End Of The Magic Era Chapter 523

Chapter 523 Magic Tool Incarnation


He had crafted two True Spirit Magic Tools before, the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel and the Doom Staff. He already had reached an agreement with Enderfa when he crafted the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel and he became its Incarnation. But the Doom Staff was different, the birth of a Magic Tool Incarnation during its advancement meant that Lin Yun personally created a life, and this was the sign of stepping into the Artisan Realm.

Even if reaching the Artisan realm had only been a matter of time to Lin Yun, he couldnt help feeling excited when he truly reached it.

He suddenly recalled that young and immature Dragon Roar during the advancement of the Doom Staff, and thinking of this, his expression became strange, The Doom Staffs Incarnation, it wouldnt be a Dragon, right?

The total number of Dragon-shaped Magic Tool Incarnations that appeared in Noscents history could be counted on two hands

"Whats going on" He connected with the Doom Staff and tried to communicate with the Magic Tool Incarnation, but there was no reaction. Instead, the absorption speed of his mana quickly accelerated, making Lin Yun gloomy and he immediately cut off the supply of mana.


As he cut off the supply of mana, that youthful roar echoed once again, sounding very dissatisfied. A purple mist rushed out of the Doom Staff and condensed into a fierce silhouette. As the mist took form, Lin Yun could see the Magic Tool Incarnation of the Doom Staff. It was a young purple Dragon, very small compared to Chromatic Dragons and other sub-races of Dragons.

An alarmed shout echoed in Lin Yuns mind, coming from Enderfa, but he didnt say anything afterward. Lin Yun immediately frowned. He couldnt take care of Enderfa for the time being, so he instead focused on the young Dragon.

Its just a baby Dragon

The appearance of that purple Dragon did surprise Lin Yun, whether it was among Chromatic Dragons, or other sub-races, he had never heard of a purple-colored Dragon, and the aura of that purple Dragon was somewhat strange, but this couldnt stop Lin Yun from feeling disappointed.

To be honest, he was indeed let down. This purple Dragon, as the Doom Staffs Incarnation, would need a very long time to grow, but the Doom Staff might have already reached the peak of the True Spirit realm by the time he did.


The young Dragon suddenly issued another Dragon Roar, but it wasnt a simple Dragon Roar this time as it was followed by a Dragon Breath. Right after, an extremely terrifying mana fluctuations quickly spread through the entire alchemy laboratory as multi-colored lights flickered in the air, flooding everything like a formidable wave.


The Alchemy Laboratorys defensive array fiercely flickered under the impact of the Dragon Breath. This alchemy laboratory had cost several millions and the defensive array was clearly not an ordinary one. Even if a Master Alchemist carried out some experiments, the array would completely isolate any unfortunate explosion.

But when faced with the young Dragons multi-colored Breath, that fiercely flashing alchemy array was only able to hold on for less than a second before the countless mana circuits suffered serious damage, causing the entire array to be paralyzed.

After a loud rumble, countless expensive alchemy tools were destroyed by the multi-colored Dragon Breath


Lin Yun only managed to react once that Dragon Breath disappeared. He looked at the ruins of the alchemy laboratory in disbelief before once again staring at the young purple Dragon in shock. He truly didnt know what to say

This was unimaginable

Although the laboratorys defensive array hadnt been set up by Lin Yun, he had stayed for a short month in this laboratory and naturally knew how powerful the defensive array was. Some Archmages might not be able to destroy it.

Even Lahn who was standing at the peak of the 4th Rank would need a long time to be able to destroy this defensive array.


The purple dragons Dragon Breath cleanly took care of the defensive array. How could this not make Lin Yun suspect that this young and seemingly harmless Dragon already was at least as powerful as a level 35 powerhouse.

"The damage is too severe" Lin Yun looked at the laboratory and couldnt help bitterly smiling. At this time, the delicate mouth of the purple Dragon in front of him moved once again as multi-colored energy flickered.

"F*ck" Lin Yun ruthlessly cursed, Has this guy become addicted to Dragon Breaths? If he keeps using Dragon Breaths, wouldnt the Flame Demon Fort be razed to the ground?

Just as he cursed, Lin Yun quickly used his hand to block the young Dragons mouth. After sensing the energy disappearing, he sighed in relief. At this time, the young Dragons bright eyes were curiously looking at Lin Yun.

"Ill let you go if you dont spray" Those innocent purples eyes couldnt help but make Lin Yun frown. After more than ten seconds, Lin Yun slowly released his palm.

But just as he released his palm, the young purple Dragon pounced on his bosom before rubbing against him and continuously letting out whining cries.

"It looks like I should give you a name" Lin Yun looked at the purple Dragon that had settled down and scratched his own cheek. He couldnt decide on a name, and after staring at it for half a minute, he recalled that multi-colored Dragon Breath and his eyes suddenly shone, "Your name shall be Rainbow!"

Rainbow neither understood nor cared about a name. To be more accurate, its attention was locked onto Lin Yuns pocket, his eyes were flickering with an excited expression as he stared at it.

"Wait" Lin Yun touched his pocket and immediately realized why Rainbow was so interested in his pocket, it was because he had a lot of high level mana crystals stored there

Rainbow was consuming mana to keep up his form as a Magic Tool Incarnation, just like Shawn who had waited several millennia in that princes tomb and didnt have enough mana to keep his Incarnation. Had it not been for Lin Yuns appearance, he might have thoroughly dissipated a few centuries later.

From this, it could be seen how important mana was to Magic Tool Incarnations

Earlier, Lin Yun had tried to communicate with Rainbow quite a few times but didnt get any answer, thus he straightforwardly severed the supply of mana, forcing Rainbow to come out.

In the end, Lin Yun had to take out eight high level mana crystals, and Rainbow didnt wait and simply dealt with those mana crystals before turning into a purple light and returning into the Doom Staff. Then, regardless of how many times Lin Yun called him, Rainbow didnt answer.

He shouldnt have fallen asleep already, right? Lin Yun resisted the urge to sever the mana connection with a gloomy expression.

He put the Doom Staff away and looked at the ruins of the alchemy laboratory before releasing a long sigh. He then recalled something and summoned Enderfa.

"What is it?" A black mist floated out of the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel and condensed into three different faces in front of Lin Yun while looking at him in a weird way.

His voice sounded somewhat impatient

"Haha, say everything you know" Lin Yun indifferently looked at Enderfa. He clearly remembered that alarmed sound Enderfa had made when Rainbow came out of the Doom Staff, as well as his pointed silence ever since. From that sound, Lin Yun had realized that Enderfa had been frightened.

This meant that Enderfa definitely knew something.

After carefully thinking about it, Enderfa had only ever lost self-control when he met with something related to the Ancient Gods.

But Rainbow, the Magic Tool Incarnation of the Doom Staff, didnt have any relation to the Ancient Gods.

Lin Yun was really curious to learn what Enderfa knew.

"I cant understand what you are talking about, Merlin, you are baffling me. If there is nothing else, Ill go back to my Spell Wheel" Enderfa flatly answered. Just as he finished, his faces became fuzzy and turned into a black mist. He was about to go back to the Spell Wheel when he was suddenly stopped by Lin Yun. Being unable to do anything, Enderfa roared in exasperation "What do you think you are doing!"

"Dont be noisy!" Lin Yun shouted at the jabbering Enderfa and said with a frown, "Alright, stop pretending, tell me everything you know. Do you really think I didnt hear you earlier?"

"Hea Heard what?" Enderfa looked like a cat whose tail got stepped on, he screeched in vain before sinking into silence. After four to five minutes, he hesitantly looked at Lin Yun.

"Are you gonna talk?"

"Alright Ill talk" Enderfa unhappily answered, "You humans always thought that the ancestor of the Chromatic Dragons was the first Dragon born alongside Noscent, the Haiba Dragon God, right?"

"Its not?"

"Naturally not" Enderfa disdainfully sneered as he looked at Lin Yun, "In fact, it was a purple Dragon that birthed the Chromatic Dragon Race, it had once lived with the Ancient Gods in that vast world, and in a way, it was an existence comparable to Ancient Gods, but its origin had always been a mystery"

"How did you learn this" Lin Yun threw a strange look at Enderfa, full of doubts as he thought about the Doom Staff in his hands, Could I have summoned the ancestor of the Chromatic Dragons?

After obtaining a satisfactory answer, Lin Yun stopped blocking Enderfa, and the latter turned back into a mist after cursing a few times, before once again entering the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel.