End Of The Magic Era Chapter 510

Chapter 510 Resurrection


Lin Yun didnt dare to keep thinking about this. He shook off his nervousness and pointed at the remains of that Frost Bird before smiling at Reina. "Did you see? I didnt lie to you. If you truly want your father to become like that, then you might as well go ahead and stomp my companions to death. Ill directly leave and not meddle in your business."

Although he said this, he had no plan to just leave now. Regardless of the means, he would take the two remaining Chromatic Dragon Crystals with him.

Moreover, there was no sense in leaving this Raising Dragon Array there

To be more accurate, this wasnt a genuine Raising Dragon Array. It wasnt built in accordance with the steps Lin Yun was familiar with. For example, some very important but difficult details had been replaced by other methods, leading to the Raising Dragon Array missing its true power. It could only transform corpses of some creatures into the Undead.

After all, a true Raising Dragon Array had never been seen in Noscent.

"How could this be, how could this be"

Reina looked as if she had lost her soul. She kept repeating those few words, clearly unable to accept this reality. But it was understandable. She spent so much effort, endured this endless solitude and silence, and waited in this palace for a few millennia without leaving.

Although she was being driven mad by the boredom, she never regretted her decision. So what if it felt oppressive? Reuniting with her father was more important.

To her, her father was the most important person in her life.

But after a few millennia of perseverance, she suddenly discovered that her perseverance had actually been misplaced. In that instant, she felt as if her entire world had collapsed.

"In fact, I do have a way to revive your father" Lin Yun put away his dagger and used Levitation to get down from Reinas back. He couldnt help shaking his head when he looked at the absent-minded Reina. Fortunately, she had good mental fortitude. Had it been someone else experiencing this matter, they might have already collapsed.

"What did you say?" The muddle-headed Reina suddenly stopped quietly sobbing after hearing Lin Yuns words. She glanced at him restlessly, doubting whether she had misheard. "Are your words true?"

"Of course, I have a way to resurrect your father."

"You Can you help me?" After obtaining the confirmation, Reina became extremely nervous. She wouldnt give up even if there was only a slight hope of reuniting with her father.

"I can"

"Rea Really?"

"Yes, I really can help you But Im unable to do so for the time being. You have to wait until I reach the Heaven Rank, and then Ill be able to use a certain method to resurrect your father. But before that, I need to take away the Chromatic Dragon Crystal within the Raising Dragon Array Moreover, this particular Raising Dragon Array has no need to exist." Lin Yun scratched his cheek as he forced a smile at Reina.

He wasnt deceiving her He was confident he could do it, but he needed some time.

After all, reviving a Frost Dragon that had been dead for millennia wasnt that simple. This involved interfering with unshakable Laws, and that could only be accomplished with taboo power.

He had enough confidence that once he became a Heaven Mage, he would also be a Saint Alchemist!

The Saint Alchemist realm might be out of reach of Noscents current Artisans. They would likely never reach that height in their lifetimes.

But to the transmigrator, Lin Yun, becoming a Saint Alchemist wasnt anything challenging. He only needed time. He felt that he had a chance at becoming a Saint Alchemist after becoming a Heaven Mage.

This confidence stemmed from the fact that he possessed alchemy knowledge that surpassed this entire era.

He would still be unable to set up a true Raising Dragon Array once he became a Saint Alchemist, as the requirements of such an array were too demanding, making it simply impossible, he still knew another method that would have the same effect.

In the several hundred years when the magic civilization was pushed towards its pinnacle, there had been a study on the Raising Dragon Array, gathering the wisdom of countless alchemists as they analyzed everything they knew about the Raising Dragon Array.

It was definitely a huge project.

In the end, after a decade of research, these alchemists made new discoveries. They found out that the core secret of the Raising Dragon Array was that it used an unfathomable method to recondense a dissipated soul. That new discovery made those alchemists go wild with joy. They had been regretting the fact that they couldnt arrange a Raising Dragon Array, but they found out a crucial part of it that might be reproducible.

Then, all of Noscents alchemists launched into a grandiose study on how to recondense souls.

Recondense souls?

At that time, there had been many people questioning them, feeling that those alchemists were dedicating too much time to something meaningless.

Because that was something simply impossible.

But after more than a hundred years, the alchemists solemnly announced to all of Noscent that they had developed a way to recondense a soul!

At that time, Noscent was roused into a frenzy. The only thing the mages would talk about was this matter.

In fact, it was already near the end of the Magic Era when that method was developed, and changes quickly began to fall on Noscent. The result of the research that could make any alchemist go crazy with fervor was also put in the decaying library.

Lin Yun hadnt been paying much attention to the books detailing these great research results, since they didnt seem as practical or useful as the Figaro Formula. Only when he was bored would he go read those books for fun.

During that era, all that mattered was survival.

The soul recondensing method that these alchemists had developed was something even an Artisan couldnt accomplish. One had to be a Saint Alchemist to use that method.

After all, it involved the incredible act of crafting and condensing a soul. This belonged to the realm of Gods. Mortals couldnt accomplish this, and only by becoming a Saint Alchemist could one be qualified to reach this domain.

"Heaven" Reina froze when she heard the young mages words. "Alright, please remember your promise." She was happy, but also worried. The Heaven Rank was something that ordinary people would never reach in their lifetimes, but it didnt seem difficult to the young mage in front of her For some reason, it felt like it would be more a matter of time.

She came to this conclusion because the young mage seemed to be in his twenties, by human standards, but was already a 5th Rank High Mage. Moreover, his true strength clearly far surpassed his own rank. Had the young mage not participated in the previous battle, she wouldnt have been in such an awkward situation while dealing with Thornes group. She would have been able to defeat them all in no more than ten minutes.

She had been somewhat shocked then If he was this powerful as a High Mage, just how frightening would he be if he became an Archmage?

At that time, the 8th Rank Archmage Reina wouldnt be that youths opponent.

And thus, Reina was really excited after listening to the young mages words. She had already been enduring for several millennia. She was sure that the young mage would need a few centuries at most to reach the Heaven Rank; that was nothing to her.

"Alright then" Lin Yun gently nodded and didnt say anything else. He turned to look at Thorne and the others lying on the ground and immediately walked over. He spent a few minutes to help melt the ice, and once he was done, he re-focused his attention on the Raising Dragon Array in the center of the palace.

This was the true reason he came to the Winter Plane.

The process of cracking the array was definitely boring. On the evening of the 2nd day, he completely cracked the Raising Dragon Array and it immediately collapsed. Its power quickly faded away as he retrieved the two Chromatic Dragon Crystals and gently put them in his pocket.

Lin Yun called out to everyone, ready to return to the Raging Flame Plane. The group of six walked out of the palace.


Just as they left the palace, Lin Yun suddenly discovered that they werent just six There was an extra silhouette at the back of the group, following them closely. He naturally knew that it was Reina.


He turned and threw a doubtful glance at her, but she just expressionlessly looked back at him. Reina was a lot weaker than before, and her face was devoid of blood.

After looking at each other for a bit, Reina couldnt help but curl her lip with a cold expression. "Whats wrong?"

"I want to know why you chose to follow me instead of remaining here" Lin Yun looked as if he felt wronged by having a beautiful woman following him.

Reina was like a time bomb, forcing him to remain on guard.

Of course, he might be overthinking it

"Hmpf" Reina coldly snorted as she looked at Lin Yun with an ice-cold expression. "How would I know if youre keeping your promise? What should I do if you are swindling me? I have to follow you until you reach the Heaven Rank, Ill leave once you fulfill your promise"