End Of The Magic Era Chapter 509

Chapter 509 Mysterious Man


"Nonsense, you are talking nonsense! My father is definitely going to revive!" Reina instantly let out a hysterical roar as anger could be seen in her eyes. "Damn Human, dont even think of deceiving me, Im not that easily fooled!"

She simply couldnt believe the young mages words.

During the Draconic War, her father had firmly stood on the side of mankind and helped humans deal with Chromatic Dragons and Pure-blooded Elves. Although she still didnt know why her father did so, she knew her father had his own thoughts. Unfortunately, during the final battle, her father had fallen.

At that time, Reina had looked at her fathers corpse in a daze, so sad that she couldnt even control her tears until she fell unconscious. When she woke up, she discovered someone standing beside her. This man had been covered in a black robe and she couldnt make out his appearance. He called himself her fathers friend.

The muddle-headed Reina simply wasnt in the mood to pay attention to that human and just nodded half-heartedly. He talked for over half an hour, but she didnt really listen and just kept nodding robotically. However, when he explained why he came to find her, she vaguely heard that he was planning to revive her father.

Her first reaction had been disbelief

Her fathers life had completely faded away How could he be revived?

She doubted her ears

But after he repeated his words, Reina confirmed that she hadnt misheard. The mysterious black-gowned man truly had claimed that there was a way to resurrect her father.

Although she could hardly believe it, she couldnt give up on that opportunity. After a long talk, she learnt about the existence of the Raising Dragon Array. That miraculous array had an unfathomable ability, it could revive beings on the verge of death.

Later, she found out that the mysterious man that had come looking for her was a formidable existence no weaker than her father and had an exalted position among the humans.

Although Reina had just reached adulthood back then, she felt that such a formidable powerhouse simply had no reason to trick her, so she believed that her father might have a shot at resurrection.

She looked for that mysterious person and moved her fathers skeleton to the Winter Plane as per his requirements. She then waited for a very long time, guarding this place for millennia to make sure nothing would happen midway that could prevent her father from being able to come back to life.

She had been looking forward to reuniting with her father for several thousand years.

But now, this human who suddenly charged into her palace told her that her father simply couldnt come back to life and that he would instead become Undead. How could she accept that?

After all, she had been enduring endless silence and solitude for millennia just to reunite with her father

Moreover, that mage who stood at the peak of the Heaven realm had promised that the Raising Dragon Array would revive her father It would only need a very long time.

Why would someone with that kind of power need to deceive her?

Thus, she unhesitantly felt that the young mage was trying to deceive her with some kind of ulterior motive. After all, the promise of a peak Heaven Rank powerhouse had much more weight behind it. How could she choose to believe an ignorant young mage? Moreover, her heart subconsciously wanted to deny the young mages words, as she had been hoping to reunite with her father all this time.

"Haha, it looks like I have to find a way to make you believe me" Lin Yun frowned and chuckled humorlessly. Reinas reaction was within his expectations, but he didnt care because he really did have a way to prove his words.

After absorbing the mana from a few high-level mana crystals, he recovered somewhat. By rousing his Magic Array to its maximum, he quickly discovered a Frost Bird a few hundred meters away from the palace. In a flash, a burst of mana turned into a black hand and extended outside the palace, dexterously grabbing that Frost Bird before carrying it back to the palace.

Cries could be heard coming from the Frost Bird. In fact, this Frost Bird was level 25, so it couldnt be considered weak. But Lin Yun easily grabbed it and snapped its neck without hesitation.

"You What are you doing!?"

Seeing the young mages actions and his self-confidence, Reinas heart suddenly started beating faster. Dont tell me this young mage can really prove that the Heaven Mage tricked me?

As she thought about this possibility, she couldnt keep her heart calm.

"What do you think?" Lin Yun faintly looked at Reina. After a meaningful smile, he cast a spell and the Frost Birds corpse slowly floated towards the center of the palace, before falling on the ground with a soft sound.

Reina nervously watched it all.

When the corpse of the Frost Bird landed, the originally calm palace was like a lake that had a stone thrown into it. In a flash, a dazzling light blossomed from that dusky area and numerous runes rose up in the air, illuminating the palace.

Reina shivered She could clearly feel an extremely imposing power gathering. Even she, at level 38, felt some palpitations.

"I wonder what you are trying to prove?" she asked. But then, those rising runes suddenly dimmed, and that terrifying power also withdrew like a tide. Seeing this scene, Reinas heart relaxed and she couldnt help sneering.

The young mage was truly just stirring up trouble and trying to trick her. He couldnt prove anything.

The ridiculous part was that she had almost believed him.

"Its not over" Lin Yun didnt pay attention to Reinas sarcasm as he continued to watch the center of the palace with a serious expression.

"What isnt over?" Reinas anger soared when the young mage continued trying to act mysterious after being found out. If not for the dagger pressing against her neck, she might have already stomped him into the ground to teach him the cost of deceiving her. But something caused her to stop before she could say anything more.

"That Thats"

Suddenly, a gloomy and sinister aura spread. Reina noticed that the originally peaceful center of the palace was now letting out some creaking sounds. She could clearly see that the flesh of the recently deceased Frost Bird had completely disappeared. Only its skeleton remained, carrying a sinister aura as it shakily flew towards their position.

This bird had become Undead!

Azure light could be seen shining from its narrow eye-sockets, continuously flickering in the dusky environment.

Reina was looking at the Undead Bird in a daze, feeling completely stunned

At this time, flames appeared at Lin Yuns fingertips. A Flame Burst flew out and consumed the bird, sending bone fragments flying everywhere.

As Lin Yun expected, the strength of the level 25 Frost Bird had undergone a monstrous change after going through the Raising Dragon Array. It was barely injured by the Flame Burst. But Lin Yun didnt stop casting His Doom Staff kept flickering as a stream of Flame Bursts struck the Undead Bird, creating multiple explosions. By the 8th Flame Burst, its skeleton had thoroughly shattered, only leaving behind a flickering, fluorescent Undead Essence.

Lin Yun couldnt help frowning. The increase in that birds power after going through the array had been too outrageous. It had been comparable to a 2nd Rank Archmage in power. In other words, after turning into an Undead, it gained an entire seven levels.

When he encountered that situation three months ago, the level 15 Fire Salamander had gained ten levels after being turned into an Undead creature.

He hypothesized some possible patterns about how it worked. For example, it seemed that the more powerful the creature, the longer it would take for it to become Undead. The Fire Salamander had taken less than ten seconds to transform, while the level 25 Frost Bird took half a minute.

As for that Frost Dragon that stood at the peak of the Heaven Rank

The transformation process would certainly take an extremely long time, possibly several thousand years.

If the Heaven Rank Frost Dragon also As he thought of what would happen after the Frost Dragon successfully transformed, Lin Yun couldnt help sweating. That would be too terrible. The strength of the Frost Dragon would definitely increase


Just how terrible would the power of the Undead Frost Dragon be? It would definitely be an existence surpassing the Heaven Rank, one of the most powerful Undead beings in Noscents history!

It would be a disaster if it appeared in Noscent. There were simply no mages that could contend against it.