End Of The Magic Era Chapter 531

Chapter 531 What Do You Mean?


After all, the Black Tower was known for putting benefits above all else. It could almost be said that they wouldnt let go of any benefits that might be within reach. The Black Tower would definitely agree to plunder the Merlin Familys resources.

But he still had to test the attitude of the Black Tower

"Yes, Teacher"

A few minutes after Mark left, Rhett also walked out of the barracks and headed towards the Black Towers camp.

He trudged through that visibly less fertile land until he arrived at his destination.

"Hello, I am Rhett Watson, from the Watson Familys Ancestral Land. I would like to speak with Sir Weiss or Sir Suval about a very important matter"

"Alright, follow me"

A 9th Rank High Mage took Rhett Watson to the center of the camp before stopping in front of some luxurious living quarters. "You can find Sir Suval inside"

"Thank you"

Rhett nodded at the 9th Rank High Mage before walking in and meeting an old man who seemed to be similar in age to himself. With a respectful expression, he said, "Sir Suval, Im sorry for disturbing you"

He knew some information about that old man. Three hundred years ago, he had defeated all the young geniuses of the Andlusa Kingdom in a tyrannical way. By the time he was middle-aged, he had already become a 7th Rank Archmage, smoothly entered the Black Towers Council, and become acclaimed as the person with the best chances of being next to assume the leadership of the Black Tower.

Unfortunately, Santon Merlin had suddenly appeared and thoroughly shattered Suvals legend, severing his magic path by forcing him to remain at the 7th Rank of the Archmage realm for life.

If he suggested his idea to this old Representative, it was highly unlikely for him to be refused.

After all

Suval was someone who could have reached the Heaven realm, but had remained at the 7th Rank for three hundred years. How could he not hate the Merlin Family?

This matter would definitely be in the bag

"Oh, turns out its Sir Rhett, is there something you need?" Suval was puzzled as he looked at Rhett. Although they had met a few days ago, they werent familiar with each other

"Haha, I came here on behalf of the Watson Family to suggest working together with the Black Tower. I believe this proposition will interest you."

"Oh?" Suval answered in an aloof tone. To tell the truth, although the Watson Family was considered one of Oklands top-notch forces, it was definitely inferior when compared to the Black Tower. It had definitely been unexpected for the Black Tower to choose to cooperate with the Watson Family and the Merlin Family.

Had it been any other time, would the formidable Black Tower ever deign to work with those two Families?

Thus, Suval had no interest after hearing Rhetts words. It seemed to him that the Watson Family had tasted the fruits of benefits in this recent cooperation and wanted to once again use the power of the Black Tower for more profit.

This made Suval look down upon him

"The Merlin Family only has one Planar Legion in the Horn of Fertility. It consists of roughly two thousand people, including about five Archmages. They dont have a single High Rank Archmage, yet the Merlin Family occupies the richest land. Sir Suval, you should understand what I mean?"

"What do you mean?" Suvals expression slowly sank as he frowned.

Sure enough

Seeing Suvals expression, Rhett instantly knew that this aged Representative felt the same way he did. "Sir Suval, what do you think? With the Watson Family and the Black Tower acting together, we can easily annihilate the Merlin Familys forces. Once that fertile land is in our hands, our Watson Family would be content with a small portion"

After finishing, Rhett calmly looked at Suval, waiting for the other sides answer.

He felt that the Black Tower had no reason to decline.

Moreover, Suval had a personal grudge against the Merlin Family that couldnt be quelled. Whether it was from a private point of view or from the point of view of the Black Tower, he couldnt decline this suggestion.

The presence of the Merlin Family in the Horn of Fertility could only be described as pathetically weak. They would only need to exert themselves a bit to easily eliminate them and gain the most fertile land of the Horn of Fertility, which represents a huge wealth of resources.

But what awaited Rhett was a cold sneer.


Suvals expression became extremely unpleasant. He examined Rhett before saying with an ice-cold voice, "I really didnt expect this."

"Oh?" Rhett was surprised at Suvals odd reaction It looked more like he was forcing himself to suppress his anger.

How could he become angry when presented with such a good offer?

This made no sense


Did Mafa Merlin have such a good relationship with the Black Tower? Or have they made some sort of agreement?

But how could this be?

Mafa Merlin was only a 6th Rank High Mage, nothing more than cannon fodder in the Raging Flame Plane. Would he be worth the Black Towers protection?

"Sir Suval, this is a really rare opportunity" Thinking about it, Rhett couldnt understand why Suval reacted like that.


This time, Suval was like an enraged lion. He was clenching his fists while emitting a cold aura as he roared, "Rhett Watson! It looks like you have no good intentions! I managed to trade for this territory after going through great difficulties, yet you want me to go and fight Mafa Merlin! Are you trying to send me in a trap? Oh! I understand, your Watson Family must have united with that scoundrel to trick me"

"I I How could I trick you? You must have misunderstood!" Rhetts face was devoid of blood and he couldnt help shrinking away under Suvals roar.

Although he was a 7th Rank Archmage just like Suval, the other sides identity was too special

He was a Representative of the Black Tower, and excluding Harren, the one with the most experience. If he carelessly offended that person, the Watson Family would inevitably run out of luck.

But he truly couldnt understand what Suval meant when he said those words.

Plundering the Merlin Familys land and helping you benefit, how is that tricking you? This is f*cking illogical

Rhetts mind was in chaos as Suval gradually suppressed his anger. Although he had a sinister expression, he wasnt as angry as before.

The Representative of the Black Tower took a deep breath and looked at Rhett indifferently. "Alright, I dont want to take care of the problem between your Watson Family and the Merlin Family, but trying to trick me is definitely courting death"

Suval had already regained his reason and recalled that the relationship between the Watson Family and the Merlin Family was like fire and water. These two Families had been fighting each other ever since they established themselves in the kingdom, fighting each other to their last gasp. It was very unlikely that they would join hands to trick him.

Perhaps the Watson Family isnt familiar with the situation and is just trying to use this good opportunity to capture the Merlin Familys land This would really be a case of bringing trouble to oneself

Besides, regardless of whether your Watson Family can defeat the Merlin Familys Planar Legion, just the danger in the land that Mafa Merlin had given up to me before would have annihilated your Watson Family.

It couldnt be helped that Suval was so apprehensive. He had experienced the young mages methods not long ago in the Ghost Valley. He was just like the Watson Family now Hed thought of getting land from the young mages hands, but what was the result?

Not only did he fail to get the land, but he almost died there

It was to the point that he now had a shadow in his mind and couldnt help feeling fear whenever he recalled those matters.

Do you think taking advantage of the crafty Mafa Merlin is that easy?

But Suval didnt plan on warning the Watson Family

He had no good opinion of the Watson Family to begin with, and they even wanted to drag him down now, whether they realized it or not. Not attacking them was already showing a modicum of respect for the Watson Family.

Since they wanted to take advantage of Mafa Merlin, he would let this reckless Family suffer a loss. That way they would learn from their mistakes.

"Alright, Rhett Watson, if there is nothing else, please leave" Suval coldly glanced at Rhett.

"Okay, okay"

Rhett nodded with an extremely strange expression before turning to walk out. He was feeling completely baffled. Suval actually refused such a good offer

Rhett really couldnt understand. This matter would definitely bring huge profits with no risk. It was perfect, so how could one decline?

Has he gone crazy? Why would he react like that after hearing this offer unless he has gone crazy? It was like he thought I was harming him

But, this trip wasnt without gain From Suvals words, he was able to figure out that Mafa Merlins relationship with the Black Tower wasnt as good as hed imagined. Moreover, the Black Tower didnt want to be involved in the issues between the two Families

Although Suval had erupted in anger, Rhett was a lot more relaxed. He was no longer apprehensive of the Black Tower intervening, so he could deal with Mafa Merlin without worry.

Rhett Watson soon returned to the Watson Familys camp and remained in his living quarters to think of a way to deal with the current situation. Clearly, he couldnt brazenly attack the Merlin Family at this time, because that would cause a conflict between the two forces.

But that damned Mafa Merlin had made his cherished disciple so miserable. He couldnt be let off, no matter what.