End Of The Magic Era Chapter 507

Chapter 507 None Shall Escape


Speaking of which, Frost Dragons belonged to a branch of the Elemental Dragons. As their name suggested, they were blessed in the field of ice and every adult Frost Dragon was a Great Master in the ice element. Especially in an environment like this plane, they could display the pinnacle of ice magic.

In that short battle earlier, he had been able to assess that the Frost Dragon in Human shape was close to a level 37. Her strength would be even more terrifying after turning into her Dragon form.

But, he was confident in his abilities

The rewards would be monumental if he could kill this Frost Dragon Those sparkling pure-as-crystal scales, her blood, her fangs These were extremely valuable, especially to alchemists. The appeal was simply deadly.

But what truly tempted Lin Yun wasnt those.

It was the Frost Dragon Crystal

If a mage obtained a Frost Dragon Crystal, the immediate priority would definitely be to embed it into their magic staff. Using that magic staff to cast ice spells would increase the mages understanding over the Law of Ice at an unimaginable speed over time. Lin Yun once heard that in Noscents history, the Archmages who obtained Elemental Dragon Crystals had needed less than ten years to become Great Masters in their elements.

Some newly advanced Heaven Mages would even risk attacking Elemental Dragons to shorten the time needed for them to understand the Laws of the Four Elements and become Great Masters of the Four Elements.

Naturally, Lin Yun had the Element Chapter, so that wasnt what he cared about. Furthermore, comprehension of the Laws would have to wait until he reached the Archmage realm.

To him, the true value of the Frost Dragon Crystal lay in the fact that it could become an Augment of the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel, greatly increasing the power of the ice spells cast by it.

It might even be possible for the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel to reach the peak of its current rank

"None shall escape today"

A deafening roar echoed and everyone could feel the ground shake. The billowing white mist quickly covered the entire palace and layer upon layer of frost covered its every corner as the air became extremely rich in ice elements.

Everyone realized that it was just as the young mage had said: fleeing was impossible. They had no confidence to escape from the chase of a Frost Dragon in this ice plane.

The pressure that the Frost Dragon gave them was too great

After shouting those words, the Frost Dragons huge body appeared above them, covered in sparkling scales flickering with cold light. That huge head looked down at them with its pair silvery-white eyes filled with absolute coldness.

"Thats bad!"

The Frost Dragon had already opened her sinister maw when someone shouted that. An extremely terrifying aura spread through the entire area, and a faint, white and misty light was emitted from her maw before expanding and engulfing everyone.


A loud sound thundered out as that area was engulfed in white light, covering everything in a thick layer of ice. Fortunately, they were all Archmages, so when that warning shout echoed, they instantly used movement abilities to dodge.


As everyone looked at that layer of ice in shock, a mournful voice was heard. At that time, the others noticed Lahns situation. He was tightly clenching his teeth, his face devoid of blood as more and more beads of sweat rolled down his cheeks before crystallizing.

Half of his arm had been frozen. Everyone realized that Lahn hadnt been able to completely dodge the Frost Dragon Breath.

The breath of Frost Dragons was truly frightening

A 4th Rank Archmage like Lahn was barely grazed by the attack, yet half of his arm had been frozen. What if he had been directly hit by the Frost Dragons breath?

He would have definitely been frozen into an ice statue, and that frighteningly low temperature would have definitely frozen his blood.

"Be careful"

Lin Yun frowned as he expressionlessly glanced at Lahn. He then unhesitantly roused his mana and poured it into the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel. Countless spells converged into an attack aimed at the Frost Dragon, and without any pause, another flood of spells followed.

"Enderfa, help me control the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel"


Once the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel, this overpowered Magic Tool, was completely in Enderfas control, Lin Yun tightly held the Doom Staff and used Fire Elemental Incarnation to rush through the battlefield, shooting a rain of fire spells while dodging the Frost Dragons attacks.

As for Thorne and the others, they had rich battle experience after having gone through countless Planar Wars. They didnt even need to communicate to cooperate amazingly well with one another.

But the situation was extremely unfavorable for them. They had to remain a hundred percent focused at all times and avoid various ice spells as well as that horrifying Dragon Breath. After all that effort, their first offensive didnt bring much harm to the Frost Dragon.

Its going to end badly at this rate

Lin Yuns flame-covered face looked quite serious Even he felt pressure at this time.

After a short moment of hesitation, an ancient book emitting an aura of death appeared in his hands. He spoke an incantation and the two tyrannical auras of the Undead Horseman and the Lich were instantly emitted. As they received Lin Yuns orders, these two Higher Undead beings launched a storm-like offensive on the Frost Dragon.

And you

Lin Yuns hand went into the pocket that had a spatial expansion array and took out the alchemy puppet he had repaired a few months ago. To be more exact, this puppet hadnt been completely restored Some common parts had been used to replace some missing rare parts, limiting it to the power of a 5th Rank Sword Saint.

But he couldnt hold back now


The appearance of the Undead Horseman, the Lich, and the puppet made the Frost Dragon feel some pressure. She suddenly let out a deafening roar and attacked even more fiercely.

They had to admit that this Frost Dragon was truly frightening. She was only comparable to an extremely powerful 6th Rank Archmage in her Human form, but now that she was in her natural form, she was displaying the power of a true level 38 powerhouse!

It could only be described as devastating

Everyone, including Lin Yun, went all-out, constantly casting spells. This battle went on for more than an hour.

The Archmages burst with shocking momentum. The walls of the palace were almost completely destroyed, as the spell bombardment only left chaos behind.

By this time, both sides were arrows at the end of their flights. Over the course of this hour-long battle, both sides spells were becoming weaker and weaker. They had used all kinds of High Tier Spells at the start, greatly exhausting their mana, and they could only use 1st or 2nd Tier Spells now, as they were running out of mana.


As the fight reached a deadlock, the Frost Dragon suddenly surprised her foes with a sudden Frost Breath. The Archmages had no time to evade and were instantly turned into ice statues. Only Lin Yun was able to use his last wisp of mana to cast a Flame Flash at the last moment and charge towards the Frost Dragon.

Then, an extremely thrilling scene played out.

The Frost Dragon raised her foot to trample Thorne and the others into fragments. The physical power of Dragons could only be described as terrifying, and this Frost Dragon was no exception. Although she had used too much stamina in the fight, that stomp would definitely kill the Merlins.

There was no doubt about it.

Even if they had formidable physical bodies, how could they compare to a true Dragon?

Moreover, they were frozen, so they had no way to resist. They were trapped, out of mana, and couldnt use the slightest bit of power.

Despite being frozen, they could still see the Frost Dragons action and were terrified. Fear could be seen in their eyes, but they were helpless to do anything about it.

They would all become corpses within seconds.

But they were really unwilling.

No one wanted to die, especially powerhouses like them. If they didnt take any major risks, they could easily live for over a millennium.

"Haha If you dont stay your hand, Ill let you follow them into the afterlife."