End Of The Magic Era Chapter 503

Chapter 503 Snow Phantom


At this time, it wasnt just Lahn and Yuri. Everyone was looking at the sea in alarm. They could see a large shadow moving under them, causing waves on the sea. After taking a closer look, they discovered that the shadow looked somewhat familiar, and as they had that realization, a sinister head extended from the sea surface. It was the head of the Heaven Rank magic beast that they had encountered not long ago on the Ice Field.

And as expected

A total of nine heads surfaced, their sharp fangs glittering under the sunlight.

"Ahhh! Run! Its really that Heaven Rank magic beast!" Lahn shrieked, scared to death. When the magic beast surfaced, he couldnt help remembering the incredible power it showed when it was feeding on the Ice Field Mammoths.

It was really too scary

Even if he was an Archmage close to the 5th Rank who had been on expeditions through every major plane for the past decades, he was terrified, and his scalp felt numb. He was looking at those nine heads with intense fear.

This was a genuine Heaven Rank powerhouse. They were considered the most powerful existences in all of Noscent. Just a breath from a Heaven Rank far surpassed what an Archmage could endure.

This was no exaggeration.

The Ice Field Mammoths were the perfect example. There had been over a thousand of them and the weakest had been at level 30. Even a Peak Archmage would fall when surrounded by them.


With the appearance of that Heaven Rank magic beast, those hundreds of mammoths didnt even dare to attack it or flee. They completely lost their ability to resist.

This was the power of the Heaven Rank.

After shrieking, Lahn didnt even think properly as he waved his staff, casting a Levitation spell. He wanted to leave that damned place by any means possible.

He naturally knew how difficult it would be for an Archmage like himself to escape a Heaven Rank, but he felt that while his future would be uncertain if he tried to escape, he might still have a shot at life. But if he remained there, he was certain to die.

Then, a dazzling light blossomed, and just as Lahn was about to take to the skies, he found that a heavy palm was grabbing his shoulder. At the same time, a huge power was suppressing his mana, interrupting his spell.

This sudden change made Lahn Merlin almost go insane with panic. As he was about to curse, he found out that it was Mafa Merlin who had grabbed his shoulder.

This young mage still intimidated him, but those actions had clearly surpassed the limit to what Lahn could endure. Moreover, he was still deeply resenting the young mage for what had happened earlier with the snow cave. He almost bit his tongue as he angrily asked, "What do you want?"

That was a true Heaven Rank magic beast!

Let alone their current team, even if the Black Towers Harren and the Cloud Towers Jouyi worked together to face this frightening magic beast, they still wouldnt prevail.

What was the young mage doing?

Did he not know how powerful the magic beast swimming in the sea was?

If everyone remained, they would be nothing more than snacks.

There was no way that the young mage didnt not know about it

He had been there a few hours ago along with everyone else.

"Mafa, you are truly vicious You arent even letting me flee, do you want to kill me?" Lahn paled as he stared at Lin Yun while lashing out emotionally, his finger almost jabbing Lin Yuns nose. "I really dont understand, why are you always targeting me? You already punished me for my bad attitude, Mana Shackling me. Was that not enough?

"You dont have some deep grudge against me, do you? Do you plan to let me die just because of those trivialities?" Lahn looked insane as he let everything out. If he was going to die there anyway, then he might as well say everything that was on his mind.

He truly hated Mafa!

"I think you really misunderstood" Lin Yun was clearly stunned by this outburst. He was scratching his cheek, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. He wouldnt have to go through so much trouble if he wanted to deal with Lahn A few High Tier Spells would have been enough to dispose of him.

"It looks like you arent just vicious You are also a hypocrite!" Lahns face distorted as he let out particularly sinister, hysterical laughter.


Lin Yun didnt even feel like rolling his eyes. He helplessly shook his head and slowly shifted the hand holding Lahns shoulder before releasing some mana. A flame appeared on his hand before tightly wrapping around it. This was a Low Tier Spell, Flaming Hand.

His action instantly attracted everyones attention. They couldnt understand what he was doing. The situation was so dangerous, and that Heaven Rank magic beast might rush out at any moment to snack on them! Even if the young mage didnt know what to do, why would he cast a Flaming Hand?


As everyone watched doubtfully, Lin Yun emitted a burning aura from his palm and grabbed towards the void in front of them. Suddenly, a blood-curdling screech echoed.

Where did that come from

They were all unsure Some were in disbelief, but they had clearly heard a screech

But apart from them and the Heaven Rank magic beast, there was nothing else here

So what was that screech?

As everyone was puzzling over it, another cry rang out. At this time, they all realized that the sound came from the young mages Flaming Hand and they all looked over with bewildered expressions. They could now see a faint silvery-white silhouette struggling in the Flaming Hand, continuously making weird sounds. After a few seconds, it ceased its struggles.

"This is" The first to react was Thorne. This experienced Commander was also shocked when he saw this scene.

That silhouette had appeared out of nowhere, without any signs of it being there.

"Snow Phantom To be more accurate, its a kind of Frost Elemental. They are relatively special among other Elemental lifeforms and are usually referred to as Snow Phantoms by mages, because of their peculiar ability to create illusions that are hard to distinguish from reality." After giving this explanation, Lin Yun stopped supplying mana and the Flaming Hand gradually extinguished, leaving the palm-sized Snow Phantom in Lin Yuns hand. But now, the delicate body of the Snow Phantom had already been burnt pitch-black by the Flaming Hand.

With a shake of his palm, the Snow Phantoms corpse quickly fell into the sea below.

In fact, a strange Elemental like the Snow Phantom was rarely seen in Noscent. Most mages might never learn that among the Frost Elementals, there was an existence like the Snow Phantom.

It was only at the peak of the Magic Era that those crazy mages discovered and recorded all the information regarding Snow Phantoms, and it ended up being stored in the decaying library. Although it was Lin Yuns first time encountering one, he knew about them from his bookworm knowledge.

Snow Phantoms were considered the weakest among Elementals. They were like Volcano Spirits, around level 10, and they appeared in large quantities. There would always be several thousands every time.

But one couldnt look down on Snow Phantoms

With their proficiency with illusions, they had trapped countless mages, leaving them to die, and there was no lack of Archmages among their victims.

They usually appeared together to find prey, and after crafting their illusion, they would calmly wait for the prey to take the bait. As for the illusions they set, there were two kinds. One type would be enticing, such as a wonderful setting or a large amount of wealth, to attract the people inside. When the prey accepted the temptation and was filled with happiness, it would likely be too late for them.

And the other kind would be like this one. An extremely dangerous thing would appear in the illusion that would make anyone inside panic. When their guards were lowered, countless Snow Phantoms would rush them and the true disaster would happen.

But Lin Yun knew that there was a fatal flaw to the illusions.

If someone realized that they were in an illusion, they could make it collapse by attacking just a single Snow Phantom, because the illusions were jointly created by the several thousand Snow Phantoms, and each one acted as a node. When a certain node was damaged, the illusion would lose its balance and automatically disperse.