End Of The Magic Era Chapter 526

Chapter 526 Requirements


But, the source of natural resources known as the Horn of Fertility was very vast, and the resources werent uniformly spread, there were naturally barren areas, which was why they had this meeting.

"I have a suggestion for the allocation" Lin Yun, who said those words, got up and approached the map, taking a crystal pen from his pocket before casually drawing a few lines, diving the entire Horn of Fertility into three areas.

"High Mage Merlin, Id like to know the details of your suggestion" Weiss bitterly smiled at Lin Yun. To tell the truth, he was a bit apprehensive. He had experienced the appetite of the young mage first-hand during the war with the Thawing Fire Tribe, where he had taken no less than 70% of the Ghost Valley

And now, he took the initiative to suggest a distribution plan. Weiss understood what that meant more than anyone else

The young mage clearly wanted to reap more benefits.

But even if he knew this, what could he do?

Let alone the Heaven Mage behind the young mage, just the power of the young mage was enough for the Black Tower to value him. In the magic tower, he had once defeated a level 37 Lich, in the Aurij Mountain Range, he had scared away a Greater Devil, and in the Thawing Fire Tribes Sacred Land, he killed the Tribal Chief who had the strength of an 8th Rank Archmage.

And even more incredibly, the young mage recently gained a Frost Dragon with terrifying strength, not to mention the countless powerful Magic Tools he possessed, this was a lot

In Weiss eyes, the Black Tower would suffer a loss this time

"The land close to the Wailing River has rich ore veins and a lot of medicinal herbs commonly used in alchemy, this should be the richest and most fertile part of the Horn of Fertility" Lin Yun pointed at one of the areas on the map as he said with a smile.

Sure enough Hearing this, Weiss face paled, beads of sweat started appearing on his forehead. He could obviously understand, the young mage must have taken a fancy to that place.

Well, worse comes to worst, we are just eating a loss.

In any case, the Horn of Fertility was only a launching point for the Black Tower, it would be used to nibble away at the Fireblade Tribe. Once their Caster Legion had rested and re-organized, they would take advantage of this opportunity to attack the few neighbouring forts.

At that time, they might need the young mages assistance

Thinking of this, Weiss felt relieved and squeezed a smile when he suddenly heard the young mages voice echo once more, "I suggest that this area should go to the Black Tower."

"Haha, High Mage Merlin, lets follow your suggestion, this area should go to the Black Tower Hold on, to the Black Tower?" Before he could finish his words, Weiss was stunned. He thought about it for a bit before making sure that he hadnt misheard what the young mage had said and that he indeed suggested to give that area to the Black Tower.


Weiss looked at Lin Yun in disbelief, he really couldnt understand, how could the young mage suggest to give the most fertile land to the Black Tower?

This was illogical

According to his character, shouldnt he have taken advantage of us? Just like when he negotiated with Sir Harren and brazenly asked for 70% of the Ghost Valley.

From what Weiss understood, the young mage was the type of person that sought personal profit before everything else and who would never give up any benefits.

Yet, now

"Suval, you heard it? You heard it?" Weiss was unable to handle it, that fertile land was obviously a great boon to the Black Tower.

But, after saying that, Weiss suddenly discovered that Suvals expression was very bad, there was not a hint of joy on it.

Whats going on?

Could he have not heard Mafa Merlins words?

"High Mage Merlin just said that the richest area of the Horn of Fertility would go to our Black Tower" Weiss lowered his voice and whispered to Suvals ear.

He should have clearly heard it this time, right?

But Suval didnt react

"Since Sir Weiss agrees, I shall continue" With a calm and imperturbable expression, Lin Yun pointed at the center area, "Although this area isnt comparable to the Black Towers, it isnt too bad. How about we give it to the Watson Family? As for that leftover area, the most barren part of the Horn of Fertility, our Merlin Family will take control over it, I trust everyone is satisfied with this arrangement?"

"High Mage Merlin, I agree to your suggestion" The always silent Karl looked at Lin Yun, somewhat astonished. Lin Yun allocating the most fertile area to the Black Tower didnt surprise Karl. After all, that was one of the most powerful forces in the entire Raging Flame Plane, giving the biggest share to the Black Tower was something they ought to do.

He was originally expecting the Merlin Family to snatch the middle area, but he was proven wrong after hearing Lin Yun out. The young mage didnt seem to care about that piece of land and directly gave it to their Watson Family. This couldnt help but make Karls loathing towards the young mage decrease.

"But I have a small request" LIn Yun scratched his cheek and looked at everyone before saying, "Our Merlin Family volunteered to take the worst area, because we would like everyone to accompany us on a trip at the end of the Wailing River after some time"

As Lin Yun said that, Weiss and Karl sighed in relief.

This wasnt an excessive request, it was only taking a trip at the end of the Wailing River.

But a disharmonious voice suddenly echoed, "I dont agree!"

The other three instantly looked at Suval, only to see an extremely sinister sneer, "I dont agree, Mafa Merlin, and not only with that request, but rather, with the land allocation."

Weiss and Karls gazes suddenly turned strange, they really couldnt understand what Suval could be dissatisfied about?

"Oh?" Lin Yun expressionlessly looked at Suval, only letting out a surprised sound.

"Our Black Tower doesnt want that land" Suval reached out to the map and pointed at the area bordering the Wailing River, the most fertile area and the area allocated to the Black Tower, "Our Black Tower definitely doesnt want this area"

"Then what area do you want?"

"The area allocated to the Merlin Family"

Weiss, who was sitting next to Suval, thought he had misheard. He looked at Suval while shaking his head and instantly paled when he saw the area Suval was pointing to. That was the worst area of the Horn of Fertility.

Weiss was speechless.

"Our Black Tower must have this land, as for that so-called most fertile area, we will leave it for your Merlin Family" Suval coldly smiled at Lin Yun as he heavily pounded on the table, "If you dont agree, Ill definitely not agree with your previous request."

Lin Yuns expression was very strange. He curiously looked at Suval for a moment before saying, "Sir Suval, I agree to your request"

The meeting lasted for over half an hour and ended in a very strange atmosphere. Everyone, excluding Weiss, left the meeting room with a smile on their faces.

As for Weiss

He was quickly becoming mad

On the way back to camp, Weiss couldnt help but erupt with in a heavy voice, "Suval, you have to give me an explanation"

If he didnt have some apprehension because of Suvals status, he would have already cursed him.

Nothing could be done about it, he was truly angry.

Mafa Merlin was obviously willing to give that fertile land to the Black Tower

Damnit, its not easy to get benefits from Mafa Merlins hands, and now, that idiot Suval gave up on those, and even had the Black Tower get the least benefits from the Horn of Fertility.

This is making me crazy

The Black Tower made the most effort and got the least amount of benefits.

"Explain what?" Suval expressionlessly looked at Weiss.

"Of course, what happened in the meeting room" Weiss restrained his anger as he answered. He truly wanted to bash Suvals head against the ground to see if it was hollow or not.

How could you be so stupid?

"Hmpf, Weiss, you still havent noticed that it was a plot" Suval disdainfully sneered, "You think that damn Mafa Merlin has such good intentions?"

When the young mage suggested that plan in the meeting room, Suval realized that it was definitely a plot. How could that damn scoundrel give such great benefits to the Black Tower for nothing?

In fact, he had been wary of the young mage ever since he got burned in the Ghost Valley, no matter what the other side said, he wouldnt believe it.

Nothing could be done about that, he had truly suffered last time.

It was to the point that he still had nightmares about that powerful Lesser Lava Overlord.

"If you had experienced what I went through, you might have understood" Seeing the doubt on Weiss face, Suval secretly shook his head before saying, "After we put an end to the Thawing Fire Tribe, the Merlin Family took over 70% of the Ghost Valley. I once went to look for Mafa Merlin to wrestle a part of the land from him."

"Oh He didnt give it to you?" Seeing the other sides serious expression, Weiss couldnt help frowning, it might not have been as simple as he imagined and there might have been an ulterior motive

"He actually did" Suval took a deep breath, his expression becoming even more unsightly, "I took people to that area, and everything was normal at first. But on the next night"