End Of The Magic Era Chapter 515

Chapter 515 Horn Of Fertility



The situation developed beyond his expectations once again

Half a minute later, the young mage was still standing there. He hadnt moved or said anything.


Mark Watson couldnt help being in disbelief. Does this 6th Rank High Mage not know that he is provoking me with this kind of behavior?

For a 6th Rank High Mage to provoke an Archmage, wasnt that just suicide?

I might as well teach him a lesson myself.

As he thought of this, Mark couldnt help tightening his grip on the gorgeous magic staff, and a white light quietly blossomed, filling the reception room with shocking mana fluctuations.

But at this time, the young mages voice echoed once again. "I think you might have misunderstood"


Mark instantly sneered, his sinister eyes studying Lin Yun. After a few seconds, he scattered the mana within his magic staff and meaningfully shook his head. "Remember, in the future, you should never try to provoke an Archmage. The fury of an Archmage isnt something a High Mage can endure. Forget it, you clearly wont understand even if I tell you this. Only by reaching that realm can you understand how great the gap between Archmages and High Mages is Alright now, take me to your commander, okay?"

"I seem to be the person you are looking for" Lin Yun scratched his cheek as he looked at the white-gowned mage with ridicule.

The young man from the Watson Family was an Archmage at the age of 35. He was also slightly stronger than those who had reached the Archmage realm a long time ago. This kind of achievement was quite astonishing. Any major force would prioritize nurturing him to become even stronger

After all, Solan Monchi was known as the most promising genius to enter the Council of Seven, but he was already close to 40 when he became an Archmage. This young mage from the Watson Family had become an Archmage a few years younger than Solan.

Those few years were important because they showed how huge the difference in talent between both sides was.

Lin Yun hadnt expected the Watson Family to have such an outstanding youth. This young man was a few times stronger than Stan Watson, who had claimed that only a Sword Saint could be qualified to worry about his safety.

He had no choice but to admit that this young man from the Watson Family indeed had the strength to back up his arrogance.

"You mean, you are the commander?" Mark was stunned for half a minute before finally reacting. He didnt say anything else after asking that question in a dull tone. But from the mocking expression on his face, it was easy to see that he simply didnt believe it.

How could he believe it?

A 6th Rank High Mage kept repeating that he was the Merlin Familys commander. This was truly ridiculous.

Even if the people from the Merlin Familys Ancestral Land had brain damage, they wouldnt send a 6th Rank High Mage as a Planar Commander.

After all

All of Oklands major forces were participating in the fight over the Raging Flame Plane. In such a battlefield, a 6th Rank High Mage was nothing more than cannon fodder. Mark could believe that this young 6th Rank High Mage had some sort of a position within the Planar Legion, but being a Planar Legion Commander? This was a joke.

He had lived for over thirty years and had never seen nor heard of anyone below the Archmage realm commanding a Planar Legion.

To Mark, the Merlin Family was one of the Three Great Families of Okland and one of the few first-rate forces that had lasted over a few millennia in the Andlusa Kingdom. Their commanders in the Raging Flame Plane should at least be high-ranked Archmages or Sword Saints

If that young mage was truly a Planar Legion Commander of the Merlin Family, then it would mean that the Merlin Familys Ancestral Land had gone completely insane.

At this time, a silhouette appeared in Marks line of sight, and suddenly, a sneer appeared on his face. "Haha, Lahn, perfect timing"

He had met with Lahn when he just arrived at the Flame Demon Fort and knew that this was an Archmage with deep qualifications. Even if he was proud and arrogant, when faced with an Archmage whose power was approaching the high ranks, Mark couldnt help but use a respectful tone.

"Oh" Lahn was surprised, a bit curious about what Mark wanted him for.

"Its like this" Mark looked at Lahn and pointed at Lin Yun. "He seems to be one of the youths of your family, but he is truly outrageous. Just now, he dared to pass himself as a commander of the Merlin Family. Sir Lahn, could you please take care of this? If this matter spread, it would greatly affect the reputation of the Family"

As he spoke, Mark was clearly able to see the deep frown appear on Lahns face

Sure enough, he was truly impersonating the commander

At this time, Mark couldnt help but look at Lin Yun with an expression of sympathy, inwardly shaking his head. He knew that the matter of impersonating a Planar Commander would be investigated and that the punishment for such a thing was extremely severe.

But his sympathy wouldnt matter

That young mage would reap what he sowed!

Who told him to pretend to be a Planar Legion Commander and cause trouble for himself

"I think you made a mistake" Lahn took a long look at Mark. He had just finished dealing with his own matters and had just come to see what was happening here, but after arriving, he saw that the situation was a bit off.

The young man from the Watson Family seemed to be questioning Mafa Merlins status as a Planar Commander. He couldnt help finding this funny, but it wasnt a good time to laugh.

Mafa Merlin was still present, so how could Lahn laugh about this?

"What mistake?"

"Let me formally introduce you This is High Mage Mafa Merlin, and he is indeed a commander of our Merlin Family in the Raging Flame Plane. Please dont say that High Mage Mafa is trying to pass as someone else" Lahn didnt bother to look at Mark after saying those words. He instead turned and smiled. "High Mage Mafa, this young Sir from the Watson Family might have some important matter to discuss with you, thus I wont disturb you any longer, you can call me if you need something"

"Alright, Sir Lahn"

After hearing the reply, Lahn turned and left. In fact, Thorne had taken most people to the Flame Frost Fort, leaving Lahn as the only Archmage to watch over the fort. There were a lot of unfinished matters waiting for him to handle there, and he also truly felt pressure when he was around Lin Yun.

"How could this be," Mark muttered in disbelief.

He kept repeating those words, and once Lahn completely disappeared, Mark confirmed to himself that he hadnt misheard. This young mage called Mafa Merlin was actually a Planar Commander of the Merlin Family. This was too unbelievable.

This decision of the Merlin Familys Ancestral Land was simply crazy

Who would have thought that one of Oklands Three Great Families would appoint a 6th Rank High Mage as a Planar Commander?

If he hadnt heard it from Lahn himself, Mark would have never believed it.


So what if he was a Planar Commander?

This didnt change the fact that he was a mere 6th Rank High Mage

6th Rank High Mages were too weak

As he thought of this, Mark gradually calmed down. After inwardly shaking his head, he started studying Lin Yun with undisguised disdain. "I am Mark Watson and I come from the Watson Familys Ancestral Land. According to mages customs, you should call me Sir Mark"

"Haha, Sir Mark" Lin Yun stiffly chuckled. In fact, he was already getting impatient and thinking, What did he come to the Flame Demon Fort for?

But fortunately, Mark didnt make him wait too long. He nodded, satisfied by Lin Yuns attitude, and unhurriedly said, "In fact, I came this time on behalf of the Watson Family to discuss a possible collaboration. Oh right, do you know the Horn of Fertility? If you know, I wont need to waste time explaining"

"I know" After nodding, Lin Yun looked at Mark with a strange expression. To be honest, he didnt know much about the Horn of Fertility, but when he read through the briefing concerning the Raging Flame Plane before coming over, he did read some information regarding it. In short, it was an extremely fertile source of natural resources, one that could make all of Oklands major forces feel envious.

Lin Yun estimated that the Horn of Fertility should be a bit more fertile than the Ghost Valley. Controlling that place would allow a force to increase its power by leaps and bounds in a short time. It would be a huge advantage in the conquest of the Raging Flame Plane.

But regretfully

Oklands major forces had been making multiple moves against the Horn of Fertility, but they suffered terrible losses. That even included the Cloud Tower and the Black Tower.

This was because the Horn of Fertility was under the control of the strongest of the Thirteen Tribes of the Raging Flame Plane, the Fireblade Tribe.