End Of The Magic Era Chapter 532

Chapter 532 Claw


"Sir Rhett"

As Rhett was at his wits end, a clear voice echoed outside his living quarters, making a smile appear on his aged face, "Sir Arthus, please come in"

As Rhett finished his sentence, a tall and sturdy figure wearing a black robe entered the living quarters, a cold aura radiating from his body.

"Sir Arthus, your timing is perfect"


"There is something I need to discuss with you" Rhett smiled and briefly explained what had happened and his plan to teach a lesson to Mafa Merlin.

"Haha, so thats how it is" The black-robed man laughed sinisterly.

"Sir Arthus, do you have any good ideas?" Rhett took a deep look at Arthus with a respectful attitude.

As a Representative of the Watson Familys Ancestral Land Council, there were very few people in the Watson Family that could make him treat them as equals.

But that black-robed Arthus was definitely one of them

In fact, Arthus wasnt a member of the Watson Family, Rhett only knew that Arthus came to the Watson Family two hundred years ago and followed the successive generations of Patriarchs, ensuring that the Patriarch was always safe. Beside the Ancestral Land and the successive Patriarchs, few people knew of Arthus existence.

It was said that the reason why Arthus stayed in the Watson Family and worked hard without complaining was because of some deceased Watson Ancestor. Although that ancestor hadnt appeared for several hundred years, Arthus still abided by his promise and greatly contributed to the Watson Family for the past two hundred years.

Naturally, this wasnt the only reason he could gain Rhett Watsons respect, the most important reason was that Arthus was a 7th Rank Sword Saint with Demonic bloodline. Just in terms of power, Rhett wouldnt dare say that he could defeat Arthus

The Demonic bloodline was Arthus special feature and Rhett had heard someone say that Arthus paternal grandfather was half-demon half-human. Arthus had apparently inherited this bloodline. Although his Demonic Bloodline had already thinned, he was able to stay in Demon Shape for a short time.

Once, a hostile force sent a Peak 7th Rank Sword Saint to assassinate a Patriarch of the Watson Family, but he was blocked by Arthus in his Demon Shape and the Patriarch remained completely unharmed.

From this it can be seen how powerful Arthus was.

"Sir Rhett, I feel that we can give it a try" Arthus hoarsely laughed, "Let me deal with that matter. You should know of my abilities, if I briefly use my Demon Shape and attack the Merlin Familys camp, I might be able to take advantage of the chaos to grab Mafa Merlin and return. At that time, the Merlin Family would only know that a Demon attacked them and wouldnt think that it had been caused by our Watson Family"

That innate ability had always been his pride.

This time, he had followed Karl Watson to the Horn of Fertility and naturally had a rough understanding of the power of the Merlin Familys camp, there were a few Archmages but no High Rank Archmage powerhouse. Wouldnt it be simple for him to capture Mafa Merlin?

He felt that this matter would be extremely easy.

Moreover, he had always been with Patriarch Karl and naturally heard that the young mage kept being greedy during the negotiations with Patriarch Karl in the Flame Demon Fort

"I shall trouble you then, Sir Arthus" Rhett nodded with a smile. He had thought of this the instant Arthus came in. But he felt that it would be too rude to suggest it. Fortunately, Arthus was loyal and devoted to the Watson Family and didnt try to dodge this matter.

It was time for that damn Mafa Merlin to run out of luck.

After all, in his Demon Shape, Arthus strength reached the peak of the 7th Rank, capturing the 6th Rank High Mage Mafa Merlin would be effortless task, he could easily do this.

Moreover, he wouldnt leave any clue behind, so even if the Merlin Familys Ancestral Land suspected the Watson Family, there was nothing they could do with no proof, they could only suffer in silence.

This was definitely a perfect plan.

"Sir Rhett, there is no need to stand on ceremony. I shall now go fetch Mafa Merlin" Arthus sneered, emitting an icy aura. After saying those words, he turned into a dark light and quickly rushed out of the Watson Familys camp.

He was above the Merlin Familys camp ten minutes later.

As he looked as the neatly arranged living quarters, he quickly locked onto a special one. At this time, a thick aura of sulfur spread from his body as the black robe instantly burst and long fingernails grew from the tips of his fingers, looking extremely malevolent. Long fangs flickered with a dark light as a bloodthirsty aura spread. With a sinister roar, he dove down towards those living quarters.

Arthus completely looked like a Demon.


But at this time, a deafening Dragon Roar suddenly echoed, countless ice fragments condensed in the sky as a silver white silhouette flashed on the horizon and with an extremely quick speed, charged towards Arthus.


The Demon Shaped Arthus was instantly stunned, he naturally recognized that it was an adult Frost Dragon, which seemed stronger than him.

Then, a Dragon Claw unhurriedly slashed over.


Arthus didnt even have time to react before being hit by a terrifying power. He lost control of his body and was sent flying, before crashing into the ground. Another deafening sound echoed as a ten meters deep hole appeared on the ground. The originally Demon Shaped Arthus had already recovered his human appearance and was losing blood all over, he looked terrible.

"Hell, f*cking hell"

The seriously injured Arthus cursed before crawling out of the hole, roughly panting. He turned to look at the distant Merlin Familys camp with extreme fear. That Frost Dragon was truly too frightening

He was still fearful even now

Fortunately, he had been in his Demon Shape, otherwise he would have lost his life to that claw

Thinking of this, Arthus wiped the sweat off his forehead. He didnt dare to stay there and roused his Aura to its peak to quickly fly to the Watson Familys camp.

Ten minutes later, the miserable Arthus rushed into Rhetts living quarters, "Rhett, Rhett! Our intelligence made a mistake, the Merlin Family isnt as simple as we thought, they are definitely hidding a Frost Dragon, f*cking damnit"

"This This"

Seeing Arthus covered in blood, Rhett was clearly dumbfounded, it took him over ten seconds to react to Arthus words. With disbelief, he said, "How could this be? A Dragon that could injure you to that extent should be at least level 38"

He simply couldnt believe Arthus words, he had some understanding of the Merlin Familys side, and had never heard of the Merlin Family having such a terrifying Dragon under their command.

After all, how could a noble existence like a Dragon remain in the Merlin Family?

"You dont believe me?" Arthus sounded exasperated, he had almost lost his life while doing a favor to Rhett, yet the latter didnt trust his words. He couldnt help feeling somewhat angry, "My injuries should be the best proof, yet you still think Im deceiving you?"

"Alright I believe you. Sir Arthus, you should go rest first" Sensing Arthus anger, Rhett tactfully didnt mention the Dragon matter and quickly put a smile on his face before taking out a few precious potions from his pocket, "These should help you recover"

"Hmpf!" After coldly snorting, Arthus took the potions from Rhetts hands, his anger somewhat alleviated. Taking out such precious potions proved Rhett Watsons sincerity

"Phew" As he watched Arthus leave, Rhett let out a relieved sigh, a doubtful expression appearing on his face, How could there be a Dragon?

At the same time, Lin Yun was briefed on what happened by Reina, but he didnt have the free time to deal with the Watson Family at the moment.

As for how he knew that it was someone from the Watson Family

It was actually very simple, an hour ago, he had Xiuban teach a lesson to Mark Watson, and now, a guy with a Demonic Bloodline wanted to pretend to be a Demon as he launched a surprise attack on the Merlin Family.

Even if he was thinking with his butt, he would be able to figure out that it was a ploy of the Watson Family.

"Reina, do me a favor" Lin Yun looked at Reina and took out a piece of paper from his pocket before handing it over to Reina, "I need the materials on this list, can you take this and give it to Cousin William in the Ghost Valley? He will naturally know what to do. Once he gathered everything, you can bring it back. It should take about four to five days"

Lin Yun had just recalled that he had ran out of the ink he needed to construct the array for the puppets component. But he was in the Horn of Fertility, creating blueprints for the components. In order to save time, he could only delegate the task to gather alchemy materials to Reina and William.

"Alright" Reina nodded with an icy expression before taking that note and leaving.

Not long after Reina left, Lin Yun once again threw himself into the blueprints. He had already completed and drawn the blueprint of the 2nd component.

There was only one left.