End Of The Magic Era Chapter 505

Chapter 505 Very Rude


They truly hadnt expected the mysterious person to be a very young and pretty woman. But then, they all realized that anyone that could appear here couldnt be an ordinary person. And as expected, they could feel a dangerous aura coming from the young woman. Feeling this, Thorne subconsciously asked that young woman who she was, his hand firmly gripping his Crimson Flame Greatsword.

Thorne found this woman quite intimidating

Even though she was walking over languidly, Thorne could feel a tangible pressure as every step she took made him feel tense.

Unconsciously, cold sweat was already dripping down

"You are quite funny! You broke into my home and now youre asking who I am" The young woman and her white mist stopped a dozen meters away from the group. Her cold eyes swept over the crowd, a loathing expression appearing on her face. "Dont you know that this is very rude?"

Suddenly, a shocking mana fluctuation rose up and the surrounding white mist started raging wildly. The young woman chanted a long incantation, and as the incantation echoed, a gust of wind rose up, carrying up countless ice fragments. Those fragments instantly condensed into many weapons before engulfing Lin Yun and the others in a short few seconds.

No one expected this beautiful young woman to have such a fiery temper, attacking right as she was displeased. She left no leeway for negotiating, and she was holding nothing back


Some curses came from the Archmages as the ice weapons whisted over at them, but they wholeheartedly threw themselves into battle. Although those ice weapons werent very powerful, comparable to 2nd and 3rd Tier Spells in terms of power, there was a huge swarm of them, which was rather overwhelming.

Ida and Yuri couldnt help feeling apprehensive when they were faced with that sea of weapons, their scalps feeling numb.

However, they had a team of Archmage powerhouses, so after a moment of panic, they displayed their transcendent power. Countless spells flew in this fierce battle.

Explosions just kept echoing

"This isnt a place you should have come to, but since you are here, you shall pay the price" The young woman walked in the world of ice, snow fluttering everywhere as she expressionlessly swept her eyes across everyone. Her pale cheeks were covered by a layer of frost and her cold gaze made everyone feel a chill.

"We shall see who is going to be paying the price"

A loud voice echoed within the palace as a tall silhouette floated in midair, holding a reddish greatsword with countless flames intertwining around the blade, seemingly wanting to burn everything. It was Thorne! This 5th Rank Sword Saint raised his greatsword above his head and let out a clear shout.

In a flash, a majestic sword aura ripped through the air, slashing down with a shocking amount of heat as it aimed at the young woman below.

But, the womans expression remained unperturbed. She threw a faint glance at it and countless silver runes came out of her body. With a wave, those runes fluttered in midair before suddenly transforming into an Ice Wall protecting the young woman like an impregnable fort.

There was a deep rumble from the impact.

The flames on the Crimson Flame Greatsword raged as Thorne slashed downward, creating dazzling sparks when it collided with those Ice Walls. Large chunks of ice were sent flying while Thorne looked like a fierce God of War with his blazing Aura and his flaming sword. He slashedat the Ice Walls over a dozen times, causing cracking sounds to echo continuously.

"Looks like you are the one who will pay the price" A sneer appeared on Thornes face, his smile looked exceptionally sinister as he raised his greatsword high up, before slashing down with extremely formidable momentum.

There was surely no doubt about the conclusion. His previous attack had destroyed over ten Ice Walls and there were only three remaining in front of the woman. He was confident in his ability to break the young womans defenses within a second, and perhaps after destroying the remaining ice walls, the woman would no longer be able to have room to launch any attacks.

This was self-confidence that stemmed from his own power

Although the young woman showed tyrannical power, terrifying casting ability, as well as a level of mastery over ice close to that of a Great Master, close-range combat was a fatal weakness of mages. Thorne only needed to break her last defenses, and even if he couldnt kill her, he would still be able to keep her suppressed.

"Not enough"

The young womans silvery-white silhouette rushed out from behind the Ice Walls and she slowly extended a hand, making the white mist rage. Ice condensed on her arms before she met Thorne head-on.

Time seemed to have stopped The surroundings had become quiet and the scene was frozen.


Suddenly, a scream broke this strange silence. After the expressionless young woman collided with Thorne, the 5th Rank Sword Saint actually shook. Before he could react, he was struck by an Ice Spear that appeared out of nowhere.

Thorne let out a scream as he was sent flying, a thumb-sized hole in his chest, blood leaking out.

All the onlookers were completely stunned by this scene

The young woman used an Ice Spear as a weapon to toss aside a 5th Rank Sword Saint. Most importantly, Thorne had been injured.

And that woman had simply been relying on her pure physical ability.

But beforehand, the young woman had showed her terrifying casting ability and her incredible comprehension of Ice Spells.

Everyone had assumed that the young woman was just a powerful mage.

But it now looked like the young woman wasnt just a mage She also tyrannical physical power and frightening casting abilities, making everyone think of Gaugass Battlemages..

Could it be that she was actually a Gaugass Battlemage?

No That group of mages living in Gaugass was considered nothing more than a group of uncivilized barbarians. Looking at the young woman, she truly didnt look like a Gaugass Battlemage.

But her magic and physical abilities were on par despite being this powerful. How could this be?

At this moment, a thick fog shrouded everyones hearts

"Cough, cough,"

A cough suddenly broke the quiet atmosphere, Thornes face was completely pale as if he had seen a ghost. He stared at his opponent in a daze, blood leaking out of his mouth. He couldnt believe that she had actually defeated him in his domain of expertise.

What truly shocked him was that the young womans physical strength was so terrifying that it completely overpowered a 5th Rank Sword Saint.

Moreover, the young womans casting abilities were comparable to those of a 6th Rank Archmage.

This wasnt as simple as adding one and one to get two

A perfect combination of the martial and magical paths, just thinking about it made him feel numb.

"Hell" Thorne suddenly cursed when he caught sight of a silhouette covered in flames suddenly turning into a ray of light. It streaked across the hall, dashing towards the young woman. He could instantly tell that this was Mafa!

This is too impulsive

Among the group, he was the only one that had personally experienced that womans strength, so when he saw the young mage rush out, he immediately felt a chill, feeling worried.

The best course of action would have been to immediately retreat.

Only if all six of them combined their power could they have a shot at victory.

Although the young mage was extremely powerful and had managed to kill the Tribal Chief of the Thawing Fire Tribe in the Sacred Land, he hadnt been alone back then! There had been over ten Archmages, including two Representatives of the Black Tower, 6th Rank Archmage Weiss and 7th Rank Archmage Suval, as well as Thorne himself.

But now, the young mage was charging alone.

He was facing an overpowered enemy who walked both the martial and magic paths and had perfectly integrated both.

He wanted to stop Mafa, but he knew that it was already too late. He only raised his head and watched as a sneer appeared on that young womans face. Her white mist was raging even more fiercely as frost fell. In less than a second, hundreds of Frost Lances appeared beside her. With one word, these Frost Lances flew out as if carried by a strong gale, and one of them was grabbed by the young woman. With a slight shake of her wrist, a wave of power tore the air.