage. Moreover, Lahn wasnt a newly advanced Archmage, he was a genuine 4th Rank Archmage, and close to the 5th Rank. But even so, he was still effortlessly restricted by the young mages Mana Shackles.

He almost gave up resisting when he faced the young mages terrifying power.

That was too frightening

Lahn had been fighting countless battles in the Raging Flame Plane and could be considered experienced and knowledgeable. Every major force of Okland would occasionally dispatch some young talents to have them get some experience in the Raging Flame Plane, he had even heard of some heaven defying geniuses appearing within the first-rate forces, they could even contend against Peak High Mages as 5th Rank High Mages. This was already inconceivable to Lahn.

But he now felt that these so-called geniuses were simply not worth mentioning when compared to Mafa Merlin.

He was a true terrifying monster

As a 5th Rank High Mage, he could easily suppress and Mana Shackle Lahn, a 4th Rank Archmage. If the young mage reached the Archmage realm, or even higher, just how frightening would he become?

Thinking of this, cold sweat dripped down Lahns forehead. Nothing could be done about it, he was really scared.

The young mages voice echoed once again as Lahn was lost in his thoughts.

"Remember, this is only a small punishment, if you dare cause trouble, I wont mind turning you into a true ordinary person" After saying this, Lin Yun added an extra sentence, "Just like Aube"

True True ordinary person

The esteemed Archmage was once again scared by Lin Yun, his face was extremely pale, he naturally understood what the young mage meant by true ordinary person, it wasnt as simple as being Mana Shackled, he would really cripple his Mana Whirlpool!

Being Mana Shackled, reduced to an ordinary person without any power, was extremely painful, if his Mana Whirlpool was crippled, he would remain an ordinary person all his life, it was ten thousand times more painful than death.

Hold on Aube!

He suddenly reacted, the young mages sentence mentioning Aube Merlin made Lahn alarmed.

Ha, ha, that rumor was true The son Sir Thorne was so proud of was crippled by Mafa Merlin!

Lahn had spent the past few years in the Raging Flame Plane and hadnt returned to the Merlin Family, but he would occasionally receive some news from the Merlin Family. When he arrived at the Flame Frost Fort half a year ago, he heard someone say that Thornes son, Aube, had his magic path severed in an accident, his Mana Whirlpool had been crippled and he became an ordinary person without any chance of becoming a mage ever again.

It was the first time he heard Mafa Merlins name.

Naturally, he hadnt believed that rumor because the Ancestral Land then announced that Mafa became a Commander and would be dispatched to the Raging Flame Plane.

Who was Aube Merlin after all?

That was a young genius of the Merlin Family, a High Mage in his thirties which would become an Archmage after a few years. Moreover, his father was Thorne Merlin who had made countless contributions in the Raging Flame Plane, fighting for the Merlin Familys benefits for the past decades.

If Mafa had truly crippled Aube, how could he not be punished and instead be appointed as a Commander by the Ancestral Land?

There was no need to think about it, it was irrational

Not to mention, Thorne was not to be trifled with. The son he was proud of was crippled, this wasnt the kind of hatred that could be resolved, how could Mafa get away with it?

Thus, Lahn always thought that this was nothing more than a rumor.

But he was suddenly awakened when the young mage mentioned Aube. He might have made an error in judgement all along, that rumor was most likely true!

It wasnt that Thorne was willing to let the young mage off, he just didnt have a better option, or to be more precise, he didnt have the strength to retaliate against the young mage. After all, from the thunderous power the young mage just displayed, he could easily suppress a 4th Rank Archmage, thus the young mages power should have far surpassed Thornes.

"Since we are using my plan against the Ice Field Mammoths, you have to listen to everything I say. But, I can give you another chance, as long as you swear to no longer look for trouble and behave as we lead the Ice Field Mammoths over there, I can remove your Mana Shackles" After saying that, Lin Yun slowly released his grasp on Lahns neck with a helpless expression. If Lahn was left here with the Mana Shackles, he would definitely die. The other side was a member of the Merlin Family after all, if he did so, it would inevitably make Ryan and Oren dissatisfied with his actions.

If he was obedient, Lin Yun wouldnt mind removing the shackles.

But if he kept his attitude

"I I I" Lahn was moved when he heard that the young mage was willing to remove his Mana Shackles, his voice was shaking as he spoke incoherently

"I dont have time to waste on you" Lin Yun was getting impatient, after all, he had wasted a lot of time on that Archmage.

"I I swear, I swear to listen to everything you say!" Lahn was nervous and took a deep breath. Saying that sentence seemed to have used all of his energy.

"Good, I hope you can remember your promise Sir Lahn." Lin Yun smiled, he scratched his cheek and then softly chanted an incantation. After finishing this, he carefully helped pat the dust off Lahns body, before completely ignoring him and turning into a shadow, rushing into the distance.


Seeing the back of the young mage and sensing the mana flowing within his body, Lahn sighed in relief. He felt as if he had gotten a new lease on life after going through a nightmare.

Half an hour later, the six of them did their best to follow Lin Yuns plan and used all their cards to draw the thousand mammoths over. But no matter how cautious they were, it was hard to defend against the ice spells as they kept moving between the Ice Field Mammoths. They all had various injuries, heavy and light, including Lin Yun who had been hit twice earlier.

But as long as they could escape danger, a few injuries were nothing to Lin Yun.