End Of The Magic Era Chapter 516

Chapter 516 Opportunity


In the past millennium, most forces had suffered a loss at the hands of this branch, especially the Watson Family. Of the four forts they controlled, two were extremely close to the Horn of Fertility, and every year, many powerhouses would fall while defending those forts. But the two forts had been captured with great difficulty. They were their foundation, so they loathed the idea of parting with them.

"You know Good." The young genius from the Watson Ancestral Land seemed surprised for a moment. He then said in a dull tone, "The collaboration brought up by our Watson Family has something to do with the Horn of Fertility. To be more exact, we hope that you can join us to attack it together"

After saying this, Mark deliberately paused as a playful smile appeared on his face. Controlling the Horn of Fertility could make any force suddenly rise. This information should be enough to shock the young mage sitting in front of him, right? Even, Mark, an esteemed Archmage, was shocked when he heard that information from the Patriarch.


As he looked at the young mage, he couldnt see any hint of surprise. He was just calmly looking back.

How come he didnt react?

"Mafa Merlin, please answer honestly Do you know the value of the Horn of Fertility?" Mark got somewhat angry at the lack of a reaction.

How could someone not be shocked when hearing this news? This was the Horn of Fertility they were talking about! Even the Black Tower and the Cloud Tower would want it! Mafa Merlin was only a 6th Rank High Mage, how could he remain so calm?

The only explanation was that this guy simply didnt know what the Horn of Fertility represented.

As he thought of this, a sneer appeared on Mark Watsons face and he looked at Lin Yun with even more ridicule. "Looks like I do have to waste time explaining to you. Ill explain it just once, since you like to pretend to know things when you dont. The Horn of Fertility is the source of natural resources closest to the end of the Wailing River. It exceeds anything you could have ever imagined. It can even be said to be the most fertile place in the entire Raging Flame Plane. Alright, I wont be going into details for now, but I think that as a commander, you should properly learn those things"

Sure enough

As his voice faded away, Mark saw the young mage finally reacting strongly, just like when he heard the news from his patriarch.

Its actually that place

At this time, Lin Yun no longer cared about Marks mocking tone. Just now, he recalled an important bit of information after hearing this description The end of the Wailing River

To be more exact, it was that odd phrase he heard after restoring his Heaven Puppet in the Merlin Family Manor: "The end of the Wailing River"

It was this crucial phrase that broke his calm appearance.

This phrase that could be interpreted in numerous ways had been left by the Dark Sage. But it seemed to suggest that the Wailing River was hiding some unknown secret, a secret that had never been broken in Noscents history.

Before passing away, Emperor Zhantui once led a large group of Court Mages to secretly leave for the Raging Flame Plane. Lin Yun could guess that Emperor Zhantuis true goal was most likely the Wailing River.

The clues left by two great figures from two different eras pointed to the Wailing River, making Lin Yun have no choice but to attach some importance to that river with a long history.

One of his goals in the Raging Flame Plane was the Wailing River. Before leaving, he had planned to go there if the opportunity came up.

But he hadnt thought of a way to approach the end of the Wailing River

Oklands major forces had to be sneaky if they wanted to go there. If they were found by Raging Flame Beastmen, a conflict would instantly break out.

No human had set foot at the end of the Wailing River in the past millennia.

It wasnt just a flame river

After all, the origin of the Wailing River was hard to trace back. It was said that this Wailing River already existed when the Raging Flame Plane was born and that it was the source of the Raging Flame Planes power.

Moreover, this flame river had extraordinary meaning to the Raging Flame Beastman and was very important to them.

The culture and civilization of the Raging Flame Beastmen had all been tied to the Wailing River. If one looked closely, they would discover that the Thirteen Tribes were all scattered along the Wailing River. Since ancient times, the tribe qualified to live at the end of the Wailing River had always been the strongest one.

Many medicinal plants and ores were nurtured on both sides of the Wailing River, making everyone want them, but the Thirteen tribes were tenaciously guarding the Wailing River. If they discovered any intruders, they would launch an extremely fierce offensive to drive them away. Thus, Oklands forces could only look for opportunities to stealthily approach the Wailing River.

But it was almost impossible to reach the end of the Wailing River because they would be faced with the attack of the strongest Raging Flame Beastman tribe, the Fireblade Tribe.

Their power was no joke

And now, the Watson Family was asking the Merlin Family to help seize the Horn of Fertility. To be honest, this did draw Lin Yuns interest.

But capturing the Horn of Fertility wasnt that easy.

He didnt believe that the Merlin Family and the Watson Family could defeat the Fireblade Tribe.

With that in mind, Lin Yun calmed down and indifferently looked at Mark Watson, planning to share his questions. "Well, I want to ask"

"How could there be so many issues!?" Mark suddenly exploded in anger, impatiently interrupting Lin Yun.

Damn, what do you take an esteemed Archmage for, your guide? Alright, I shall endure.

"Speak quickly, if I know the answer, Ill let you know" He had to endure because Mafa Merlin was the Planar Commander. If he wanted to secure an agreement to work together, he had to get his approval.

"Sir Mark, I believe your Watson Family wouldnt plan to attack the Horn of Fertility without reason, right? " Lin Yun frowned. In fact, he was also enduring. He had been very tolerant, and he couldnt understand why the Watson Family would send this hot-headed weirdo to propose a collaboration with the Merlin Family.

Was that guy really sent to facilitate the collaboration, or was he a spy from another force planted within the Watson Family trying to sabotage their relations?

"Even if you didnt ask this question, I would have answered later! You are too impatient, Mafa"

Lin Yun didnt feel like answering this time.

That guy was really trying his patience

"In fact, our Watson Family discovered that only a third of the Fireblade Tribes army is currently defending the Horn of Fertility. We thought it was a coincidence at first, but after half a month, we found out that it was still the same. Thus, we conjectured that something unforeseen must have happened to the Fireblade Tribe, forcing them to transfer troops elsewhere." Mark looked rather serious as he continued, "This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. By taking advantage of this opportunity to eliminate the remaining third of their troops, we can temporarily control the Horn of Fertility and use this chance to gain a foothold there. Even if the rest of the Fireblade tribe comes back to launch an attack, we should be able to hold on."

"So thats how it is" Lin Yun thoughtfully nodded. This was indeed a rare opportunity. The Horn of Fertilitys terrain was extremely steep. As long as they could manage to seize it, they would be able to build all kinds of fortifications. With enough preparations, even if the Fireblade Tribe attacked, it would be extremely hard for them to reclaim the area.

"Okay, you should know now since I told you most of it. Mafa Merlin, you should have decent judgement. Your Merlin Family would greatly profit from participating. This is our Watson Family showing you some consideration, understood?" As Mark said those words, his face reddened slightly, but he concealed it very well. "If the Merlin Family agrees to attack them together with us, you will get 20% of the Horn of Fertility. This should be generous enough. As a commander, you should consider this matter carefully. You can take your time, I can wait"

The truth was, the facts werent as Mark Watson said.

Where was the Horn of Fertility?

It was the most bountiful source of natural resources in the entire Raging Flame Plane. Every major force that entered the Raging Flame Plane had coveted that place and tried to take control of it, including even the Black Tower and the Cloud Tower, but without exception, they all failed.

Now, only a third of the original army was stationed at the Horn of Fertility, and this situation had persisted for over half a month

This chance would be an irresistible temptation for anyone.

And that included the Watson Family.