End Of The Magic Era Chapter 518

Chapter 518 Idea


When he first saw him, Mark hadnt cared about Weiss, thinking that he was nothing more than an insignificant nobody.


That nobody suddenly burst with the power of a high-ranked Archmage.

At this time, he clearly knew that it wouldnt be a wise decision to remain here. This powerful Archmage was completely furious at Mark.

Although his legs felt like jelly and his forehead was soaked in cold sweat, he still struggled to move towards the door.

When he almost reached the entrance of the reception room, he turned to look at Lin Yun. "Mafa Merlin, the troops defending the Horn of Fertility have been reduced by two-thirds for half a month. You should think carefully about this proposal This is an extremely rare opportunity for your Merlin Family. Oh, right, you only have three days to think this over"

He then turned to Weiss and sternly said, "And as for you! Just wait Our Watson Family will definitely make you pay the price!"

After finishing his words, Mark hastily turned around, trying to leave this place as fast as possible. But at this moment, a sneer echoed from behind, "Sure, Ill be waiting in the Black Tower for your Watson Family. Dont forget, Im Weiss of the Black Tower. You should tell your Patriarch Karl, I think hell know about me"

"The Black Towers Weiss is it? Hah, our Watson Family will definitely make you" Mark stopped, subconsciously wanting to turn back, but his expression froze and he started stammering. "Wait Wei Wei Weiss?"

Mark had always stayed in the Watson Familys Ancestral Land and had never appeared in Okland, but that didnt mean that he had no knowledge. He had heard of the famous people. At this time, he remembered who Weiss was

He was a member of the Black Towers Council of Seven, a Representative of one of the top two mage forces of the Andlusa Kingdom. He was standing near the peak of the Black Tower and had the power of a high-ranked Archmage. There were few people that could compare to Weiss in Okland. Even Patriarch Karl, who Mark had to look up to, had to show enough respect to this Representative and wouldnt dare offend him.

No matter how arrogant Mark was, he knew that he had done something extremely stupid

Moreover, his actions just now had likely caused troubles for the Watson Family.

What should I do What can I do?

Mark was very anxious at this time. He stood there in a daze and didnt dare to act arrogant. He didnt even need to turn to know that the Representative of the Black Tower had a very unsightly expression.

"Sir Weiss, I didnt know it was you, Im sorry, I truly didnt" Mark summoned his courage and started apologizing to Weiss, keeping his head lowered. He simply didnt dare to look him straight in the eyes.

But before he could finish his apology, Weiss raised his hand and interrupted him.

"Shut up!"

"Sir Weiss, I was wrong, I know I was wrong, please accept my apology"

Hearing Weiss angry tone, Mark was terrified. He realized that he might have caused a disaster. This was no joke. Although he had only spoken a few sentences, each of them had been fierce and rude. He had even called Weiss an old man! This was simply provoking the dignity of a high-ranked Archmage. Even if Weiss decided to kill him on the spot, the Watson Family would likely just turn a blind eye to it. They wouldnt dare to pursue this matter.

He only had himself to blame It would be a totally pointless death.

The only thing he could do now was to keep apologizing in hopes that Weiss would be magnanimous and wouldnt lower himself to argue with him.

"Apology?" Weiss sneered as he muttered that word before falling silent. But on the other side of the room, Mark was unable to breathe.

Weiss was truly angry this time. Despite being an esteemed Representative of the Black Tower, he was cursed as an old man, and more importantly, that young Watson kept threatening him by using his family name, not putting Weiss in his eyes.

But, Mark Watsons ignorance also made him feel a bit ridiculous.

"Do you think that a few words are enough of an apology when you made such a serious mistake? There is simply no meaning in that" Weiss coldly smiled as he stared at Mark.

"I I"

Marks anxiety reached a whole new level. He almost started to cry as he stammered a few words in response, not daring to say anything.

Offending this Representative was no different from courting death.

But as he was already despairing, Weiss voice echoed once again, "You can go now"

"Wh What?" Mark was in disbelief. He looked at Weiss in bewilderment as his mind couldnt follow. Weiss not accepting his apology meant that he wanted to punish him, but that last sentence clearly showed that he was allowing Mark to leave.

What was going on?

But he couldnt stop and think at this time, so he profusely thanked Weiss. "Thank you Thank you Sir Thank you for being so magnanimous"

"You dont need to thank me, you should thank High Mage Merlin instead. He is the one who saved you" Weiss coldly glanced at Mark with undisguised loathing before pointing at Lin Yun.

"Thank you High Mage Merlin Thank you" How could Mark care about details at such a time? Let alone thanking Mafa Merlin, even if he had to thank every person in the Raging Flame Plane at this moment, he would be delighted to do so as long as it could save his life.

"Go" Lin Yun frowned, impatiently looking at Mark. "As for the matter of the collaboration matter, Ill consider it. Ill dispatch someone to the Watson Family to notify you if my answer is positive"

"Good, good, good" Mark didnt even hear what Lin Yun said and kept nodding. He only knew that his life had been spared.

After saying those words, he truly didnt dare to linger and dragged his wobbly legs out of the reception room.

"High Mage Merlin, the fly has already walked away, so I think we can talk about some important matters now" Weiss watched as Mark left and only started talking when the other side could no longer be seen. Just as he said, the young mage had indeed saved Mark Watsons life.

After all, although he had become a member of the Council of Seven in the past few years and could only be considered a new Representative, his position in the council couldnt be ignored, especially after the recent Thawing Fire Tribe matter. He had dealt with it in a clean way and was trusted by Sir Harren.

To be honest, the young genius of the Watson Family was indeed nothing in his eye. He didnt have the qualifications to talk as an equal, let alone provoke Weiss. That was no different from courting death.

After being threatened a few times by Mark Watson, Weiss was already in the mood to kill him. But since this was the Flame Demon Fort, Mafa Merlins territory, he couldnt help but dismiss that thought. That small fry wasnt worth incurring Mafas dissatisfaction

Thus, saying that Mafa Merlin had saved Mark Watsons life wasnt an exaggeration.

"Sir Weiss, didnt you come to take the totem? Is there something else?" Lin Yun threw a strange look at Weiss.

"Haha, I just heard it" Weiss awkwardly laughed.


"Well, I just inadvertently heard that youth from the Watson Family say that two-thirds of the army guarding the Horn of Fertility was gone, and for half a month at that. Is that true?" Weiss looked at Lin Yun cautiously. He had made many conjectures when he heard the news.

This was definitely an opportunity for the Black Tower. If they could smoothly occupy the Horn of Fertility and establish themselves at the source of natural resources, then with the Black Towers power, they would inevitably be able to nibble away at the few surrounding forts. When the time came, the Black Towers influence in the Raging Flame Plane would crazily increase and far surpass the Cloud Towers.

This was too important

In the Black Towers eyes, the Horn of Fertility was not just a source of natural resources. The most important part was that if they could capture that place, they would have created a foothold, which they could slowly expand.

The Horn of Fertility had always remained the only path to attack the Fireblade Tribe, which had always stationed their most elite troops there. They had never moved their forces away from there ever since invaders from Okland set foot in the Raging Flame Plane.

But something had happened now, causing some of them to leave. Weiss couldnt help wondering if something had happened that caused them to be unable to manage the Horn of Fertility.

"Actually, I dont know whether this information is true, but from the attitude of the Watson Family, it shouldnt be fake" Lin Yun appeared absent-minded, scratching his nose as he looked at Weiss. He felt that what Mark said had most likely been true.

Otherwise, why would the Watson Family formally send a young genius to discuss a possible collaboration?

"High Mage Merlin, I have an idea Would you like to hear it?"


Seeing Weiss serious expression, Lin Yun responded, "Go ahead"